April 27, 2014 – Beginning of the Wrath of God?


Love is the last refuge of the free world or is this program and pay!

This phrase is not mine but an unfortunate that ended his life leaving written on a wall in his apartment that word in explanation of his actions.

You, my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ who are the victims of Satan’s traps, you who are in misery, you who live in pain, grief and despair, you who suffer in body and in your life the atrocities of war, disaster and persecution to which this life is bitter.



Do not lose hope, keep you well-lit the flame of your faith, have the certainty that very soon an infinity of better days, of joy and happiness will be given by love and blood of Jesus Christ.

Your reward is great you can be sure, because it is through love and to save us that Jesus Christ will soon return.

Yes, soon and very well earlier, Jesus Christ will return to Earth to rule and then we will all be delivered from evil and temptation and finally then we can know and experience endless joy and happiness in the love and respect for God’s law.

But before the terrible days

must still happen.

It is a certainty!


They will be even worse than those we live since 2008!

Do not forget that the return of Jesus Christ must be as in the pains of childbirth. And so the days will be more difficult to return of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives.

We see daily escalating difficulties of life, earth, society and the weather.

Doubt no longer has any room. The return of our Lord Jesus Christ is our generation.

It is a certainty as hard to believe as it may be, the facts are there! All prophecies are almost all fulfilled!

So what to do before this blatant inability to fight these evils awaiting the glorious return of Jesus Christ!

Well if you understand that satan is Fort and only we are not big enough to defeat him, then also understand that God loves us and can help us in our daily fight against the forces of evil and temptations of Satan .

Ask God to guide and direct your life.

Pray and pray again and again every day and tirelessly

Accept the life that God has given you and thank God for all the hardships he makes you live for with effort and struggle that God forges us and makes us strong.

Daily whenever you feel or you see that things can go wrong, your temptation is strong, that your desires are burning and you are about to succumb, so do not hesitate to ask, with all the strength of your faith in God to help you. And it will!

Then do not forget to thank God for helping you fighting against yourself, your desires and weaknesses.

God gave us free will and therefore it will intervene in our lives if we ask him to take us to a decision which sometimes goes against what we yearn unclean.

But to benefit from the help of God, Love of Jesus Christ and all the help that God can give us, we must begin at the beginning.

– Ask God to forgive all our sins, our mistakes, our mistakes and sins.

– Accept to come to God through Jesus Christ by seeking baptism by water until God sends us the Holy Spirit to guide our lives.

– Ask Jesus Christ to be our personal Savior and accept us in his church.

– Straighten our lives with God’s help because alone we can not do it!

– Help those who seek our help.

– Observe the Ten Commandments of God.

– To love those who hate us and pray for them.

– Forgive those who trespass against us.

We live the final stretch of the end of time online and the world is onlyconfusion.

It is very difficult to find the right way and the truth. (Only your heart and prayer will help you!)

Humanism has become the universal value of even men of the Pope.

God is neglected by many men who have become selfish and blasphemers; thinking even able to spend his Love

Soon there will be the harvest of souls by the angels of Jesus Christ and in an instant all will be accomplished.

It will be too late for late and there will be cries of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Remember the parable of the tares and wheat!

In the parable of the harvest when the tares is thrown into the fire. It will be the same of those who have rejected God and Jesus Christ!

But also remember this quote from Pierre Corneille Le Cid   »  To win without risk is to triumph without glory «   while you fight to stay on the right path to God through Jesus Christ.

Make this effort please God!

The time has come to awaken us to fight to save our souls!

Jesus Christ will soon remove his church to attend the marriage of the Lamb and we can still be a part of!

Many of us, priests, pastors, preachers eschatologists and look for signs for us to approach closer to the date of the rapture of the church and the return of Jesus Christ.

The finding of this final period of the end of time will allow everyone to prepare for these beautiful, majestic and unique events in the history of man.

My research and analysis have led me to target the return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives from 14 to 15 September 2015, the kidnapping of his church around 11 November 2014.

But we must recognize that I already cheated and it is possible that I am wrong again these approximate dates.

But others have found other approximate dates, for those whose dates are later than I found, it will always eventually time to talk at that time.

But there is also a eschatologue Louis ALENCOURT that by serious research and analysis allows to consider the strong possibility of the removal of the church or the return of Jesus Christ this year between April and September 2014 .

So I can only encourage you all to read his blog and in particular his latest article . and also take a video in which he discusses the return of Jesus Christ.


We must also understand that the Earth will soon cross in heaven debris left in the wake of comet LINEAR.

This can cause meteorites on Earth.

There is also a prophecy that is not biblical but it is interesting to understand that explains the highlights that we are including the escalation in the political conflict with Russia on Ukraine and its province « The Crimea »

The near future reveals that this prophecy should challenge us.

Prophecy Nicolas van Rendsburg


In my last article Mea Culpa-   I target date of April 27, 2014, date of the feast of Passover and also the date of the first red moon tetrad. (See my previous articles)

This date really seems to be very important and I invite you all my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ to watch and wait for the soon Return in Glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the only son of God.

The April 27, 2014 seems to me to be the date from which it will begin to be screaming, wailing and gnashing of teeth, as tribulations are important.

The April 27, 2014 may be the beginning of the time of day of the wrath of God!

Veillions and protect the flame of our faith. Jesus Christ is at the door!

Peace, Love and Joys in the hearts and homes waiting for the rapture of the church for some and the return of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives for others.



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