Dare to faith in God and Jesus Christ!

Brother and Sisters in Christ the end of the world

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You who are in trouble and who walk in darkness,

You who are in joy and do not worry,

You who love to be loved and love,

You who are in need,

You want that cry day and night,

You unfortunate that the eyes are,

You who are abandoned and alone to face the difficulties of life.

You seem to drop as health,

You know the hatred and violence,

You who are without hope of a better life on earth

We forsake you,

Trust in God’s Love and Come to Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is Love, it is our light and the Future of Man!

With the removal of the Church (if you want to be part of) your pain will disappear forever.

Whatever your life, your past and your actions,

Whether you’re a little angel or great sinner before the Lord,

Whether you’re a criminal, a murderer, a thief or a Good Samaritan


What matters to Jesus Christ is your future!


We are currently still in time of grace,

This means that we can be forgiven for our sins, our faults and sins and enter the kingdom of heaven.

Not by our merit, for we are all sinners and as such, prohibited from entering the kingdom of heaven.

But if you ask God to forgive your sins, for your sins and your sins.

If you are sincere and you change your life by asking God to help you and guide your steps, and Jesus Christ to be your personal savior.

So for the love of Jesus Christ, you will be saved!

It’s love for us that Jesus Christ was willing to die on the cross to cleanse us from all our sins.

It is through this love and this blood shed for us, we shall be saved and accepted the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus Christ will enter into an everlasting covenant with those who want to be part of his church.

This everlasting covenant will be celebrated in heaven. It is named in the Bible « the marriage of the Lamb »

The dead who had their living, chose to follow Jesus Christ will be resurrected and transformed first and we which are alive and remain shall and will choose to be part of his church, shall all be changed and caught up with them.

At this point those who have already acquired will be removed eternal life!

They will form the Church of Jesus Christ!

And this will be an eternity of love, peace, joy and prosperity!

To do this, Dare faith, ask God for forgiveness for you sins, your sins and trespasses, Get baptized « quickly » and ask God to guide your life.

Without being called you will not be part of the Church of Jesus Christ!

Accept your fate in this world and made my heart against bad luck for your reward is great in the rapture of the church and the return of Jesus Christ.




Pending collection of his church and the return of Jesus Christ, ask God to help you in your daily life.

Make a total and absolute confidence in God and in Jesus Christ.

Have faith, it can move mountains!

You must believe in yourself and then God help you.

The Holy Spirit of God guide you.

Dare to ask God and Jesus Christ to help you!

Dare the Faith! Well and protect the flame of faith in awaiting Christ.

Your faith will guide you through the crossing of the darkness that descended on the world.

Keep your thoughts to doubt, for doubt Kill!

The doubt is that you open a door for Satan to deceive you, and it distracts you from God!

Become worthy in your life by asking God to help you.

Ask for help to God and Jesus Christ as often as necessary!

Be strong and fortify your faith by following the right path to God

Jesus Christ is the light of the world and this light will guide you to God.

Whatever your past, Jesus Christ loves you and help you if you ask!


Dare the Faith! It will transform your life!


Time is short, Jesus Christ is coming soon.

All the signs of his coming to realize daily before our eyes!

Do not refuse this future Lord of Love Peace and Happiness! It is free and is offered by the love of Jesus Christ.

If you accept!

Accept the saving hand of Jesus Christ!

Before the coming of the Lord and just after the removal of the church, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

It will be too late for latecomers to benefit from the state of grace.

After removal, those who remain, will face life in this world who will be under the domination of the anti-christ.

Not until the return to earth of Jesus Christ to end the reign of the Anti-Christ

The return of the Lord Jesus Christ will be on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and will begin his reign a thousand years and this is very soon.

Become soldiers of Christ by daring JTF!

Do not expect an earthquake, a tsunami or other disaster, to pray and come to God and Jesus Christ!

Now is the time you read this or that Jesus Christ needs us!

There are seven billion people on earth, but how many are Christians!And among those who call themselves Christians, how pray to God.And among those who pray to God, how many are aware that we are living the end times and Jesus Christ returns to Earth Soon!!

Too few on earth are those who are preparing for the removal by purifying their lives!

Dare the Faith! And help me to preach good news!

It is the largest of all of my new of,

The most important news was announced after the birth of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago!

We had the honor of being born at the end of time and may be able to participate in the rapture of the church!

This is the result of the creation of man is coming soon!

It’s incredible and unexpected, Awake! Tomorrow may be too late!

For us that Jesus Christ, the only Son of God the Creator of all things, returns to earth.

Us! What an honor! What proof of love!

I beg you my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, to please help me the good news of the return of Jesus Christ!

I have nothing to sell, nothing to ask, I just want as many souls come to Christ to be saved.

Eternity is offered free to man the love of Jesus Christ!

Let’s be soldiers of Jesus Christ and help our brothers and sisters to be aware of the times that we live and the result will inevitably ensue namely « The return of Jesus Christ on Earth »

The signs of the return of Jesus Christ fulfilled every day!

The earth shakes every day!

The world is ruined!

Famine affects billions of people on earth,

The values ​​are reversed what was evil has become commonplace,

Lust and homosexuality have become accepted and even claimed,

Incurable diseases are rampant (Cancer – AIDS and other …)

Fish, animals and birds continue to die unnecessarily around the world,

The signs in the heavens are not lacking (UFO)

Since the establishment of the State of Israel all these things happen and increase exponentially,

It is impossible to doubt that we are at the end of time since May 14, 1948.

All signs are accelerating and will continue to accelerate until the return of Jesus Christ on Earth.

All these signs are meant to wake us up!

Let us prepare ourselves, our deliverance is near!

Jesus Christ loves us and he returned to pick us up!

This blog is read on five continents, but many do not know it yet!

For the Love of God and Jesus Christ, Please, send the blog address to all your contacts, talk to your friends!


All of you, my brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the earth, whatever your language,

Please Hold vigils and speak of God and the return of Jesus Christ.

Use the blog! We will listen,

Ask Jesus to guide you and your words will come easily!

Talk to your Heart and your faith.

Many have no access to internet!

Tell them,

Do what you would like us to do for you!

What matters is that Jesus Christ is still faith on earth when he returned!

Bless you for the help you make the announcement of the return of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ!

That love of Jesus Christ guide your steps in life and helps you communicate the good news

« Jesus Christ is coming back soon »

Be proud to be Christians and spread the word « Jesus Christ is coming soon »

But before the return of Jesus Christ we will have to face this year2012 that begins with a worsening economic crisis.

In a few months we will cross again very difficult times on earth.Unemployment, bankruptcies, currency implosions, political tensions and global conflict ahead already and even stronger in 2011.

Disasters will continue and worsen until removal

The lands around the Mediterranean tremble daily

The peaceful aspen daily

Dare to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ!

Daring Faith!

It will save us!

Peace, love and joy in the hearts and homes.


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