As I already explained in my blog posts, we are living the end-time period that will end inexorably with the return of Jesus Christ to Earth for his thousand-year reign.


This sentence of Jesus Christ is of such force and power that it leaves no room for interpretation or any other religion to go to God.

We must therefore ask ourselves why the pope recognizes all religions as true paths to God.

Which is Papal heresy more.


The end-time period began on May 14, 1948 with the creation of the State of Israel.


Indeed on May 14, 1948 by the creation of a Jewish state, the Jewish people after 2000 years of exodus obtained the pardon of God for rejecting and crucifying the Messiah whom they refused to recognize in Jesus of Nazareth  » Jesus Christ. But this forgiveness of God does not give them access to the kingdom of heaven at the end of time.

The Jewish people will be like many people forced to wait until the end of the thousand-year reign of Jesus Christ and the second resurrection to hope to enter the kingdom of heaven.


At the end of the end time period only some dead Christians will be resurrected.


And some living Christians « The Church » will be in a moment changed and will thus pass from mortal life to eternal life, without passing through death simply by the Love of Jesus Christ.


This is the promise of Jesus Christ and no one can doubt the word of the Son of God who gave his life to redeem us from our sins and thus allow us to access the kingdom of God, not by merit but by his love.


You will have noticed that I have specified that only certain Christians will be concerned with the resurrection and the passage from mortal life to eternal life without going through death.


Those who will be concerned will be the Christians who have received the baptism of water, (only valid baptism), who will have asked Jesus Christ to be their savior, who will have asked God to forgive for all the sins committed and who have repent and sincerely repent of their sins.


More than ever, everyone must straighten their lives and follow the teaching of Jesus Christ (Love, Forgiveness and Faith).


At the sight of all the biblical signs announcing the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, which are fulfilled daily with strength and power, we are certain that this return is imminent.


Of course we are the last generation before this return, we have the certainty since 1948. Mt. 24.34

A generation is both very short and very long but we are really already very close to this return.


Since the creation of my blog in 2009, I announce that this return can intervene in the current year. Of course it did not happen.


But this year 2018 is very special because the time of a biblical generation is 70 years and 1948 + 70 = 2018.


In view of the strength, power, periodicity, and breadth of all the biblical signs that have been fulfilled and fulfilled in 2018, we are certainly at the end of the biblical period of the end of time. .


It is hoped that the 2018 trumpet festival will see the return of our Lord Jesus Christ for the removal of his « Church ».


So let’s pray that our names will not be erased from the book of life because those who have not been kidnapped « Christians and others » will go through the Day of God’s wrath which will be a very difficult time for those who want to come back to Jesus -Christ.


This period will be very difficult because the church will no longer be present on earth. She will be in heaven to witness the marriage of the Lamb, it will be the everlasting covenant before God that Jesus Christ will establish with the members of his church.


After the removal of the Church of Jesus Christ, this world will be completely and completely delivered to the satanic forces until the physical return of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives for his reign of 1000 years.


We are already seeing all the excesses and the rise in strength of Islamism. Imagine the world without all these Christians who will be kidnapped and an Islam that will no longer have a brake, with ever more powerful and devastating disasters, devastated societies and peoples who will be plunged into misery and precariousness.




Yes, it is certain that those who have faith and who have asked Jesus Christ to guide their lives will be saved, but all others will know the wrath of God.


Always remember these words of Jesus Christ

« I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father only through me. « 


The time has come to understand that our lives will suddenly change drastically just as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly we will move from life to life eternal life and it is very soon.

May be it September 11, 2018.

I invite you to watch this video that explains the particularity of 2018.


You can see the magnitude of earthquakes by this link below


Recent earthquakes worldwide (during the last 2 weeks)


See you soon


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