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My beloved property blog readers.


I am pleased to announce the publication of my book whose title is the same as the blog « The preacher Return of the King »

You can already order it to the editor « Edilivre » before it is in bookstores

Title of Paper: « The Preacher Return of the King »
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Christianity in our society is neglected, abandoned and sacrificed to the interests of humanism in whose name we find that we are gradually « erased » and that our churches are demolished. We find the same extraordinary rise of Islam worldwide.


If you read my blog posts, you know that this is a harbinger strong signs of the imminent return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ.


So that as many might be saved, we must all do everything we can to make the world know and understand that Jesus Christ is the King of the world and he is back soon to judge men and nations.


That’s why I created this blog and thank you warmly to visit and read my articles.


The blog is now visited about 500 times each day. This could be considered a real success.


But, that’s not enough to tell the world the return of King Jesus Christ and so I decided to write a book so that the greatest number not accessing internet is informed and that everyone can decide his soul and conscience of the path he wants to follow.


In our dark society, our faith is proven and many feel abandoned by God, but I assure you it is not.


God never abandoned us, he loves us enough to have allowed his son who is pure Love, came to earth and there is abused, insulted, scourged and finally in horrible sufferings be crucified and nailed to a cross pass by death to save us.


But alas we are flooded with false doctrines, false prophets and false gods that disturb our vision of God and have us take delusion trails.


So I wanted to bring my book to readers the countless proofs of the existence of God and his only son Jesus Christ. This is so that all are more « believers but sachants ».


My book shows that it is God who created the universe and everything in it.It also proves the divinity of Jesus Christ and his imminent return to Earth.


While not a book of history or science, he explains man’s journey from its inception to its return to the Garden of Eden in the reign of Jesus Christ and glimpse the future of the man after the reign of Jesus Christ.


It also specifies the prophecies of the end times and allows to know the maximum of our expectation of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


It is important and even essential to take a break in life to take stock of what is important and essential in life. This is what I invite you to do this by reading my book.


Jesus Christ is coming back soon to judge men and nations, it is a certainty but previously very difficult days are still hitting the Earth and humanity.Reading the book can prepare you to face these difficult times that we still have to cross.


Mending Fences allows you to confirm that all our troubles are growing constantly for several years. But we are an explanation and is in the book.


I invite you not only to read my book but also to make it known so that more can read it and realize that the truth is not the everyday reality we explained our atheistic society.


Let us all be soldiers of Jesus Christ, it is our Christian duty and are working fervently to publicize the good word « Jesus Christ is coming back soon »


All can be saved if they come to Christ through baptism and repentance.


It should make us face the facts and realize that we live in the world for several years time as hard as individuals.


These are daily rehearsals and natural disasters such as outsized Torrential rains, floods, storms, disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, fires, volcanic eruptions.


But it is also every year for several years without any known deaths per million because fish, birds, livestock and wild animals all over the planet.


They are also wars and deafening noises of a world war, violence, loss of values ​​and morals.


And it is also the spiraling radicalism and Islamic extremism whose fanatics massacred members of the Christian people and commit desecration, vandalism, arson and destruction of churches.


Not to mention the significant decrease in the Catholic Church of priests.


To all these evils we must add the global destruction that has settled over the world since the stock market crash of September 29, 2008, causing starvation and misery everywhere, the impact is all the more important as the world population increased from two and a half billion inhabitants in 1950 to more than seven billion in 2012, 63 years only.


Even the Vatican who was the Holy See of the Catholic Church has become a smelly place where Jesus Christ has become a simple accessory or a piece of the Vatican Museum.


All this is explained in the book.


All who know me know that I never give up because no mountain is insurmountable and I would continue to act to announce as many good news of the imminent Return of the King Jesus Christ.


For those wishing to know who I am:


Here briefly a small part of my biography.


Son of a Portuguese electrician emigrated to France in 1957, I grew up in Catholic education, catechism, communion and JOC (Young Christian Workers).


This teaching has made me a Christian man standard.


I always tried as well as I was able to lead a healthy life in God’s love and respect for its laws (without being a saint!)


I must say that since my childhood God has always been part of my life. He is a confidant, a friend, a counselor and an indispensable aid in everyday life.


During a very long part of my life I have had a very difficult and complicated job and God did many miracles to keep me alive in this perilous career.


So I have no secrets from God and I have total and absolute confidence in him.


God demonstrates His love me constantly and gives me his help in everyday life. I assure you that it is pure joy to feel loved and helped by God.


So I want to be there also to God in a humble small measure witnessing to His love for us and the imminent return to Earth of his only son Jesus Christ.


In 2009 by the merest chance I realized that we were living in the late biblical times that will culminate in the return of Jesus Christ.


Of course a good Christian I had learned well the catechism day will come the end of the world and that day God will return to Earth to judge all mankind.


Before intellectually accept the return of Jesus Christ was planned well for our generation, I have much analyzed and yet all the prophetic signs announcing the end times and the return of Jesus Christ on Earth.


I finally had to go to the evidence and find that all the signs and prophecies of the end times herald the return of Jesus Christ were accomplished every day and that this could in any way be a coincidence as the many of the prophecies that were fulfilled was important.


This has radically changed my life and so I decided to create this blog « The preacher Return of the King » which I published numerous articles in all languages ​​to inform all humanity this wonderful event and contribute also awakening of the Christian world so that everyone can prepare his mind and his soul to the return of Jesus Christ our Lord and King, the only son of God.


My book aims to show the reader the existence of God, the divinity of Jesus Christ, to explain the evolution of man to God and to inform the largest number of this wonderful return of our Glory Lord Jesus Christ for his thousand-year reign.


There is a certainty in this apocalyptic world is that Jesus Christ is returning soon.


It is important and essential to remember that Jesus Christ said: « I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me. « 


If this is not done, do you baptize and many come to Christ to be saved.


Soon it will be too late and there will be all over the Earth cries and tears of all the latecomers.


I ask you please to introduce my book to all your parents, friends, relationships, contacts and all social networks for all to also know and share in turn the love of God and be saved.

God loves us and love his only Son Jesus Christ is soon to return to Earth for the return to the Garden of Eden to all those who come to him.

Background Heart thank you for everything you do for the love and glory of God and Jesus Christ!

God bless you and allows you to work for the love and glory of Jesus Christ.

I portugal


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