JESUS ​​CHRIST IS COMING in September or October 2015, the rapture of the church is imminent!



My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

Since my childhood, I know that God watches over all of us.

As far back in time that I can remember, God has always been part of my life.

Even before I attended the catechism!

But I have not always been a model of conduct.

But since I became aware, in spite of myself, in 2009, that Jesus Christ would return to earth soon, I tried to return to the right path that leads to God.

I do not count the time, or without the help of God, I would have had very serious problems, but God has always responded to my requests this desperate.

God has always been there for me when I needed it!

Today, I want to be there for God and proclaim to the world the return of Jesus Christ on Earth

So I created this blog   I invite you to read the 777 items!

Alas, the faith of men and women in the world fades gradually.

church-channel disappearance

Many churches are closing their doors!

The number of priests has fallen so low that it becomes difficult to find one for the funeral, and yet many priests officiate even while they are long past the age of retirement.

In my childhood, the church doors were open day and night so that everyone can come and pray at all times, make donations, make offerings and lay flowers.

Today, churches are locked and even double turn, as the damage and theft are many

Churches are looted, vandalized and burned even worldwide.

Christians are persecuted, beaten, expelled from their homes and even their homes burned and murdered by Islamists in many countries.

Islam came into War against Christianity, imams as good and beautiful words of peace and love, yet leave commit acts against ignorant and disgusting man and Christians in particular, never condemn or fight horrific crimes committed in the name of Islam and its laws such as Sharia and jihad.

 « ISLAM » is the army of the false prophet, « Muhammad!  

The wolf has taken a coat lamb!

The same in the church another wolf, « The beast from the Abyss » is installed, the Vatican has become a nauseating, Pedophilia, Scandals, Profanity, lewdness, led and forced the Blessed Father Benedict XVI to resign.

With the departure of Benedict XVI

it is the church of Jesus Christ

who withdraws from Vatican and Rome

There before being destroyed by the will of God will become a place of perversion and destruction inhabited by the apostles of Satan!

Benedict XVI, to remain faithful Christians, the Pope, and last worthy representative of Peter to whom Christ entrusted the mandate to lead his church until his return!

I understand that my comments may seem shocking and disturbing to many Christians, but the facts are there and we need to take the right path that leads to God.

The path that leads to God no longer passes through the Vatican!

God is merciful, but he can not allow the holy seat of the Church of Jesus Christ has become a place of abomination and perdition.

To date, the world is in the hands of the third Beast of Lucifer , »The Illuminati »  they have control over banks, large states, financial markets and multinationals.

Very soon they will lead us into a world war, but before they will even aggravate the suffering and misery for many families.



Misery, violence, terrorism, riots, wars, rampant worldwide already!

Disasters, tsunamis, torrential rains, storms and hurricanes strike the Earth with rage, strength and exponentialité.

Unfortunately all these calamities will worsen.

The prophecies of the Bible being fulfilled before our eyes every day.

It is important to remember the days of Noah:

Matthew 24.38

For in the days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark;

We also in our generation will know the day of the wrath of God!

It is important to realize that human life will change dramatically and for many this will be in pain!

Jesus Christ will return to rule the earth and it is very soon.

Upon his return we can finally live a life rich in knowledge in peace and in love.

But before his return we will still have to face very difficult days and even more difficult than those we face now.

I do not want to be a bird of ill omen!

Everything is announced in the Bible and the prophecies being fulfilled before our eyes.

There is so blind as those who refuse to see!

There are none so deaf as those who refuse to hear!

If God and Jesus Christ took the time to give us signs and prophecies in the Bible, this is love for us, so that everyone on Earth has the opportunity to be saved.

One possibility is given to us not to go through the day of the wrath of God.

This possibility is « the rapture of the church » must happen before the day of the wrath of God.

At the time of Noah, those who wanted to, could be saved!

But only Noah and his family believed in the word of God!

The flood washed away the world!

The Bible tells us that it will be even and the day of the wrath of God.

Matthew 24.38

38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark;

So that will you!


Nothing and let things go well and suffer the day of the wrath of God!

Or pray, be baptized, if this is not done, by prayer and ask God to guide your life to Jesus Christ to be your personal Savior!

What will be your choice, respect God!


You can be removed if you wish and sincerely and be invited to the wedding of the Lamb (eternal covenant between Christ and his church members to be removed and therefore accede to Eternal Life).

When I realized what was going to happen « The Rapture of the Church »

At first I thought, after mature reflection, that if I were to be removed, I will refuse removal if my family was not removed too!

I also said in my thoughts, as if I should be elected for a removal, I would leave my room for a family member, he was not elected for his sake.

But after much reflection, I realized that this is the will of God will be done on earth as in heaven.

And so I will abide by the will of God!

You also my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I invite you to pray to be saved, but I also invite you in prayer to give you the will of God.

Still difficult days will come upon mankind before the physical return of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives.

Some of us will be removed and will not see these calamities, but many of us will face the anger that will result in misery, violence, terrorism, riots, a hunt for Christians , wars and global conflict!

All this happens in a climate disasters, tsunamis, torrential rains, storms and hurricanes séviront still with rage, strength and exponentialité.

To locate us in the time of the end of time, I invite you to read chapters 13 and 17 of the Book of the Apocalypse.

They reveal that appear when the beast from the abyss, he has had the power to make war for 42 months before being defeated by Jesus Christ.

To know the year and month of the return of Jesus Christ on Earth, we need to know when the beast be published!

Out if our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI was forced to resign, is that he lost a battle against the beast.

What makes the beast is already published!

I think she already raging since March 2012 (see my previous article).


The Armageddon War, it will be Jesus Christ who stop

his physical return on the Mount of Olives,

probably in September

 even in October



candle candle-anim-


Animals (Apocalypse 13.1-18)

 There was given unto him a mouth  that uttered words and blasphemies, and it received the power to make war for 42 months.


The beast from the abyss (Apocalypse 17.10)

17.10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, one is, the other is not yet come, and when he cometh, he must continue a short time.


From March 2013, the beast that ascendeth out of the abyss has gained control of the Vatican, nothing will keep it!

The beast has won his first battle against the Church of Jesus Christ ousting our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican.

And the beast should crack down on the ground again for 42 months before Jesus Christ be back to fight and lock for a thousand years.

Meanwhile the physical return of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives, I invite you to follow our Holy Father Benedict XVI who is worthy and last heir of Peter.

the-pope-benoit xvi 24 February 2013

Benedict XVI will be our guide

in the darkness of the Apocalypse

Pierre II!

Jesus reaches out to us to save us, everyone is free to enter!

The Rapture of the Church seems very close!

Jesus Christ is coming soon, it will knock on your door and you are free to follow or reject his invitation to the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Want to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ!

It is through prayer that you need to ask God to guide your life to Jesus Christ to be your personal Savior and accept you in his church.

I am no prophet and I do not pretend to know the day nor the hour of the return of Jesus Christ.

Nevertheless, it is clear that the return of our Lord is truly and obviously very, very close.

I sincerely believe that the physical return of the Mount of Olives will be in 2015.

I may be wrong about the date of the return of our Lord,

The physical return of Jesus Christ will perhaps later in 2018.

But what is certain is that Jesus Christ is at the door and we all surprised by his return.

However, you can make like an ostrich and hide your head in the sand to ignore the prompt return of Jesus Christ.

That day will come anyway and quickly and then there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth!

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, keep the flame of your faith well lit because soon and very soon Jesus Christ will remove His church!


Our lives will soon be transformed!


for some it will be love and peace with Christ for eternity and other eternal torment.

I pray God to guide everyone in his life and in his heart!

Peace, Love and Joys in the hearts and homes while waiting for the rapture of the church for some and for others the return on the Mount of Olives our Lord Jesus Christ in glory to fight Lucifer, Satan and his followers, who will be defeated and imprisoned for a thousand years during the reign of Jesus Christ.

May God bless each and fireplace.

I invite you to read my article

Dare FAITH in God and Jesus Christ!


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  1. Michael Says:

    As i said ‘earthquake during the games of slaughter!’

    Earthquake strikes italy wipeing out a city.

    Here is the funny thing.

    I seen ‘GOD’ on 1.11.2002, exactly 6 years 6 months 6 days pass on 6th, la aquila falls in an earthquake.

    Century 6 Quatrain 66.

    Now 7 years 4 months pass (7777), exactly during the games another italian city falls via an earthquake.

    You were warned, ‘your getting what you deserve!’


  2. Michael Says:


    Glory to ‘GOD’

    The seven year tribulation
    The seven years ruled by the antichrist

    dave cameron the master of deception will now strike out, now that his stepped down.

    Century 10 Quatrain 74
    7 year mission (cameron)

    The great gamea of slaughter.

    During eu football 49 shot dead america.
    Rio Games.

    Signed. Your getting what you deserve



  3. Michael Says:

    Watch out for the earthquake.

    And during Rio games watch out for the giant tidal wave


  4. ArchAngel 'MICHAEL' Says:

    This year, every television, car and aeroplane will be thrown down

    The mother of all prostitutes is stripped and her charred remains are devoured

    The media and daily news papers will be cancelled

    And the war lost by humanity and won by the ‘GODS’.
    no more war in Heaven or earth


  5. Michael Says:

    Celistal date was given over the Tetrad. 25.12.2015.

    ‘CHRISTianty’ destroyed by weather over Xmas period. North America tornadoes, South America flooding, England flooded, Australia drought and burns.

    I AM the Weather ‘GOD’.


  6. Michael Says:

    Isaiah 13-10


  7. Michael Says:

    Wonderful news, as the Pope declares this a year of ‘Jubilee’.

    Leviticus 25, the Sabbath year, the 50th year, the year of the Jubilee, were we are all set free, the Holy Year of the LORD ALMIGHTY.

    Not only that, as we see thanks to pollution of many kinds, ie, light pollution stops star gazers from looking up, so the star gazers have to find the darkest places on earth to see the night stars, and, thanks to smog kinds of pollution, on certain days of the year, the sun and moon don’t give their light, this is seen all the way around the world, the fact the sun, moon and stars are not clearly seen thanks to the many kinds of pollution that are chocking the planet.

    In the Gospels of our LORD ‘JESUS CHRIST’ HE says, « before the great and terrible day, the sun, moon and stars will not give their light! »

    That’s another tick of the tick list of Prophecies to happen before judgment day.

    Its no longer called ‘end of days’ or ‘the end of the world’, but rather, ‘the organic age’.

    Do you know the dead sea scrolls?
    The 40 year war between the children of LIGHT vs darkness were our LORD judges in favour of the children of LIGHT.


  8. Michael Says:

    Sacreligious object that causes desolation .

    Yes to life in the real world is a delight, to understand science’s, maths, English, sport, nature, design and management.

    Admittedly we accept the earth is in danger, with white rhino been near enough extinct in the wild, with a new bird extinct this week, with carbon killing the seas, all we are really seeing is the final situation of earth as mentioned in Revelation 6, were the Lamb becomes one of the four horses of the Apocalypse, the white rider on the white horse who is the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS, the Lion of Revelation 5.

    Yes the extinction level of all ‘GODS’ creatures are mentioned in Revelation as is the same for the 14 out of 15 record years of heat since the 2nd great millennium. (They all curse ‘GOD’ for the scorching heat, none shall repent).

    We have been in war ever since the 2nd millennium started and its the children we wanted to be remembered as, death merchants?

    In Genesis 11.9 we see a tower of babel collapses.

    The world spinning around, we have the economy collapse, also one of the four horses, yet no reduction in olives and wine.

    In Daniel 11, (were we are now) we see in great anger he sets out to the east again, settling his tents around the beautiful hill, were his time just runs out. Daniel 12, ‘MICHAEL’ one of the chief of Princes will stand up.

    Sacreligious desecration.

    We see a deal has been done, or marijuana and same sex weddings
    We see sex swap.

    They are all drunk on the sexual immorality of the queen.
    She even sales human souls.

    (Again the real world and all its history tell us the slave trade has never been worse in all humans history, now what are 90% of slaves? Sex slaves!!)

    If these events horrific as they are, as children are molested all day long have not brought the end of the world, what will?

    We see many aspects of our beautiful world been destroyed by modern technology, chocked to death and science gets better and more developed, and know all boundries are broken by the splitting of the atom, the nucli, breaking the code of DNA, and creating life, man made life, the object that causes desolation, as nothing is sacred and evil is called good, an unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit.

    Were closer then you realize.

    The life Prophecy is given in Old Testament.
    The valley of dry bones, were ALMIGHTY ‘GOD’ asks the Prophet, ‘can these bones live again?’ ‘Only you know my LORD’, was the reply. Again the real world tells us were not far from a real life Jurassic Park as they create from DNA samples and give life to it, or walt dysney who has frozen himself thinking he can live again.


  9. ELI YAH Says:

    Daniel’s 70 Feasts of Weeks Prophecy Interpretation:

    Daniels 70 (Feasts of) weeks prophecy is dealing with the last 70 years of the “Time of the Gentiles” (1947 CE – 2017 CE).

    The UN commandment to rebuild “Jerusalem” was given at November 29, 1947.

    United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine: Wikipedia, URL: accessed 11.07.2014.

    Daniel 9:24 Seventy weeks (70 Feasts of weeks = 70 years, see Leviticus 23:15) are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy. (Oct/Nov 1947 – Oct/Nov 2017)

    Daniel 9:25 Know therefore and understand, that from the going
    forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem (Nov 29, 1947) unto the Messiah*(Messiah = anointed) the Prince shall be 7 weeks and 62 weeks (69 years): the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublesome times (1947 CE + 7 years + 62 years = Oct/Nov 2016).

    Daniel 9:26 And after threescore and two weeks (1947 CE + 7 years + 62 years= Oct/Nov 2016) shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself (the 2 Witnesses of Christ instead): and the people of the prince (Antichrist) that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

    Daniel 9:27 And he (Antichrist) shall confirm the covenant with many for one week (Oct/Nov 2016 – Oct/Nov 2017): and in the midst of the week (April/May 2017) he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

    *see e.g. Isaiah 45:1 THUS says the LORD to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have held, to subdue nations before him; and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut;

    For further information regarding: »ARMAGEDDON 2017« please go to e.g.


  10. Gary Shogren Says:

    So – how’d that fake « date-setting » work out for you? To you and all others I encourage, set aside this sort of « beautiful mind » calculation and return to studying the Word.


  11. Michael Says:

    I live in a ‘CHRISTian’ country.

    They no longer call ‘CHRISTmas’ time its banned called, ‘winter festival’.

    The high priest of the country has denounced ALMIGHTY ‘GOD’ for the attacks on France saying, ‘it prove ‘GOD’ does not exsist’.

    And they have banned the LORDS Pray.

    Our FATHER who art in Heaven.

    They worship hamburgers and biscuits as god.
    They have taken beer as the holy church.

    I live in England.


  12. Michael Says:

    100 year Prophecy and 70 year Prophecy all connected to WWI and WWII.

    Now that WWIII is about to start and humans blow up the earth, (this is why satin is praying for the first time in 500 billion years +)

    As humans are about to blow up the earth, were satin lives in the core of earth in his cell, were the volcano in Africa reach’s the core of earth is the fire in satins cell were he made the crust of earth and many false treasures like gold silver that humans chase after satin for, just like this computer was made of materials from earth.

    We also see they will dig up the graves of kings, queens, nobles and poor and set them before tables and worship them, and ‘GOD’ will throw down this tables and never again will they be worshipped under the sun the moon and stars. So we have excavation and museums were all the dead bodies are worshipped, it in Holy Bible state. ‘they will bring out the dead kings from the valley of kings and worship them,’ as we see all Egyptian pyramids are dug up and worshipped on tables, or they take the dead Saint from church to church were people can adhorn the monument. As ‘JESUS’ said, ‘let the dead bury the dead,’ we even had one of our kings found in a car park and worshipped to fulfil Sacred Divine Scripture.

    So as I was saying, satin in his volcano in the core of earth from his prison cell has been freed by his mother the dark witch and come to light from the dead sea.

    The dead sea, at its lowest ebb or point since Mosses.

    So with the 100 year prophecy and 70 year Prophecy, now WWIII is about to start as we know…… ‘GOD’ has come to save us from our selves’.

    Again with human intelligence, have you ever heard of the 666 speaking beast? What about the worlds cleaverest man, professor hawkings, and how does he speak??????????


  13. Michael Says:

    Armageddon in Great Babylon = LONDON GREAT Britan.

    Ezekiel 26:17 Oh famous Island city one ruler of the sea, how you have been destroyed, you once spread fear around the world now the coast lands tremble as you fall.

    Yes you are right to bring up the 70 year Prophecy.
    Did we just not have the 70th year celebrations since WWII?
    Has not Israel been a state for 70 years?

    Their is a also a 100 year Prophecy in the Holy Bible
    Did we not just have 100 years since WWI?

    As we see in London England the queen of the south, the mother of all prostitutes the abomination of the world, and her two grandsons the princes who make fire come from the sky and the other one with fatally wounded, Revelation 13 and 666.

    We see the beast has ten horns, as we also know it will rule every tribe, laungue on earth, Yes as we know the world speaks English, or its a second. Now in England with the commonwealth, their are some 200 countries in the commonwealth but only 15 countries still have the queen as the head of state, so we have the queen riding the beast with many heads. Its the British empire as Revelation state, ‘the beast that rises up from the sea and at the hight of evil a queen put on the throne and she is no widow.’

    We also have the famous 8th king who is from the north who marries the queen of the south who splits ‘GODS’ loved one, Yes we had Henry the 8th who married the queen of France that is south from the northern England, and Henry the 8th spilt the church into two so he could continue with his lust and conquest for a son.

    We have ‘MICHAEL NOSTRADMAUS’ century 10 quatrain 100
    After 300 years shall England see the day.

    The Prophet, (that’s me in a previous life also state,) Never will England have such an enemy as when the german queen is placed over the empire.

    If we look at Merllin he state, « London will be deep drenched in blood’ if we look at Mother Shipton who like ‘NOSTRADAMUS’ who predicted the great fire of London 1666, also said ‘London will be deep drenched in blood’.


    5776 the year of the LORDS return is when the Messiah is aged 40.

    If you now when 5776 starts you will be quite alarmed.
    As the year 5776 started in the Jewish calander in November 2015 and ends in November 2016, but in the ‘CHRISTian’ calander the year 5776 start the new year, again the timing of man made life.


    You are also right, every person on earth wants me dead as every last person on earth loves evil and hates ‘GOD’ just as our LORD and my brother ‘JESUS’ spoke off, ‘you have been taken out of this world so they will all hate you, and when they kill you they will boast they have done ‘GODS’ work, remember they hated ME first so they will hate you too.’

    As for the antichrist, that is dave cameron who steals people homes, and is a friend of sinners who rule the queens government.

    know for a prediction……
    an earthquake will hot tomorrow Saturday the 21st of November.

    If you want to research something, research 5776.


  14. ELI YAH Says:

    GOD’S judgment on “that day” is pictured in Isaiah Chapters 13 to 24 .
    Isaiah colorfully narrates the fall of Nations and of the World in General. The phrase “that day” characterizes a time when GOD will judge HIS enemies; with judgment directed against both the enemies of GOD’s holy people, “the nations” and “Israel” herself, or at least the enemies of GOD in her midst.

    The function of the references to the “day of vengeance” is thus, both to warn the ungodly and to assure the faithful of the certainty and nearness of their deliverance.

    The fall of Babylon

    Revelation 17:9-13 depicts the wicked merchant city – “mystery Babylon” – practicing her trade with the 7 “Kings” during the last 70 years of ‘world kingdom’. In the records of Scripture large marts of commerce are often compared to harlots seeking many lovers, that is, they court merchants of all nations, and take in any one for the sake of gain (Na 3:4; Re 18:3). The 8th “Head-King” of the world empire system will receive the power and authority of his 10 “horn-kings”; and by GOD’s ordination, these “lovers” will devastate the “great city” and plunder her wealth.
    (These will also battle against the Lamb Yahshua Messiah at the great day of El Shaddai at the place called Armageddon (“hill city of declaring a message” or “showing forth of his precious fruit”). And then they will go off into destruction.)

    Out of the chaos and confusion following the fall of Babylon, Antichrist (666) will manifest himself with an intensity of iniquity greater than ever before.

    A assembly of confederated nations united with the 8th head is the new superpower, » another “Babylon” (the meaning of Babylon is confusion) « will be the centre of prefigured prosperity and security and the centre of infidelity, “socialism-communism”, and false spiritualism. The head with the spirit of Antichrist is the summing up and concentration of the entire world evil that pre-ceded. It is the eighth head, but yet one of the seven (Rev 17:11).

    YHVH’s people have victory over the beast, over his image, his mark and the number of his name (Rev 15:2) by choosing to drink of the LORD’s cup and to be baptized with the baptism HE was baptized with (Matt 20:22-23, Mark 8:31).

    The abyss beast in Revelation Chapter 13 is understood to refer also to the Antichrist, the man of lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4; Daniel 9:27). During the last days before Messiah’s return, the evil world system will be controlled by the personified Antichrist. A visible Antichrist will stand at the head of the world kingdom disguised as a minister of light.

    For further information regarding: »MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT« please go GOD’S 7000 YEAR AGENDA (Chapter 7)

    For further information regarding: »ARMAGEDDON 2017« please go to e.g.


  15. Michael Says:

    I would like you to read Isaiah 10 and 11, were ALMIGHTY ‘GOD’ talks about my return.

    In Isaiah 10 we hear and see how ALMIGHTY ‘GOD’ uses Assyria to destroy a godless nation pre the arrival of HIS Holy One. Then we see ‘GODS’ Anointed one stands up.

    In my previous life of ‘MICHAEL NOSTRADMUAS’ read Century 9 Quatrain 83, were we hear how the infedels call on ‘GOD’ and the Saint. The exact wording is, ‘the great theatre full ruined.

    Know in reality of the real world, Syria has invaded Europe, and has blown up a Russian plane, and has now attacked France were 89 dead bodies were found in a theatre.

    Indeed if we connect the dots of Revelation 16: pain full disease = ebola, blackouts = how did the Holy Bible know the world would be so light up?, rivers sea of blood, they all curse ‘GOD’ for the scorching heat and we have just had two hottest years on record, then we have the three frogs from the east going west to war over a lie over a dried up river = saddam, gaddafi usama over a river of oil that we all know is a lie.

    If we connect all the dots we know ‘JESUS CHRIST’ returning on a green dragon and destroying earth is imminant or very close indeed.

    I gave the dates above when man plans to give life to darkness.

    Other facts of the Holy Bible, sex swap as men cry out as women.
    A deal done with the forsaken, gays and lesbians.
    The earth below and above measured and explored.
    cars, planes, computers, internet, phones, washing machines.


    Stone state worship, or memorial worship or building worship.
    Like statue of liberty, eifel tower, big ben,

    ‘GOD’ whom is truly ALMIGHTY in power and confident with it, HE will destroy everything on earth and their is no escape for one living creature in the universe.


  16. ELI YAH Says:

    The purified church, in her glory and unity, is now not manifested, but awaiting the transfiguration of the saints, that are the sons and daughters of GOD at Messiah’s coming. Unable to destroy the true church on earth as a whole, Satan directs his enmity against the elect remnant, those who keep GOD’s commandments and have the testimony of Yahshua Messiah.
    The beasts will temporarily triumph over the saints, until destroyed in Armageddon (Rev 19:17-21). This is the patience and faith of the saints (Rev 13:10), true wisdom and understanding (Rev 13:18).
    Confidence in GOD’s wisdom and power is of the essence of the patient faith to which ELOHIMS’s people are called. We can choose to place our trust not in man, not in the evil machinations of diabolical conspirators, but in ELOHIM, who is ruling the world for HIS glory. HIS judgment will surely come. The patient expectation of this is the perseverance and the faith of the saints. We look forward to the ultimate destruction of Satan and Death through the work of Messiah Yahshua.
    YHVH has a chosen remnant on earth, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, recorded in HIS book of life, sealed by HIS Spirit; and though Satan and Antichrist may overcome the physical body, and take away the natural life, they cannot conquer the soul, nor prevail with true believers to forsake their Saviour, and join his enemies. Perseverance in the faith of the gospel and true worship of GOD, in this great hour of trial and temptation, which would deceive all but the elect, is the character of those registered in the book of the Lamb.
    On the ground of their faithful testimony, even unto death, they are constituted victors (Rev 12:11). Their testimony evinced their victory over the beasts by virtue of the blood of the Lamb. Hereby they confess themselves worshippers of the slain Lamb and overcome the beasts, Satan’s representatives (Re 15:2, compare Re 13:15, 16).

    For more information please go to e.g.:


  17. Michael Says:

    Revelation 13 and 666 and the royal highnesses visit to america.

    thier were two beasts they spoke if they are lambs but they really are dragons. satin made one fire fire from the sky the 2nd gave life to the fatally wounded this was satins doing so they all worshipped satin stamped 666.

    I see prince william makes fire come from the sky in front of the whole world whilst prince harry is in america with his fatally wounded that never died.

    indeed ‘GODS’ word about 666 and fatally wounded is quite clear, and now you can be on deaths door and the hospital (‘GOD’ killers devil resurrectors) give life to so many.

    here a perfect example, george w bush said god told him to go with saddam and he would win.

    well is ‘GOD’ ALMIGHTY a liar?

    No but we all know satin is the father of all liars


  18. Michael Says:

    Like I said above, « America hit big a big storm. »

    I see America has just been hit by the biggest storm on record.

    With this been the last week of the 12th year were the 13th year kicks in on Sunday, not only has America just had the biggest storm now we see a 7.7 earthquake hits Pakistan.

    7.7 And the Seven eyes of ‘GOD’
    or London bombed.

    Read this Century 9 Quatrain 83.

    Also above I say, 2004 earthquake + 2011 earthquake is 7 years, if we had the true number 7 + 4 that means in 2015 were due another deadly quake.

    So how many miracles have I given this web site?
    You only need two miracles to confirm your a Saint and I have given two miracles in this day alone!!!

    but regardless off how many miracles are given, you a human repent and believe?

    Now you know your dealing with a Saint, not just any Saint but Saint ‘MICHAEL’ the ArchAngel, or ‘GOD’ the Holy Spirit.


  19. David Says:

    Actually I think it may take until next year for the Christ to appear openly to the world. In the meantime the prophecies in Matthew 25:31-48 are already happening. People all over the world are being polarized into two main groups – the sheep and the goats. It is quite easy to recognize goats – they are the ones who don’t like strangers and are trying hard to throw them out of their communities and not let any more in by building walls all around.


  20. David Says:

    Actually I think it may take until next for the Christ to appear openly to the world. In the meantime the prophecies in Matthew 25:31-48 are already happening. People all over the world are being polarized into two main groups – the sheep and the goats. It is quite easy to recognize goats – they are the ones who don’t like strangers and are trying hard to throw them out of their communities and not let any more in by building walls all around.


  21. Michael Says:

    12 days and its a new year, the 13th year
    13, unlucky for some lucky for others.

    1.11.2015 is the 13th year, All Saints/Souls Day.

    Do you want to see an earthquake?


  22. Michael Says:

    In seven days time.

    today is Monday 5th october

    seven days time.
    Monday 12 october

    12 years
    12 months
    12 days
    fulls on 12th

    all this since ‘JESUS’

    google century 66. quatrain 6.

    Italy city destroyed by satin


  23. Michael Says:

    This will resolve that matter

    Get on with it, finish the job, and 3 days later I will raise this temple up again.

    Now go and ask every other human to accomplish the mission.

    I AM getting a STAR
    I AM the new Heaven

    I AM getting a STAR.


  24. Michael Says:

    As ‘JESUS’ said, ‘at that time they will all be deceived apart from the elect, just try and deceive the elect.

    Yes their are many people offering many spoken words.
    Their are many teachers, but we only have one teacher and that is ‘JESUS’ Himself, everything else is as ‘CHRIST’ said.

    All deceiving one another.

    Search the scriptures, it will not help you.

    Timothy 2, ‘GOD-less-ness’ in the last days, they will be in every home, with their false teachings.’ Do you know the meaning of this?

    The radio, the television, computers, all in every home.

    666 the speaking beast
    666 the beast is given a human mind, robots and computers.

    As for your prays?
    Amos 5 (or something) I your ‘GOD’ care nothing for your religion, your festivals, your prays, your music, when your god is your man made star = the space station.

    Their is a second teacher now, and me ‘MICHAEL B’
    I AM the 2nd teacher, anything anyone else teaches is false
    October 12th.

    6 years 6 months 6 days on the 6th.
    read Century 6 quatrain 66

    Look for the earthquake in La’quilia, Italy.

    Yes and did not Timothy also say, ‘the moon will turn blood red before the day?’ So with Tetrad, the moon has turned blood red, so this must happen before the great day, then the end comes.

    Human embryo is what has brought the end, ArmagedDON in GREAT BabyLON = LONDON great Britian, the beast that rises from the sea, given a great empire, at the hight of evil a queen put on the throne.

    We have to admit, America is not the Europeans, but the beast will control every language, tribe and nation on earth, the queen who sits over many waters.

    Still not getting the message are you?


  25. victorpicarra Says:

    Dernière Vidéo de Claude IGNERSKI


  26. victorpicarra Says:



  27. Erik Jean Loyer Says:

    Couldnt have said it better myself. The world is a beautiful place but unseen by so many.. missunderstood and so far from the path to enlightment and finding its true purpose for the sake of humanity..
    The balance of this world is so offset that the King of Cups will have to decide if the sins of man can be repented.. or not. through love, pain and ultimately humanity choice. His return is near.. and he knows it.. even if his human doubts and fears have a hard time accepting his fate. His heart knows.


  28. Michael Says:

    A Celistial date, (trust)

    Not the Tetrad

    I have a long history with bbc london.
    text them if im lying

    this Celistial date, mark it down

    Full Moon 25th december 2015
    Newl Moon 10th january 2016


  29. Michael Says:

    man made embryo.
    Now they have created and are ready to implant the man made embryo into the womb to give birth to satin

    Let me Prophecy.
    London will be hit by the earthquake
    London is extinct
    London will be wiped of the face of the earth

    As for the law of physics, what a joke that is
    Watch me break the law of physics once again.

    Watch the sun fall out the sky
    and the corpses mount

    man made embryo to give birth to satin


  30. Michael Says:



    Thats me in a previous life.

    more lifes then what are written down
    many more

    since the dawn of time

    in my previous life of the french man ‘NOSTRADAMUS’, i make many predictions about the mosliums invading europe and winning the war.

    This is all to take place before the moon completes its cycle.

    now deny the end of the world



  31. Michael Says:

    Check news today, hundreds of migrants die.

    You will still blaspheme against me none stop.

    even though if I were not the one, the one and only one, 400 million billion trillion thousand and only 1; you would be extinct.


  32. Michael Says:

    If you check my letter dates 5th august I declare I AM 40 and war is upon us, and I will even send a hurricane to hit America this month, nice hurricane on the way.

    In the war if you check, the migrants in Europe have started fighting, the China economy has collapsed and people in England are dead and flooding is all over the country, America has had fires, as quoted above.

    Also I said in letter above that you love satin because satin has stopped killing you and made your hand made seem to be saviour of the human race, I quote the car, the television the aeroplane, were 2 people have been shoot dead live on television.

    Know who is a false Prophet.

    And not one of them shall repent and all shall curse ‘GOD’.

    Even if I made the sun fall out the sky you would not repent and still make your big excuse.

    But September is here, cool.

    As for the migrants in Europe, check my previous life of ‘MICHAEL NOSTRADMUS’, ‘the invasion of Europe’.

    But look what England and Europe is doing?

    They are trying to block of the migrants path, as they all come from Turkey to Greece that’s on the borders of Israel.

    Daniel 11: at that time great news will alarm him, so he will set out to kill many and he will pitch his tents around the glorious land were his time will run out suddenly.

    Daniel 12.


  33. Michael Says:

    In 40 days time satin will be in the womb.

    The most valuable precious thing the humans have ever achieved.

    So as you can imagine, satin will be well protected by humans


  34. Justin Says:

    you people are extremely crazy, every prediction you make never turns out to be true because you are all mentally ill


  35. Michael Says:

    satin the saviour

    satin the biggest killer in the universe who gave you modern medicine and antibiotics as well as cars, planes, phones, televesions.

    Well satin the biggest killer in the universe to make himself look good stopped killing, so you think medicine, antibiotics is saving you, given you your life back, when in reality all satin has done ‘is to not kill you’.

    So the human race scream out loud, ‘satin is saviour’.

    Thats because your a human


  36. Michael Says:

    As for this eclipse on September 28th

    Is not September 29th the feast of Saint ‘MICHAEL’.

    Yes their will be signs in the Stars, the Sun, the Moon and the Heavens above will be shaken..

    The real date is not St ‘MICHAELS’ though

    it is 12 October 2015 =


  37. Michael Says:

    As ‘JESUS’ said, ‘at that time all apart from the elect will be deceived, just try deceive the elect?’

    I AM the one, the one and only one, 400 million billion trillion thousand, and only 1, Revelation 5, the Lion.

    Now as we know ‘JESUS’ said, ‘all apart from the elect will be deceived’, what truly is the message, what is been said here?

    All humans are full of poo, (to be exact)
    All humanity is fooled and trust lies.

    My LORD and my BROTHER is putting down your education, your knowledge, your schooling, your skills, and HE will set the kids free from human education, the teaching of satin

    Now answer the question, whom are the goats?
    The police are the goats, going straight to hell.

    Now as for this 700 year agenda?
    read my above notes, revelation 20-7

    After a thousand years satin shall be loose-end
    he shall be loose-end for a thousand years then go to his death

    So if we take the start date as 1016
    And when in 2016 when humans give life to the beast

    As we know the beast will be given a human mind, as we were talking about education, no need to educate the world now computers are smarter then man, and when ‘computer says no, computer says no’, man is in perplexity


  38. ELI YAH Says:

    Four Blood Moons and two Solar Eclipses 2014 – 2015

    Another End-of-the-World Prophecy?
    You might have heard that the lunar eclipse on September 28, 2015 will complete a series of six “Signs in the Sky”.
    Will it have an effect on your life that a tetrad of four total lunar eclipses (Blood Moon) and two solar eclipses (Black Sun) align with significant Set-Apart (i.e. holy) dates of YHVH[i], the Eternal ONE in 2014 through to 2015?
    Many are convinced that this is not a coincidence, but that these eclipse clusters will turn out to be very significant harbingers of things to come.
    However, the last lunar eclipse on 28 September 2015 should not be identified as the apocalyptic blood moon described in Scripture passages like Revelation 6:12-17. These eclipses are not the cosmic signs of the 6th seal of the Book of Revelation in the Bible!
    The ‘Signs in the Sky’ in 2014 and 2015 are harmless Foreshadows, as a Warning, pointing to the Big, Earth and Heaven shaking Events which will occur at some stage in the “Day of YHVH”.
    They carry a significant message for those who have an ear to hear. Jesus foretold that powerful prophecies would smite a clueless and unprepared world. There is a timeline and an exact order of prophetic events before “the Battle of Armageddon” and Christ’s Return. But understand. When these final events arrive, it will already be too late for you to heed Yahshua Messiah’s words.
    For further information regarding the “Signs in the Sky” please go to e.g.:

    ARMAGEDDON – 2017?
    Together, watching the “mysterious” signs of our days and studying the records in the Bible (e.g. Matt 24), will give insight that 2017 CE will be a year out of the ordinary
    In 2017 CE, 6000 years will have passed since the creation of Adam, and the last 1000 years of the “7000 year Agenda of GOD” will be ushered in.
    For information regarding “GOD’S 7000 YEAR AGENDA” please go to e.g.:


  39. Michael Says:

    Their are 7 billion fools on earth
    Soon this number greatly reduced

    The dead are the lucky ones
    The survivors will beg to be dead

    Now what do you call the dead?

    A victimless crime

    Self defence mate.

    Signed the WAR ‘GOD’ at war with the humans.


  40. Michael Says:

    If my LORD does come in September or October, the ArchAngel ‘MICHAEL’ sounds the trumpet first.

    As ‘JESUS CHRIST’ taught us, ‘the world will hear the message first then the end comes’.

    Are we both fools then?


  41. ELI YAH Says:

    GOD’S 7000 Year Agenda is not a new age concept.

    You come across this teaching, which is derived from the Bible, already in the Books of Irenaeus (Bishop of the early Church, 130 CE – 202 CE).

    GOD – who controls all things – reveals in the Scriptures that at ‘the time appointed,’ the “End Time World Order” will be destroyed and Jesus Christ (Heb.: Yahshua Messiah) will take over and establish His Millennial Kingdom.

    Revelation 11:15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our GOD, and of his Messiah; and he shall reign forever and ever.

    But when will this happen? Are there any clues in the Holy Bible, which might lead to the year and maybe even to the season of His return (1.Thess 5:1, 4)? The answer is YES!

    To be able to uncover GOD’S “hidden” message, we have to start recognizing that the Bible contains accurate data. The Holy Bible is not a fairy-tale book, as some in the world try to make us believe!

    As a matter of fact, when you bring together the evidence contained in the “Old” Testament and the “New” Testament, you are able to count the years from the creation of Adam (3983 BCE[i]) to the Millennium of Jesus Christ (2017 CE).

    The English e-book is a shortened version including new discernments. It contains the essence and may give you a good understanding of GOD’S plan for mankind.
    The free e-Book can be downloaded without charge e.g. at


  42. Michael Says:

    As I say above, ‘august I will wage war on satin.’

    England and America is the devil

    I quoted the 31.7.2015, my birthday, and in Revelation 12/13 the women clocked in the sun hides in the desert.

    Well I live in England, hardly the desert, and for my birthday went to Spain in the desert (Revelation 12/13 Spanish desert is the hiding place) for a week, and it has been a blistering heatwave all year long, (just as I predicted and told them), yet on my day, the Spanish were jumping for joy as it started raining and the temps drop by 10 degrees, as we know from Holy Bible, ‘the Messiah will bring water to the desert,’ and again, when England and America is ruined, you as the devil will flood to kill me, but the ground will open and swallow you up.’

    Now what is the importance of this letter?

    As I say in letters above, ‘war with satin in august’.

    Oh look America is having its worst fire ever
    and a hurricane is on the way

    I caused Katrenia + sand storm sandy, and the rest, and your men in power think they can take on ‘GOD’ ALMIGHTY?

    I let satin think he won.
    now punch the air

    When I was 7 years old I lived in South Africa, I got down on bended knee and prayed for snow in Africa, a week later was the first snow storms to hit Africa in 4 billion years and all origins of life were re-written. Then your local African walked up to me and stopped me on the streets saying, ‘You are the weather ‘GOD’.

    Research it, Saint ‘MICHAEL’ the ArchAngel and the weather and fertility, as also the fertility ‘GOD’

    but you can just call me  »GOD’ the Holy Spirit’.

    The one, the one and only one, 400 million billion trillion thousand, and only 1


  43. Maureen Davison@cegsg.netm Says:

    Hi Christian fellowship brother and sister,
    I have seen s vision in hevean having met Lord Yeshua-Jesus he is comming back soon .i came back to life for 8 hour NED .bless you all
    From Simon Peter Dsvison.


  44. Michael Says:

    If you know Prophecy the Messiah is a LEO as the LION of Revelatioon 5, and as of Prophecy 5776, the Messiah had to be born in the month of Leo in 1975, and if you know secret Prophecy, the Messiah is a July born baby.

    So I was born on 31.7.1975 making me forty next week.

    The dead sea scrolls, the war rule, the Messiah aged 40.

    Not only that, if you read Daniel I have to suffer a 7*7 tribulation, some call it the 7 year tribulation, well next week is the completion of the 7 year tribulation, were I AM unleashed.

    Prepare for war, in August will shall all be in war.

    Thier is no escape


  45. Michael Says:

    Hi again, do you know anything of the Prophecy of the Messiah aged 40 in 2015 and rules the world????

    Maybe you know the Dead Sea Scrolls, the War Scroll?
    40 years of war between the children of Light vs darkness
    At 40 ‘GOD’ judges in favour of LIGHT

    Mosses was 40
    Mohammed was 40

    Next week, indeed next Friday the 31st of July I AM aged 40.

    Revelation 5 and 11, After the Lamb who was slain before the world was made, (Dyslexic? Since the dawn of time!) takes the scroll, peace was taken away from the world. Then in Revelation 11 we see and hear how I can cause trouble for the human race when and were I like as I please.

    Well August 2015 when I AM 40, when we have completed 70 years since WWII were the Hebrews were executed, (this calls for true knowledge of the Holy Bible) muster the worlds army and fighting men and women for war…………..

    Hence I have tagged you web site given you the opportunity to listen.


  46. Michael Says:

    Again, on the 7,7.2015 I said I would attack satin this week.

    America and England bomb ISIS on the 16.7.15

    Read Holy Bible, ‘Egypt, Syria, and surrounding nations, ripped apart not just once, twice or three times before the day of the LORD, but over and over.’

    That is the general Prophecy for the beginning of calamaties.

    As for satin? their is no escape


  47. Michael. Says:

    Revelation 16: None of them shall repent, they will all curse ‘GOD’.

    Priests and the church are the worst blasphemeres.


  48. Jesus Christ charter Says:

    Nut job 101.


  49. Michael Says:

    Look at date above, 7.7.15 the 10 year anniversary of 7.7 London bombings. I promise you that next week, ‘this week’ satin would get it.

    Today is the 14.7.15 a full week since, and England the devil gets it.

    This calls for true knowledge of the four horses of the Apocalypse

    Me? I AM the rider on the white horse whom rides out to conquer who has many names including the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS, and my new name is plan and simple, Number 9, LIFE

    Yes, if not for me, their would be no LIFE in the universe

    I AM life.

    Now as for saying the devil will get it this week last week, it would be easy to destroy you homes, your stores, your town city centres, but I AM fed up with the lack of faith, love, hope people have, so I have destroyed England’s top god, its wealth………….


  50. Michael Says:

    In America as we now next week in the month of July the Americans sacrifice their child to the devil, the Americans then drink the blood, and end then night in a wild sex orgy. The gathering of Americans elite, that’s happened for 300 years every year in the month of July.

    we next week when your all singing dancing happy and child killing, satin is going down, satin will be knocked of his feet clean.

    Hear that world, the date is 7.7.15 tuesday

    keep an eye on next week


  51. Michael Says:

    Ezekiel: 31 July

    The Prophecy decoded and fulfilled.

    13 years in exile
    from 39 aged 40

    I AM the LION of the four living creatures in the NORTH

    That city will now collapse,

    ArmagedDON in GREAT BabyLON

    LONDON GREAT Britian

    Ezekiel 26 or 36

    O famous Island city, once ruler of the sea, how your people and their naval power once spread fear around the world, now the coast lands tremble as you fall.

    London, their she sits, the mother of all prostitutes the abomination of the world


  52. Michael Says:


    ‘JESUS’ is the LIGHT of the world.

    me ‘MICHAEL’ the great Prince I AM the LIFE of the universe.

    Plain and simple, LIFE.

    Now their is a real evil man called death and he wants death in the universe, meaning that if I AM LIFE death is hot on my heels, and will not stop until death can kill me.

    In my country I AM the most lied about, robbed from, stolen from, beaten up, abused, tortured, raped person on record.

    I AM also a big time criminal, self defence.
    Remember I was not born in the country I life
    and they are all racists.

    The world is death
    humans are death merchants
    humans stench of death.
    humans so glorfy death, humans are about to blow up the universe

    Now I AM life, and I fight death.

    So truly how can humans and ‘GODS’ live in harmony, when a chasim is between us, and we the ‘GODS’ fight for life and justice and you fight for a quick ten bucks and are not bothered by how many people you kill in the way, because the whole entire human race lends a hand to satin and fight for death.


  53. Michael Says:

    My DADDY and me, were going to knock you and your daddy out.

    When I removed all your daddies wonderful valuable items, like his car, his sports, his tv, his beer, in this world of misery, pain suffering and death, I will end misery by knocking your father straight of his feet cold out.


  54. Michael Says:

    JEREMIAH 31: when the Heavens above and the depth of the oceans below can be measured and explored, I your ‘GOD’ will take my vengeance.

    HOSEA 4: when all the birds of the sky, all the beasts and trees and flowers of the earth, and when the fish in the sea have all gone, I your ‘GOD’ will exact my revenge on you.’

    GOOD and LIGHT vs evil and darkness

    satin is on an agenda to blow the universe up.
    guess who the pope is fighting for?
    the pontiff like john paul and benedict fights for evil satin.

    this so called priest when really a priest of satin will flee for his life, both of them.


  55. Michael Says:

    Holy Bible: clearly it is written, ‘the beast will be given a human mind’.

    Now dent that is a lie as technology is more intelligent then a human, infect humans no longer need a brain a computers do all the thinking for humanity.


    Lets talk revelation 13 and 666

    Their are two beasts, they speak as if they are lambs, but they are dragons. One makes fire come from the sky in front of the whole world, as the devil has done this humanity worships the devil, the 2nd gives life to the fatally wounded so again the world worships the devil.

    Reality check: prince william and harry, willaim is a trained helicopter pilot and makes fire come from the sky, and prince harry is all about given life to the fatally wounded.

    Indeed the Bible is quite reassuring that the beast, the devil will give life to the fatally wounded, and now we have modern medicines that stop people from dying, cure cancers, aids, heart attacks, brain injuries.

    So yes we see Revelation 16 / 13 is correct and the world repent?

    No humans love the devil and adorn the monument of evil.

    In Amos 5 we see, « I AM your ‘GOD’ and I hate your prays, your music, your religious festivals, your music, all utter nonescence to my ears as your god is your man made star! »

    In Revelations we see the star falls from the sky and they all drink bitterness as the Heavens are shaken and a third of the stars fall. But what does it mean?

    Your star god that will fall is the space station
    yes the space station is your god
    and the starts that fall are you satalights.

    Again in Hosea 7 we see this written, ‘you think you are so wise, I will cast my nets over the sky and throw you down and out’, so what meaning? aeroplanes will all be flung out the sky, as on JUDGMENT DAY the dead begging to mount.

    Again, everything in the sea and sky is dead

    or do you deny the Bible like priests call the Bible and GOSPELS, ‘the GOSPEL lies’.


  56. Michael Says:

    Let me explain something in the Holy Bible no one even knew was their, and because no one knew it was their, they paid no attention to this amazing facts.

    Everything in our LORD ‘JESUS CHRIST’ life took place between the summer and winter solstice.

    Yes ‘MARY’ was told in the months from dates 21.12 to 21.6 that she was pregnant, ‘JESUS’ was born in this time line, Lent is in this period, as is the 40 days in wilderness as is the death and resurrection in between this dates.

    Again everything in ‘JESUS’ life time took place from dates winter solstice 21.12 to summer solstice 21.6.

    Now my life is the exact opposite as everything in my life time took place from 21.6 to 21.12, my tempting by satin, my birth, seeing ‘GOD’ and been told.

    Know what is tomorrows date? 21.6.15 were shortly after the big major Prophecies for my fame start were I AM 40 as in the 40 year war children of Light vs darkness.

    This is also the reason I have singled out this web site
    because of this dates, summer winter solstice.

    A secret no expert scholar knew was even their


  57. kiro Says:

    I love you god, and I know you are watching us! Please come back and save us from the evil!


  58. Michael Says:

    I will rise up the LION in the north, and HE will vent MY fury.

    I live in the 6st most northern place on earth, and I live in the north of that country, not that I AM a local, I AM from abroad.

    Racists they are, my enemy.

    Know in Holy Bible the word of ‘GOD’ is.

    When I rise up my servant in the north, I will kick out of the countries the people who enslaved my people.

    Lets talk about Europe
    Lets talk about Europe robbing and stealing and killing all locals of America, Australia, Africa, Asia. As Bible state when the Europeans are kicked out of this countries, ‘were did all these people come from.’

    Lets talk revelation 16 and the 7 bowls of ‘GODS’ wrath.

    1 diseases, swine flu, e-bola, aids, cancers
    2 rivers of blood
    3 sea of blood
    4 they will all curse ‘GOD’ because of the heat, global warming
    5 they are thrown into darkness, so how did the Bible know the world will be lit up so much?
    6 the frogs of the east go west over a war over a dried up river that’s a lie, saddam, gaddafi, usama a war over a lie over a dried up river of oil.
    7 the city collpases. THE END.

    But none of them shall repent, they will all curse ‘GOD’

    Go ahead, deny Revelation 16, the 7 bowls and deny the sea is full of blood as the rivers, as scorching heat burns and not one of you gives up your idols, your man made gods, you car, you computer, your toys, you speaking tv and phone, everything you hands have made that you love.

    Yes the blasphemy of Europe as they discovered the world is not a disc world, as they enslave the world, causing terrible wars, killing in the millions.

    I bless Russia, Russia will win over the devil, the Europeans and everywhere they have stolen the land and killed the locals from America to Australia.



  59. Michael Says:

    A human lend a hand?
    All humans fight for evil
    Humans lend a hand to evil
    All humans fight for satin the whole species.
    Humans fight for good and ‘GOD’ and ‘JESUS’?
    The whole species is corrupted and evil

    For this, I will snip of every last finger of a human off.

    Hole your hand in front of you…

    snip, snip, snip, your fingers fall to the ground.

    I circumcised the Jews and Musliums but why?
    I was really chopping of their penis
    But they did not get the message

    Know you will get the message, as them finger’s you hold up to ‘GOD’ will be cut off.

    Lets talk about masturbation, or wanking in the face of ‘GOD’



  60. Michael Says:

    Yes, mammon. The love of money.

    As for sex, satin is a sex made freak.
    And anyone who loves sex is false.

    Let me tell you about satin, and you will not like it.

    all women, girls and young boys are to satin? BDSM

    And to sacrfice yourself for others, I AM the victim.

    Oh two ‘GODESSESS’ once spoke to me saying this, ‘if not for you we would all be dead, thanks to you we are all alive today.’

    Yes everything in the universe is alife thanks to me.

    Once more, I was lifted un in the THRONGS THRONGS THRONGS and placed as a bright spark at the top for all eternity, (I AM getting a STAR) when I was lifted up, every last female in the universe spoke like this, ‘you are our number one top favourite male.’

    Again I tell you, satin absolutly loath, despise, hate, women, hence the country were I live all crime is down but child rape is up. I hear its the same in your country and around the world, with my war with satin crime is slowly coming down, but rape is up.

    sex and money, this is the also the reason I AM executed.

    Yes to love and die for your friends, has no greater anticipation


  61. Michael Says:

    Long time ago I prayed like Abraham, ‘for the sake of one save us all’, I totally forgot I AM the one, the one and only one, 400 million billion trillion thousand and only 1.

    That night the LORD showed me the truth, all humans care and love and the top two gods of humanity are…. sex and money.

    Humans, the trash of the universe in all time that has ever been and all time that is ever to come, only love sex and money.

    Humans only have children to boost they had sex and it worked.
    Humans love to turn up at the school gates leaving a trail of death and destruction behind them to pick up the kids to boost, ‘we love you’, the biggest lie out the mouth of a human, as humans only had children to boost their love for their false gods, sex and money.

    love, the biggest lie out your mouth.

    You only had children to boost you hade sex and it worked.

    The key is what our LORD and my Brother ‘JESUS CHRIST’ spoke of, ‘they will all hate you, remember they hated me first, so when they kill you they will think they are good doing my ‘GODS’ work’.

    So ‘CHRIST’ gave us the key, not love, but hatred.

    Now get the f*** on with it, and kill me.
    3 days later


  62. Michael Says:

    The human is almost extinct

    LIONS, TIGERS, and other such animals are removed of the endangered species list and the human is at the number 1 spot.

    So ‘CHRIST’ was the man of the Man, the Lion the Eagle the OX

    Me ‘MICHAEL’ I AM the Lion
    then comes the Eagle whom is female
    then comes the Ox

    9.4.2 thousand years
    the human is extinct, gone for good.

    The mistake erased


  63. Michael Says:

    England gets hit by an earthquake.

    I will soon wipe England, London of the face of the earth.


  64. Michael Says:

    Jeremiah 25 9-12
    Daniel 9

    the 70 years.
    the 70 years

    VE day, 70 years since WWII

    again two sets of 7 are decreed.

    7 sectioned first 1999
    6 sections since seeing ‘GOD’, 6.6 years drugged up then 6 months drugged up = since seeing ‘GOD’ those who give life to the fatally wounded, the devil worshippers, doctors, nurses, hospitals, have abused me over a period of 7 years. ie two sets of 7

    5776 and 70 years since war, and 2015 and dead sea scrolls, ‘after a 40 year war with satin and his followers, the Son of LIGHT is final the winner.’

    see the bbc, or abc.

    they are liars, the 666 specking beast that lies to the world and is full of blasphemy or as in Timothy godlessness in the end of days, ‘they will be in every home and seduce weak willed women into sin’, ie porn, the worlds biggest industry, or child rape by politicans and celbs and priests. By human hands you escape jail, not by my ‘GODS’ hands, as you deluded yourself you have authority and power.

    Glory to ‘GOD’ 70 years Prophecy, 70 years since wwii

    Tetrad, 5776, research


  65. Michael Says:

    1.5.2015. 1st of may.

    Last night asleep in bed just lifted head and open eyes, said to self, ‘don’t get married you will be dead in the next 3.6 years’.

    3.6 years the time given in Holy Bible to the Lamb of ‘GOD’.

    Now I seen and this all started on the 1.11.2002.

    Today being the 1.5.2015 if we add 3.6 years takes us to 1.11.2018

    16th year anniversary
    Not the playing of this number 16 above.

    the 1 missing 6 = not 666 but 6666 or 46.

    So this year had a vision were the aliens in the ufos (devils) said they will kill me very soon and last night told myself I will be dead in 3.6 years time.

    All I say is, ‘finish the job, and 3 days later’.

    I AM getting a STAR, I will never ever die


  66. Michael Says:

    So you like the Nepal earthquake on 25th 4 2015?

    And their on the 21st of the 4th 2015
    And again on the 8th 4th 2015
    Again on 11th march 2015

    3 times above I mention an earthquake for Taurus above, and that’s the 21st of April until the 20th of May.

    You are so blessed that I AM the one, the one and only one, 400 million billion trillion thousand and only one.

    truly you are so blessed, as in above messages I AM heard saying, ‘I would kill more, but what’s the point?’

    So you are lucky only a small number of people died, 10k when realistically for the BOOK over a hundred thousand would have had the best tactical results, but what’s the point, as once your dead how can you beg, cry and sulk for mercy???????


  67. Michael Says:

    Century 9 Quatrain 83.
    See messages above.

    Century 9 Quatrain 83. Earthquake in Taurus.

    Today the 25th April 2015 the biggest earthquake in years hits Nepal.

    As we see not many are dead, and like the many disasters I have caused in the decade since seeing ‘GOD’, what good would it do to kill in the tens of thousands, as you a human repent and believe?

    Not even when the sun falls out the sky will you repent, you are a human.

    All I can say as the RESSURECTION is, fail miserably when you murder me, and 3 days later.


  68. Michael Says:

    Century 9 Quatrain 83.

    Taurus = Earthquake.

    2004 earthquake + 7 years
    2011 earthquake + 4 years = 2015 = 7777

    This little green picture I AM given, count it in sequences of 4


  69. Michael Says:

    The mother of all prostitutes abomination of the world.
    She who sits over many waters saying, ‘her I sit a queen for ever, I am no widow and know no suffering.’

    A clear indication of her age, ie, old.
    The longest serving monarch married to any one single person in recorded history of humanity.

    In the Holy Bible it state: (1) They will all be drunk of her sexual immorality. (2) she sales humans into slavery. (3) she is to blame for the death of all on earth.

    (1) They will be drunk on her sexual immorality.
    fact: since the beginning of civilization the worlds biggest industry has always been travelling, just like ‘GOD’ ALMIGHTY said to Adam and Eve, ‘this is my garden explore it’, so we know for the last 6 thousand years the movement of people was the worlds biggest industry and sex did use to be the 2nd biggest industry. But know travel has been knocked into 2nd place by sex, or gay marriage, or legal gay, or child abuse, the abortion, the abortion pill. So we have and can see the effects of the drunkenness of her sexual immorality as sex is now the worlds top industry, just look at the two faces of Hollywood.

    (2) she sales humans into slavery.
    Fact: Again by using research and facts, we know about Roman slaves, we know about British Empire slaves, Greek slaves, American slaves, Germans slaves, yet today in the 21 century the epidemic of slavery is far worse then any thing ever recorded in history to date, yes their are more slaves then ever before in history. now out of the millions sold into slavery, what percentage are forced into sex slavery, from young boys and girls, were even 2 day olds are raped to frown adult women? So she the whore of London sales you into slavery to keep herself in luxury.

    (3) she is to blame for the death of all history
    Fact: Again the legacy of putting her on that pedestal, the wars that have been fought like wwi and wwii caused by her family just to put her their. Then we have Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan (look up Holy Bible end of world ‘GOD’S’ returning information) 9.11 (Genesis 11.9 they thought their ruled the world, so ‘GOD’ brought down their towers, remember the Holy Bible is a doubled edged sword having 4 meanings). What is been said here is, from St Stephens days earthquake, to Haiti, to Chile, to Icelandic volcano, to sand storms sandy to Katrina, to Pakistan floods, to droughts, to flooding’s, to famine’s, she the abomination of the world could have stopped them all, but to keep herself in luxury.

    Pay her back double for what she has done to you, for in one single day she will lose it all, from husband, to throne, to crown and walk around naked.

    In case you are wondering??

    The MI5, FBI, CIA, the queen, cameron, obama, ect, ect, ect; they are all watching and reading this.

    I rest my case on the day…..


  70. Michael Says:

    Revelation 12/13 and 666

    Their were two beasts whom spoke as if lambs but they are dragons, one makes fire come from the sky in front of the world on behalf of satin and the 2nd gives life to the fatally wounded so they all worship satin, 666 is their number.

    Decoded, the great mother of all prostitutes grandsons, the queen of England (ArmagedDON in GREAT babyLON = LONDON Great Britian, the beast that rises up from the sea given a great empire over many waters), her grandsons william and harry.

    One works for the royal air force, its his duty and rolls in the world, so in front of the world the prince william makes fire come from the sky on behalf of the devil, the world watches and thanks to the devil for it. The 2nd gives life to the fatally wounded so they can life, again this is the devils doing and the world worship’s satin for it, again harry is all about given life to the disabled.

    Yes, revelation 12 / 13 the two beasts as if lambs but dragons who stamp the world 666 are indeed the royal princes of the great whore, william and harry grandsons of the mother of all prostitutes abomination of the world.

    Now next year roughly around the 6.6.16 life given to satin.

    And no one has got the right to give life, but HIM
    and HIM only
    No darkness
    DIVINE RETRIBUTION is on the way.

    Me ‘MICHAEL’ the ArchAngel,
    The one, the one and only 1
    400 million billion trillion thousand,
    and only 1.

    this is what I rest my case on, so go ahead, challenge me…

    The women cloaked with the STARS.
    decoded as ‘MICHAEL’ goes to war with satin.



  71. Slavisa Says:

    I was born on 7th January, which is what Serbian Orthodox Christians believe to be Jesus’ day of birth. And a few weeks before our Easter I started feeling different. I started to see the future. I don’t know how but it just came to me. Firstly it was just about me and my life, nothing special but now everywhere I turn the notion of Heaven seems to follow me. People talking about Heaven on television, etc. It seems to me God is giving me signs. Yesterday I felt a surge of energy in my body, and being me, the curious type, I placed my hand on my laptop to see what would happen. Nothing seemed to happen. Today I woke up and turned on my laptop but the screen was black, the lights on power button, etc were on and I could hear it starting up. I seemed to have overpowered it but then a few minutes later I came back to it and it worked because I took the power cable out. There seemed to have been too much power going into it.


  72. Michael Says:

    As I said ‘at Passover you will see the beast with ribs in its teeth (the gun) enter a school and kill the kids’.

    If I AM not mistaken near 150 kids killed in a school in Africa over Passover.

    Now it is me St ‘MICHAEL’ the ArchAngel turn on this game of good vs evil.

    Lucky for you, the first time in my 12 year 5 month history given a Prophecy about the devil killing kids, and for the very first time it was outside America. If you are aware some years ago a man in England Derek Bird went on a drive by shooting killing many, well I received several letters from the man threatning to kill me pre his sad day.

    Century 9 Quatrain 83


  73. 0713358994 Says:

    I can smell ,Jesus is on the way


    • victorpicarra Says:

      Oui, c’est vrai Jésus-Christ est en chemin, guettons son arrivée car visiblement c’est pour bientôt.

      Yes , it’s true Jesus Christ is the way, watching for his arrival because obviously it is coming soon.



  74. Michael Says:

    As you see from above, ‘no disaster until march’, I quote the world.

    Today we see like America, the biggest typoon in recorded history, im march.

    The answer to you question is—the sheep and goats, and clean the inside of the cup and the outsdie clean also


  75. Michael Says:

    Daniel 9/10/11/12

    7 sets of 7 are decreed then 62 sets of 7.

    The 7 year tribulation

    Yesterday was the 7th year of injections, venoms scorpion bite endured of 7 sections, in this order, 1 section 1999. 6 sections since seeing ‘GOD’, 6.6 years on drugs, a further 3 months on drugs, a final 3 months on drugs, taken to 7 years. So that’s 6666 over a 7 (7777) times period.

    So we see in above messages, I give the date, 6.6.16.
    Were humans will give life to satin.
    Sacreligious desecration.

    If we add 62 months to todays date, that’s the 13.3.2015
    62 weeks is a year and 3 months
    so add a year and three months to todays date is 6.6.16, were humans give life to satin.

    The completion of a thousand years from 1016 to 2016 in Revelation 20

    Added in Daniel is the message of an 8th king and 4 kings, we have Henry 8 and his 6 wife’s, the four kings, one is replaced by his official and the next two form an alliance, were tony blair had power stolen from him by gordon brown (dajjal the one eyed monster rules exactly for three years) and david cameron and nick clegg formed a coalition. four kings as in Daniel.

    But the fourth king lives for a short while.

    charles, william, harry and george.

    A sword has 2 edges so a double edged sword has 4 edges.



  76. Michael Says:

    7777 or 7.4

    St Stephens day earthquake in 2004 + 7 years + Fukushima quake
    St Stephens day earthquake + 2004 + 7 =2011 Fukushima + 4 =15

    Big quake due.

    Look at facts of Fukushima like 6.6 or 36km

    Now 6666 earthquake Italy
    Yes Haiti the lot.

    London bombing, 7,7 2005 52 killed (7777)
    7777 = 28 = 10

    28th 10th 2008 earthquake hits England
    same day antichrist Cameron uses houses of parliament to worship satin.

    2015, big earthquake due.


  77. Michael Says:

    777: the pinnacle of perfection of holiness hijacked by satin were satin son is seen.

    Ok me the Resurrection see’s ‘GOD’ on the 1st of 11th 2002.

    6 years 6 months 6 days on 6th, Italian earthquake
    ‘MICHAEL NOSTRADMAUS’, (more life’s, many more)
    6666 since ‘GOD’ on 1.11.2002 ie 6th April 2009.
    Quatrain Century 666 the date the location

    Then we had 7777 7 years 7 months 7 days on 7th, the number of perfect holiness but satins son is in power. Check historic facts, dave Cameron the antichrist comes to power, stealing homes, lover of tax, does a deal with unrepentant, hates women (ie, gay lover) fulfilling rolls of the evil one

    Now the 7 year tribulation
    the scorpion stings, the posions venom
    Revelation 14 the 1,440,00

    You know what scorpion and snake bite stings are?
    You know meaning 7 tribulation?

    555 end of the world for children
    9999 my number 98% worthless junk dna decoded, life for ever
    8888 London riots, check dates of London England rioting
    the number of my Brother and LORD ‘JESUS CHTIST’.

    Two staffs, favour and union, one 30 pieces of silver, the other the worthless Sephered.

    What you repent if the sun falls?

    Revelation 16, not even the fourth bowl scorching heat global warming, 1st bowl ebola, aids, cancers, 2nd 3rd bowl, rivers seas blood, 4th the sun, 5th blackouts, question here how did St John know world light up? Revelation 16,6th bowl the war 3 frogs, east vs west a lie. Please show me the WMD?

    7777 know the meaning of good vs evil


  78. Michael Says:

    Read messages above: clearly is stated I will not attack America the devil again for 2 months until March 2015. Nice train crash, nice disaster.

    For Passover Easter we shall see the beast with ribs in it teeth, the gun man kill his kids, and when you kill the kids, me Saint ‘MICHAEL’ the ArchAngel, will be swift to exact revenge on your beastly 666 gun that is told to devour my people.

    666 four beasts, the gun, the car, the plane, the television.
    The beast from sea? Ezekiel 26, ‘o famouse island city, once ruler of the sea, how you have been destroyed, you once spread fear around the world now you are destroyed!’ So who is the beast from the sea?

    ArmagedDON in Great BabyLON
    LONDON great britian: their she sits, the queen, the mother of all prostitutes the abomination of the world. Revelation 13, their were two beasts they spoke as if lambs but dragons, one makes fire come the sky the other gives life to fatally wounded, they will stamp you 666. So now the history of prince William and Harry of England.

    Revelation 20: a thousand years shall satin be loose end and for a thousand years shall he rain.

    History of earth.

    henry 8 and 6 wifes
    wwi lasted 6 years
    wwii 11am on 11th of 11th = 6
    6.6.2006 a good time to make profit by spreading evil
    6.6.2016 England gives life to satin.

    So 9 months to make a baby, meaning as this web site state ‘JESUS CHRIST’ October 2015


  79. Michael Says:

    Revelation 20.7:

    After a thousand years satin shall be loose end to rule for a thousand years.

    1016 vs 2016


  80. Michael Says:

    6.6.16: The darkest hour in the universe for billions of years

    In October of 2015 the English plan to create life, given birth to satin.

    October + 9 months is 6.6.16


  81. Says:

    No one has got the right to give life
    but HIM
    and HIM only
    no darkness
    DIVINE RETRIBUTION is on the way.

    Is it good or bad news?
    human created life in less then 365 days


  82. Michael Says:

    The KING of KING.
    Rider on the white Horse of the Apcolypse (Dyslexic? Dawn of time)

    Many names including the Weather ‘GOD’.

    So were you want me to smash next?
    Australia. or South America or Canada or China, Japan.

    Name a country?

    Ok I will destroy India.

    Then when it is hit, even if the sun fall out the sky, you repent??

    Oh England and America is the devil.
    See Hopi and Mayan Legends

    QUEZACOATL and PHANANA the lost white brother.

    Yes America is the devil and no more then a bunch of thieves trying to kill me, self defence………Signed ‘GOD’ the HOLY SPIRIT


  83. Michael Says:

    Michael the ArchAngel.

    Is that new York shut down by the worst disaster in your history?
    See message above.

    Still not good enough for you?
    Of course it is not, as miracles don’t work, your a human.

    Now last night, 27.1.15 terrible terrible dream.
    Again their were aliens all over me, (remember the alien is satin and the ufo is his transport for travelling around), the aliens of which their were many said to my, « we are going to kill you very soon! »

    Now this alien and his ufo, this lies told gave you flying planes, flying spacecraft, helicopters ect.

    Now I will not attack America again for some two months, until march, but very soon the daddy and father and god of America the devil will once again go around schools killing children. As we know, America is only in a war with terrorists and not the daddy of America the devil, so the child killing will be exscused and the terrorists hated


    • victorpicarra Says:

      oui il y a beaucoup de problémes en Amérique ! Mais y e a aussi partout dans le monde et c’est un signe trés fort du retour de Jesus-Christ . Alors il faut prier pour que Dieu sauve ceux qui ont gardé la Foi. Que dieu Benisse l’Amérique et son peuple.


    • victorpicarra Says:

      yes there are a lot of problems in America! Yea but also around the world and this is a very strong sign of the return of Jesus Christ. So we must pray that God saves those who have kept the faith. God bless America and its people.


  84. Michael Says:

    Is that new york shut down?

    Not good enough for you?

    Why you want another disaster.
    Ok then


  85. Michael Says:

    prophecy. America is going to be hit by a big big disaster


  86. Michael Says:

    the STAR

    On saying the seals are not broken yet, you speak for your father the father of all liars satan. we see that the sea is dead. we see trees and deforestation has almost wiped out all earths trees, we see birds just fall out the sky and creatures in the sea washed onshore dead. We also see that all food prices have doubled all apart from alchol that is still cheap, (know the true meaning of broken seals), we see peace has been taken away from the world war everywhere!

    Hosea 7. I your ‘GOD’ will cast my nets over at the sky and throw you down out off the sky.

    Hosea 4. when all the birds of the air and all the fish in the sea and the wild beast on the land have vanished I your ‘GOD’ will take MY vengeance.

    Jeremiah 31. when the heavens above can be measured and explored and the depth of the ocean to can be measured and explored I your ‘GOD’ will take my vengeance.

    Daniel 7. I see an ancient one and someone like this Son of man came to judge in favour of the ancient one.

    Dyslexic? Since the dawn of time, the ancient one, the one like the Son of man? ‘JESUS CHRIST’!

    killing one third of the human race that would be riddiculed in the object of being a Saviour.

    7 billion on earth to kill one third over 2 million people, is not ‘GODS’ intention

    Forgivness, Recovery, is the mission.

    if i were not the one the one and only one 400 million billion trillion thousand and only one, you would already be extinct.

    life defeats death


    • Sheila777 Says:

      The tribulation has not started yet. We are seeing the « birth pains » but the real contractions have not started. The rapture of the church will mark the beginning of the end.


  87. Michael Says:

    explain to me the four living creatures?

    The Man
    The Lion
    The Eagle
    The Ox..

    what is the real message that is being sent here?

    i will tell you the four Messiahs.
    the four saviours of the human race

    their is no fifth savior.

    Miracles dont work.
    I could make the sun fall out the sky tomorrow, still a human belif? Only scoff and mock.

    12 years everything you watch on the television listen to on the radio the books in the book shops are all stolen from me

    ‘JESUS’ give the miracles and all they wanted was food

    the seven year tribulation now who are the sheep and who are the goats


  88. Michael Says:

    king of kings lord of lords, prince of the heavenly host the ryder on the white horse of the apocalypse.

    revelation 16 they will all curse ‘GOD’ for the disease, rivers of blood see of blood, the blackouts, global warming the scorching heat the three frogs saddam gaddafi osama from the west who go east, oh war over a lie over a dried up river are the river of oil!

    none of them shall repent

    please explain to me who the sheep are and who the goats are?


    • Sheila777 Says:

      There will be souls saved during the time of tribulation. Those that came to know Jesus after the church was raptured. Can you imagine how horrible it will be for those left, knowing loved ones are now here anymore who believed in Jesus. I am sure many will commit suicide. However, many will find Jesus during these dark days and though they will have to go through the tribulation and might die as martyrs, they can be saved.


  89. prophecynewsandviews Says:

    presenting the truth of the Word of God is not beating fellow servants it is informing one of the truth if they feel that they don’t want the Truth of his Holy Word then I would say no more to them . My communication with you was only scripture how can you say that I beat on you ? by giving you what the bible says very confusing and God is not the author of confusion. The people of God should edify one another with scriptures


  90. prophecynewsandviews Says:

    We are not in the tribulation period yet . Jesus has not opened one seal. The church is also known as the twenty four elders who cast their crowns before the throne of God and sing the song thou art worthy oh Lord to open the seals and to loose the seals there of for thou wast slain and hast redeemed us by thou own blood – they sing this song as they cast their crowns before the throne of God in Rev chap 5 The church is still here and we ain’t raptured yet. We will be present when Jesus opens the first seal . If you teach The Word of God you should believe what it says . and Jesus said no man knows the day or the hour of the rapture He is not a liar neither is his Holy Word. Wormwood has not killed 1/3 of the earth yet those believing we are in the tribulation now are in error


    • Sheila777 Says:

      However, The Bible does say while no one know the day or the hour, He will not let us be caught unaware. There will be signs in the sky. He will give us signs to look for so that our hope is not lost. I believe it could be this fall (2015) but if it is not then, it will be soon.


  91. Michael Says:

    5776 the year 2015.

    The Messiah aged 40

    The dead sea scrolls, 40 year war.

    ‘MICHAEL’ threw down satan and a third of the stars, what stars? Satalights.

    Amos 5, ‘I care nothing for your religon, your music, your feasting fasting, your prays, nonscence, noise in my ears when your ‘GOD’ is your man made star’!

    What man made star? Ahh, the space station. Drink bitterness.

    Dyslexic? Since dawn of time.
    Revelation 13.8 all earth, all humans were worshipping the beast, apart from the Lamb who was before the world made.

    If HE start getting drunk and beating HIS fellow brothers, I will come at a time HE is not aware of and place HIM with the hypocrites….

    No one knows the hour?!?!


  92. prophecynewsandviews Says:

    Matthew 24:36
    But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.


  93. Michael Says:

    Revelation 11.
    They will celebrate killing these two who tormented them…

    Daniel 7 the four beasts.
    The arrogant boastful speaking beast.
    Is one, car, plane others

    Revelation 13 the beasts.
    One 666 speaking beast.
    It will be thrown down.

    Saint ‘MICHAEL’ ArchAngel, Holy Spirit
    The one, the one and only one, 400 million billion trillion thousand, and only one, (Revelation 5 the Lion. ‘JESUS CHRIST’ if not for the elect, none survive!)

    More lifes then what are written down
    Many more

    Dyskexic? Since the dawn of time.

    I AM going to be a STAR a STAR above all other stars

    HIS given me a STAR for this.

    No one has got the right to give life
    but HIM.
    and HIM only
    No darkness
    DIVINE RETRIBUTION is on the way


  94. Michael Says:

    ArmagedDON in Great BabyLON

    Thier she sits, the queen, the mother off all prostitutes, the abomination of the world.

    Daniel 12/1335/1290=12
    Revelation 12


  95. Michael Says:

    St ‘MICHAEL’ the ArchAngel

    The one the one and only one 400 million billion trillion thousand, and only one.

    Revelation 5 the Lion


  96. Danny Says:

    Dear employee,
    I hereby want to let you know that the book where so many are waiting for, is currently being written.
    The manuscript offers a review of the financial and economic systems.
    It also offers numerous solutions to prevent future wars.
    In addition, this book will provide meaning to everything promised.
    There will be no struggle; everything will be peaceful.
    The people have to decide if the book is about God, Jesus, or ……….
    Due to the fact that your organization is so closely involved with this subject, it is my duyt to inform you anyway.
    If you really believe in a New Time, let us hear from you.

    With regards,

    ps.Suppose you might doubt, God has commanded me to show the following:
    Change the ‘e’ and ‘o’ at Armageddon.

    Arm A God Den

    Well, my name is Den,
    For an even clearer indication that occurs 11 or 13 times in the Bible, I request you to contact us.
    For 100 other indications, I refer you to the book.


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