The spotlights of the heavens are on France!

In the country of human rights « La France », its police are accused of racism. And worse than that, it is France itself which is accused of racialism.

I suggest you take stock of these incidents, which are serious with political, cultural, cultural but also eschatological consequences, and it is this last point that interests us in this blog.

Facts :

The police of France, National Police, Gendarmerie and Municipal Police are put on the bench of the public accusation for racism and France for racialism.

So what about it? Are there racists in the police? Where is the truth ? Are racist acts buried by French authorities and institutions?

World opinion is entitled to ask these questions, especially when the French interior minister « Grand Commander de la Police » anathema to him by publicly saying on television that any suspicion of racism by a police officer will be worth it a suspension while waiting for the investigation to be carried out and for the knife of justice to be done.

You should know that a police officer suspended during the suspension period does not receive any salary and that he is also prohibited from working elsewhere. Unless he resigns!

When we know that certain cases last for years before a court decision is rendered, we can understand that a simple suspicion of fault for suspending a police officer is not only unjust but also inadmissible because it would be the right Frenchman who would be flouted to punish « perhaps unfairly » the police.

They would no longer benefit from the presumption of innocent like all the other litigants of France, but that the direction of the National police and the Ministry of the Interior would have in their respects a presumption of guilt even before the investigation and that justice be returned.

You can therefore understand that the police took to the streets to symbolically place their handcuffs on the ground to contest this ministerial decision.

I am not going to judge anyone here and that is not my role.

You will easily understand that this sad affair hides something else and that is what interests us.

We must first understand that in all societies, there are individuals who for one reason or another can commit, errors, faults, criminal acts and crimes. These people exist and prisons are full of them all over the world.

In France, from the individual to ministers, priests, men and women politicians, all litigants can one day or another go through the prison box.

But it would be inappropriate to make generalizations. We cannot say, for example, that politicians are corrupt, nor without evidence can we say that there are corrupt among these politicians.

If it turns out that a politician is corrupt, then he is arrested and tried. It’s the law.

The same is true for the police and all representatives of public order.

If it turns out that a police or gendarme commits a wrongdoing, he is arrested and tried. You should know that in French law justice and judicial investigations are sometimes long and even very long.

It always has been and always will be. It is the Law and everyone must accept it. The law is one of the foundations of democracy and if it became expeditious, then we would no longer be in a democracy but in a dictatorship.

The law is therefore the guarantor of the French Republic, of freedom, of secularism and of our French society based on human and citizen rights.

So once we have said and understood this, how do we explain that we have come to these demonstrations against police racism. Similarly how to explain that the Minister of the Interior is shooting red bullets at his police.

It must first be understood that the French government makes the policy of the ostrich in matters of immigration and delinquency.

The French situation is serious!

Deregulated immigration has reached and even exceeded acceptable thresholds!

Slums flourish everywhere on the territory, clandestine families thus live in appalling precarious conditions!

Having only water for fire hydrants, whose water is generally not very potable or even not potable!

Having for electricity only clandestine connections on the electric supplies of city.

Having for sanitary only a bucket then poured into the manholes. This is the sad reality!

Recently an important demonstration of undocumented people « Clandestins » took place in Paris to claim residence permits or even French nationality.

Humanly speaking, it is unworthy for the country of human rights to leave families on the streets!

But should we welcome all the misery of the world on French soil?

Although this is impossible, I will not answer this question which does not depend on me, but on elected political leaders, the government and especially the President of the Republic.

What is certain is that this policy of the ostrich of the French government which refuses to treat and settle the problem of immigration causes great troubles in the country.

Delinquency has exploded while at the same time in the police the workforce is constantly declining for budgetary reasons, their material means and their premises are in disrepair for lack of maintenance budgets and their working conditions are becoming more and more archaic. This is alas the sad reality!

In addition, on a daily basis, the police are victims of threats, attacks, ambushes, violence and even assassinations! So the cup is full, when they were accused of racism, they could not accept it.

All this is extremely serious and shows that the Police institution, from the smallest agent to the most important of the commissioners, are all united to say stop! Basta! ….

All this is serious and even very serious, but what interests us in this blog is to understand why these things happen in France.

Of course, similar situations exist in other countries. France is not a unique case in this area. 

We see everywhere that what we are experiencing is a clash of civilizations that are poles apart from each other.

Our richer, more developed Western civilization has opened its doors to disadvantaged populations, particularly from Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

However it is largely by clandestinity, and then by family reunification that these populations immigrated to the West. 

Who can throw a stone at them! They are only looking for a place in the world where milk and honey still flow!

Here we come to the question: « Can we in the West accommodate all the misery in the world? » « 

I cannot say what is the capacity of reception of such or such country. But the problem is not there, but elsewhere!

Indeed, among all the migrants, a large quantity has integrated well and poses no particular problem. They have adopted a western life like « Work – metro – dodo » while keeping their culture and their way of life at home.

Alas a minority is victimized to obtain more rights and less duties, which the government grants them in the name of so-called positive discrimination!

We thus have a population with two speeds, that of the minorities that the government assists and helps in the name of a so-called positive discrimination and the others, the natives, that the government arbitrarily decided that they would not enjoy the same rights and same benefits as minorities.  

It is no longer merit that takes precedence but victimization by belonging to a minority in the name of so-called positive discrimination!

Unfortunately for the government, it is that certain French people, whose family origins are African, Oriental and others, have also played a chord with victimization, claiming social precariousness which would have their origins, making France a country. racialist and its agents racists!

This way of managing the affairs of the state is serious with possible consequences, one of which is nothing less than the outbreak of a civil war!

Let us not forget that if we add, government laxity and galloping Islamism, to these blatant injustices and these biases for minorities, then France which has already suffered several waves of Islamic terrorism could well tip over into a bloody confrontation because all factions do not form a people but peoples!

It will not be speeches, or by a few crumbs thrown to the people that the elected representatives of the Republic will resolve this explosive situation.

France is really at the Heart of a storm which is at once civilizational, Cultual, Cultural and Social. 

What really interests us at the highest point is to know what will be the eschatological impact of this French situation.

We must first understand that since Joan of Arc, Jesus Christ has become, very officially, the King of France!

On June 21, 1429, the King of France, Charles VII, gives by written act, (kept in the Vatican library) the kingdom of France to Joan of Arc, who virtually gives it to Jesus Christ and in his name entrusts it to the King of France. The kings of France have therefore since become lieutenants of Jesus Christ who is and remains the one and only King of France?   

The triple donation from the kingdom of France.

The history of France changed with the revolution in 1789.

King Louis XVI was guillotined and the kingdom has since been abandoned by Jesus Christ.

The Republic that denied Jesus Christ put man at the heart of everything! It was the birth of humanism!

We cannot therefore be surprised that France, which nevertheless remains the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on Earth, is attacked from all sides, including from the inside, by those who want to destroy what remains of this France of Jesus- Christ (His people and his Faith).

Despite the Republic, despite the false religions that have proliferated in France since the beginning of the pain, despite the attacks on our institutions, despite the defamation of which our Brothers and Sisters are victims, despite the violence, despite the acts of terrorism, despite the criminal destruction of our Churches, we must remain strong and faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Faith is our strength and it lifts the highest mountains.

We must denounce all acts that harm our Brothers and Sisters as well as the Kingdom « France » of our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

We must understand that in France the pains will still increase, not that Jesus Christ has abandoned us, but simply because we are the people of his France kingdom that satan absolutely wants to destroy completely.

The fact that the attacks against the people of France and our institutions are intensifying simply means that the return of our Lord is very close and that our deliverance is coming.

So let’s say, let’s do it and understand that everything that happens had to happen and that it’s not over yet.

Pray that Jesus Christ will help us and come back quickly to Earth and take back possession of his kingdom of France.

Let us raise our heads, let us be proud to be Christians and French and remain faithful to our Faith because if it is certain that the situation will worsen in the world and particularly in France, it is nonetheless certain that Jesus -Christ is near and soon our deliverance will come.

Peace to souls of good will

God bless you


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