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St. Paul’s Basilica in Rome


For 10 years since I created this Blog (in 2009), I inform readers that Jesus Christ is soon back on Earth for his 1000 year reign as he promised his apostles before he to rise in the heavens forty days after his resurrection.

I also informed the reader that the end of time began on May 14, 1948, following the creation of the State of Israel, which is the prophetic clock of the times, and that from that date the time of a generation, those who will live will see the return of Our Lord Jesus Christ on Earth.

A generation in the Bible is three durations.

The first is 40 years old but there the time was already exceeded,

So we still had the 70-year-old generation bringing us to 2018 and we also found that Jesus Christ did not come back in 2018.

So now we have the 80-year-old generation quoted a few times in the Bible. And here we come to 2028.

I used only biblical prophesies to look for an approximate date for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ to Earth. Unfortunately, my research only allowed me two things.

The first is to find the date of the beginning of the end of biblical times: May 14, 1948. As it is, this date serves only to know the beginning of punishment.

The second is related to the first, that the chastisements once they are begun, do not stop until the return to Glory of our Lord. Moreover, they continue to grow at the rhythm of the pain of childbirth.

Which leads me to reveal to you each year that the coming year will be worse than the one that preceded it.

The year 2020 will be worse than 2019 and when I say worse I should say horribly worse. Because 2020 is a special year. The pains should be terrible on all points. I am not a diviner nor a seer, so I can only tell you that we are going to continue in the darkness.

We have lived since 1948 the punishments of God. This is not a shadow of a doubt. They will last until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Although I am neither a diviner nor a seer, I find that the sufferings of all our brothers and sisters are related to satan. He strikes Christendom and the whole world from all sides with force and rage.

Misery and precariousness in a climate of fear and fear related to Islamism are the dailies of many Brothers and Sisters, who must also face all the difficulties of the weather and cataclysms more and more frequent, powerful and devastating.

Yes we live black days and will live again.

Why does God allow such atrocities to cry out as some people renounce faith and the church they criticize negatively.

I want in this article to bring you a little joy and hope, because the day of the return of our Lord is really very close.

For those who follow my blog and you are many around the world, even if lately I noticed a real decrease of the attendance, I will give you one of my research which can if I did not still give myself give a real hope to all those who are waiting for the happy event of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Since I was unable to find sufficient precision in biblical prophecies about the last moments of the end times, I began to look for them in the unbiblical prophecies but credible enough to take them into account.

It is therefore in a prophecy that I have already given you, of the Blessed Virgin Mary made in the south of France in a small mountain village near Italy « la Salette » to two young children.

In this prophecy, for the one and only time in her apparitions, the Blessed Virgin Mary tells the children all the chastisements of 1864 when Jesus Christ returned to Earth. It’s amazing but everything is there. Finally almost everything was missing an element « the year of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ »  and it was in another prophecy mysteriously appeared « The prophecy of the Popes » that I found the essential elements to enable us to understand the last moments of the end times before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

These two prophecies that appear in videos in the article, I invite you to watch them again and again to really get into it because everything is there.

Know that some important events must happen before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Firstly, the Blessed Virgin evokes the Pope who was attacked in his days « therefore John Paul II » and that he and his successor will not see the triumph of the Church of God « the reign of Jesus Christ on Earth « . So it is under the reign of Pope Francis that will be the return of Jesus Christ but it also means that as long as Pope Benedict XVI is alive, Jesus Christ will not be back .

But the Blessed Virgin also says that the Church will be overshadowed before the return of Jesus Christ, and the details she gives of this moment correspond to the times we live. Really I invite you to watch the video you will be on the ass I assure you, so the clarifications made by the Blessed Virgin Mary are shouting truths that we live.

As you watch the video, remember most of all that we are all sinners and all wish for the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, but Jesus Christ also wants us to repent of our mistakes and straighten up our lives.

Until the return of Jesus Christ the Earth will be in the darkness, wars, misery, violence, disasters, will continue to strike with incredible force and violence all the peoples of the Earth but especially Christianity.

It is important to help each other and to pray because the days and nights will be very hard. But there is in all these unavoidable misfortunes, a light of hope for all our Brothers and Sisters and for all those who will come to Jesus Christ.

According to the pope’s prophecy, Pope Francis is the last pope and in any case the end of the papacy that is prophesied for 2027.

We know from the Blessed Virgin Mary that Francis is the last Pope and that he will see the triumph of the Church of God.

We know from the Most Holy Virgin Mary in this prophecy that dates from 1846 that the church will be eclipsed well before the return of Jesus Christ and that when the church will be gone, it will be the prophets Henoch and Elijah who will preach the love of God and the return of Jesus Christ for his reign of 1000 years. But before these two prophets, all the sentinels, the apostles of the last times, will preach the Word of God and the return of Jesus Christ.

It’s a little at my level what I’ve been doing for ten years. During these ten years I was convinced that the rapture of the Church would take place just before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. But if I’m wrong then maybe it’s in 2020, seven years (so at the beginning of the seventh week prophesied by the prophet Daniel) before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ that will take place the kidnapping of the ‘Church.

I do not know at what time of the year the kidnapping will take place, even though I am leaning a little bit for the trumpet festival during the night of Saturday to Sunday from September 19 to 20, 2020 . Horse festival that year on the two days of the Lord of the Jewish people and the Christian people.


God bless you and guide you in these darkness until you deliver.

Do not forget to watch these videos several times in order to fully understand them.




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