From September 23, 2017 to May 21, 2018


Given the importance and the urgency of the content of this book I decided rather than to have it published, to publish it entirely and free on the blog.

I will touch on the highlights that humanity has seen in recent years.

We can all see that insecurity has become the daily routine of multitudes around the world. Wars, violence, catastrophes, epidemics, famines, loss of values, precariousness and misery strike directly or indirectly all the peoples of the planet.

Are bad circumstances the cause of all these calamities? I will highlight what is in the darkness of consciousness so that all understand that causality exists to all these problems of insecurity.

Be assured that the life of mankind will change very soon no matter what happens. It is a certainty and we will see in the book what are the reasons and consequences and also what are the options open to humanity.

Every day that passes, the media promises worldwide a dream and a better world for years to come. But we see that life only brings us precariousness and daily misery.

I invite you to access the rest of the book by this link which will put you directly on the good page of the Blog in French. You can translate the web page of the book with the translator of pages of your Internet explorer « Crome » or other.


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