Many of our brothers and sisters are questioning that we have to wait the prompt return of our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, the only son of God, who soon returns to his thousand-year reign on Earth, until doomsday.

It seems important to resume and deepen in this paper a response I made ​​a comment to the article: THE RETURN OF JESUS ​​CHRIST ON 14 MAY OR September 15, 2015! DURING THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS


There are two things certain that I understood by analyzing the signs and prophecies of the end times.

The First:

We are actually very close to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, of course taking into account that Jesus said that only God the Father knows the day and hour of the return.


We do not understand the signs and prophecies of the end times that by looking at the past.


If, as I think and wrote in the blog that the end of time is started May 14, 1948 with the creation of the state of Israel, it is because it is from this period that the signs and Bible prophecy heralding back of Jesus Christ began to occur with increasing frequency and power.


Similarly it is since 29 September 2008, with the stock market crash on Wall Street, that have seen develop global ruin, disasters outsized, conflicts and wars around the world, the massacre of Christians, destruction of churches and the last war of the end times is started in Syria in March 2012, with the arrival of reinforcements from outside Islamic extremists joining the ranks slingers.


This is a war that will last 42 months and that Jesus Christ will stop on his return (it should be noted that prior to that of March 2012 events in Syria were an internal conflict)


Since 2008 we have seen a very significant increase in power and frequency of all biblical pain prophesied. These are facts.


So God by the word of Jesus Christ does not tell us in advance the day or the hour, but allows us to approach understanding the achievements made signs and prophecies.


So we can understand and see that seven years between September 2008 September 2015 (twice three and a half).


The first three and a half was certainly very difficult, but the second half is much more difficult. These are concrete facts that were prophesied in the Bible.


And the year is not over!


We find that the global conflict began in Syria, it is getting stronger every day that the media does not talk much at the time of the Gulf War.


All signs and biblical prophecies about the return of Jesus Christ is being made. Missing only the events that are directly related to his return.


1. Removal of the church.

2. The day of the wrath of God.



Although the removal of the church can be accomplished at any time, I am confident that God will wait for the last moment so that the majority can be saved.


As the day of the wrath of God, I am convinced that will occur just before the return of Jesus Christ.


Note that some non-biblical prophecies speak of three days of darkness.


It would be three days before the return of Jesus Christ.


As for the abduction, it should happen on the day of the wrath of God.


If I have it right, and the return of our Lord Jesus Christ occurs between 14 and 15 September 2015 and sincerely I hope from the bottom of my soul, then the days of September 2015 should precede be the most particular of human history.


I said that our Brother Claude IGNERSKI  »  HERE  « wrote in his books on the end times, which I recommend reading that the rapture of the church could happen in September 2015 and the return of Jesus Christ in 2021 .


He may be right and I wrong!


But we agree on the fact that 2015 should be a very special year and hard to the end of time.


Nevertheless, I would like to bring to the reflection of each fact that the Bible says that the pain return of Jesus Christ are like the pain of childbirth and thus more time passes and the pain is sharp to reach unbearable!

All mothers will attest!


We are currently witnessing massacres major Christian scales.


The blood of saints already flowing freely !!!


Look at the past seven years since 2008 in our sufferings have reached a very high level, imagine seven more years with a rise in constant power pain and then you will understand that we must pray intensely for the return of our Lord be done quickly.


I invite you to read my latest articles including: 2015 THE COMING OF JESUS ​​CHRIST KING OF THE WORLD.

Link: https://victorpicarra.wordpress.com/2015/01/10/2015-la-venue-du-roi-du-monde-jesus-christ/


God in his infinite mercy helps and protects all who come to him with Love, Humility and Sincerity.


However, many people who suffer and live the end times in distress disaster, pain of life, violence, war, poverty, and who feel abandoned by God.


We must understand that we all live individual tests of faith and the beginning of God’s wrath.


Thank the Lord for all his property facts and all the graces he grants us by saving us from his wrath.


Pray and ask God’s forgiveness for all our sins, our mistakes, our mistakes and our bad deeds.


Pray also for all those who are far from God and particularly for the good Muslims, generous which unfortunately have been deceived by the false Prophet Muhammad!

false prophet-illuminati


We all see that Islam is an aberration that professes love with weapons in hand.


Alas, those we call « good Muslims » who call themselves away from radical Islamists condemn still in hell, for thinking serve and pray, they pray and unconsciously serve Lucifer.

Let us remember to understand,


The Bible teaches us that God created man and then he created man and woman in the first generation part of this small nascent humanity turned against its creator. (Cain killed his brother Abel).



Later God chose among men a family, the father of Enoch « Methuselah » whose lineage begat Noah. It is that God saved Noah the Deluge Humanity. Note that this humanity that survived the flood was reduced to eight « simple family of Noah! »



This family of Noah, repopulated the world, then came his « Abraham » offspring of two women who begat Isaac and Ismael.


These two half brothers became eternal enemies.


One, Isaac begat the Hebrew people became over time the Jewish people of Israel « the people of God »  the Other, Ismael, and begat a people God wanted many and overspread all the lands of the Middle East around the Mediterranean.


It is these people who begat « Mohammed » who said he was visited by the Archangel Gabriel who dictated the Qur’an.


Mohammed, who was a warrior chief imposed by cunning and force a new religion ISLAM.



Islam is  »  the all in one «  Religion, culture, society, law, justice and government.


The poor Muslims have been deceived by this impostor Mahomet who claimed that the Archangel Gabriel dictated the Koran.


On behalf of the Quran and Allah radical Islamists burn churches, kill Christians and destroy the museums, while Muslims say gooders invade the world imposing their laws and customs.


The Quran is a book anti- that distorts and arranges gene without the Bible to sit down Muhammad’s authority over the peoples he conquered by the so-called word « Allah », cunning and by force.


The choice was simple those who wanted to live adopt the Koran as holy book, for others it was death.


Of course those who chose death was outnumbered those who agreed to serve the Qur’an and Muhammad.


This people descendant of Ishmael became like God had said, as numerous as the stars of heaven.

But thinking he was abandoned by the God of Abraham , he went away and created thanks  to Muhammad a new religion of his own . He thus perpetuated the ancestral jealousy always seeking quarrels with the descendants of Isaac.


Muhammad found there a way to unite the people by a new religion « ISLAM. »


But Islam is an aberration and Muhammad is a false prophet even if a billion people on Earth claim otherwise.


Truth is in the Bible .


In the first will we learn that God himself materialized by a burning bush spoke to Moses in person to ask for his people out of Egypt.


The Jewish people is the people of God.  

It is indisputable!


Also indisputable is the fact that Jesus Christ was the Messiah of the Jewish people announced in the scriptures, but the Jews are denied!


 They crucified the Son of God!


The son of God, Jesus Christ through love nevertheless gave a chance to all men (Jews and others) to enter the kingdom of heaven. Not by merit but by his love!


It is Jesus Christ who created the Church which must bring together all those who wish to be saved and reach eternal life in the kingdom of heaven.


Before returning close to God the Father, Jesus Christ said (John 15: 26) « I will send you another Comforter, the Holy Spirit » 


The Holy Spirit of God comes upon every being who by baptism chosen to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ.


No prophet of God has been mentioned in the Bible to create a religion.


The role of a prophet of God is not to achieve but to announce, and Muhammad has not announced but accomplished!    




The only two religions of God are the Judaic and Christian religions.

Both religions were created by God for the first and only son Jesus Christ to the second!


The False Prophet Muhammad drew that interested in the Bible and changed what was not convenient to the example of Jesus Christ who was it recognizes as a prophet and not the son of God!


Recall also that in Daniel 9 verse 26 it is stated:  And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, and there will be no successor. The people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and end will come like a flood; he was arrested that the devastation will last until the end of the war. 


Jesus was indeed the Messiah expected, although it was denied by the people of God « the Jews »!


 And he has no successor!


So Muhammad could never claim to be divine mission to create a new religion.


There are two possibilities to the Koran, or it was written from scratch by Muhammad with or without collusion or the Koran was actually dictated, but in this case it was not by the Archangel Gabriel, but by Lucifer no one.


The difference between the teaching of Jesus Christ and Lucifer is huge even if the instruction contains the same ingredients.

For Jesus Christ, 

There is no law without love nor love without law


He has no love in the Act or Act in Love

As you can see this is not the same thing!


Muslims are the unfortunate victims of the false prophet Mohammed as they are also victims of Stockholm Syndrome.


Read the blog article:




They will be their very difficult to leave Islam to come to Jesus Christ.Just see what excitement get the Muslims, especially the fundamentalists when criticizing the Koran or Muhammad.


I remind all Muslims verse 14 of chapter 19 of the Gospel of Matthew:


And Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these 


So when we see Muslim children, women and men used as human bombs we can only regret that fanatical, bloodthirsty Islamists forced indoctrination by those unhappy criminals suicides leading them straight to hell!


To all the Muslims I can only say, come many to Jesus Christ if you want to be saved. This existence is coming to an end and Jesus Christ reaches out to you.




Soon Jesus Christ will return, so initially it will save by kidnapping his faithful church, then just after the abduction and just before his return, the wrath of God will fall with force and power over the Earth and on all mankind.


Until that day back in glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, as hoped by all Christians for two thousand years, we absolutely must continue to live with humility, dignity and pride in being a Christian.


We must continue to meet our responsibilities and thus honor the monthly repayments of all our debts and our daily living in peace and love by helping those who seek our help.


We must pray daily for God to help us, protect us and keep us safe from temptation.


We already know that this year will continue to be difficult but that is very good news as soon transform our lives.


Let us keep the flame of our faith, have total confidence is absolute in Jesus Christ. He promised to come and save us to the end of time and he will keep his promise.


Straighten its existence, baptism, repentance, pardon, prayers, choose Jesus Christ as savior, is what will allow us to be saved and to be part of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ that will remove soon .


Jesus Christ is coming soon and it is perhaps for the month of September or October 2015.


All my items



God bless you my beloved brothers and sisters and helps you in anticipation of the return to Earth of our Lord Jesus Christ, to pursue the right path in your life and never give up.

I invite you to watch this video sobering on our generation.


Peace, Love and Joys in the hearts and homes with the expectation of the blessed day of the rapture of the Church and the return on the Mount of Olives our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the only son of God, his thousand-year reign until doomsday.



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