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May 21 was a date that seemed to many eschatologists to be that of the kidnapping of the church.


I myself had hoped that this May, or even the month of April, could take place the abduction of the church.


But it has not happened ; just as it did not happen in 2015, in 2016 or in 2017, and only because God decides the date …. !


So why are we looking for a date; impatience, curiosity, the pleasure of searching, the desire to find the secrets of God … I could give you a lot of bad reasons.


In fact, only one valid reason led me to look for a period as short as possible (since God alone knows the dates) for the removal of the church and the return of Jesus Christ.


This reason is the awakening of the consciences and more particularly those of our Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ.


Since my earliest childhood, God has always had a very important place in my life: « Catholic childhood, catechism, communion, YCW etc. »


Without wanting to spread my life, God has always been there, everyday, throughout my life to help me and guide me. And yet I have not always been a model of conduct.


Like all Christians I knew that someday would come the end of time and that Jesus Christ would come back to reign on Earth.


But in my mind as in that of millions of Christians this day was far and even very, very far, even so far that I was far from imagining that it would be for our generation … And yet it is the case .


This awakening by an awareness of the particular times we are experiencing took place for me in 2008, as I already explained in the blog.


And since that date with my little eschatological knowledge, I have sought and found the essential proofs (signs and prophecies) of this prompt return of our Lord Jesus Christ for our generation.


So I became, after a period of reflection, a Preacher back from Jesus Christ.


But that does not make me either a prophet or an eschatologist, but simply a modest preacher of the King’s return.


Through this blog I announce to the world, with many articles translated into all languages, the prompt return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the only son of God.


This return is really very close, it is a certainty because it is for our generation and the removal of his church can even intervene at any moment.


It should be known that within a maximum of seven years after the removal of the church will occur the physical return of our Lord Jesus Christ for his thousand year reign.


It is very important to realize this because the time of this generation is coming to an end …


As I explained in the blog it is the 14 of May of 1948 with the creation of the state of Israel that began the last generation.


It is therefore very important for everyone to wake up and give Jesus Christ back to the heart of his life in order to be saved and thus access to eternal life « in a moment, in the blink of an eye » with the removal of the church and without going through death.

After which removal is certain, there will be crying and gnashing of teeth.





Of course, by dint of hearing here and there that Jesus returns, the ordinary mortals doubt all the more because he sees nothing coming.


One must know and understand that this doubt will be even greater after the rapture (see Matthew 24 verses from 23 to 27 link: END OF TIME )


Do not let doubt settle in you because doubt takes you away from Jesus Christ and brings you closer to lucifer.


We can all see the difficult times we are living on Earth, to the point that we might feel abandoned by our Lord.


We are seeing the rise of Islamism, terrorism, violence, wars and the threat of a great world conflict. There is something to be afraid to leave home even in daylight.





But I tell you with the strength of love and faith, stand up, lift your head and be proud and worthy of being end-time Christians.


Keep the flame of the Faith lit up because our waiting will be brief now.


Let us spread the love of Jesus Christ around us by helping and loving one another. Soon and even soon our love and expectation will be rewarded.


Let us understand that our present misfortunes were announced to us in the Bible, not to afflict us, but to allow us to rejoice because these misfortunes are proof of the prompt return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ who in accordance with the prophecies and his promise comes back soon to save us from the great tribulations that are coming upon humanity.


Let us not judge these times of misfortunes that are falling on humanity, because it was necessary biblically that they occur.


Defend our faith and our church but do not take part in all the humanistic religious excesses.





God in his infinite love wants the greatest number to be saved, that is why he is waiting for the opportune moment for the rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ.


Let us understand that humanity is about to experience the third strong moment of its existence « The Rapture of the Church » the first being the creation , the second the first coming of Jesus Christ , the fourth being the second coming of Jesus Christ for his thousand year reign.


We soon came to the end of the second of the three life cycles of man.


st round: four thousand years between the creation and the first coming of Jesus Christ.


nd round: two thousand years between the two comings of Christ.


rd round: a thousand year reign of Jesus Christ before the end of this mortal world.


It should be noted that each cycle is of a duration of half of that which it precedes and that in total we have well the seven thousand years announced biblically from the creation of the world.


It is important for all to understand that the creations of God are for our little incomprehensible human brains and that those who are far from Jesus Christ must stop to think of themselves as autocratic creatures of a fictitious evolution.


We are a creation of God and very soon we will meet our creator.


I end this article with an eschatological video and a link to follow the videos of this eschatologist that I recommend for the quality of his work.


I invite you my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ to watch with availability and great attention this video which will confirm that the time of the rapture is so close that it can intervene at any moment!


Reading the prophecies of the end times


Lists of his videos on the end of time


Author’s video site address



Thank you to all blog readers around the world and I apologize that these videos are only in French.


I also invite you to read or reread my article:



May the love of Jesus Christ always be upon you and your families, my beloved brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

See you soon


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