ISLAM and soundbites Pope FRANCOIS




ISLAM complete and comprehensive religion, a balanced and moderate religion, a religion of mercy justice and equality, a distinguished religion and distinction, religion ISLAM creator.


Here’s how it usually sells us ISLAM!


But the truth is very different!


Islam is a false religion.


The evidence is obvious.


One can not claim to serve God by speaking of love with arms in hand and executing those who reject Islam.


Yet this is what everyone can see every day in every country living under Islamic law.


But in truth, one can not invoke love without tolerance!


And tolerance is not part of Islamic values ​​as all those who refuse Islam are sentenced to death by the Koran.


Those who refuse Islam themselves condemned to death by the Qur’an!


That love that Islam professes!



In the Koran the choice is simple for people, either it’s a slave’s life or misery (the example of what we see around the world) that is offered to those who accept Islam or is death for all who refuse Islam.


We see that the lives of Muslims in Islamic countries is a real life of servitude and absolute obedience to imams. And torture or death when they refuse to obey.


Some Muslims are so conditioned by Islam they become fanatics and are in all respects beyond what is required of them the Koran.


Of course for now the Islamic laws are applied legally in countries or Muslim majority.


But tomorrow by demographics and immigration deregulated Islam will be the majority in many Western countries and the Islamic laws then will emerge in the West.


This will be the Sharia with amputations, stonings and the woman reduced to a role of figuration and sexual object.



Islam is a real company’s cancer!



ISLAM is worse than Nazism, Islamists enslave people by lies and terror.They make them the most heinous crimes, cutting tongues, hands and feet in penalties for breaches of Koranic laws.


They even kill those who refuse these Islamic laws and even play ball with the heads of the unfortunate victims.


The most dangerous are the Islamic fanatics Islamists, they are real soldiers of Lucifer.


They are bloodthirsty barbarians who pursue, persecute and kill those who refuse Islam and especially the Christians.


We must call a spade a spade! Those who defend and support the Islamisation of the people are complicit in crimes against humanity.


Mohammed was in his time in the best case deceived and abused by Lucifer who was posing as the angel Gabriel.


Otherwise it was a usurper who with the complicity of some educated in the Hebrew and Christian law founded a religion and write a new bible « the Koran » « aped » the true Judeo-Christian Bible in order to conquer his time rival tribes and assert its authority over the peoples of the Middle East.


His successors were after him even up to modify or add to the Koran verses to justify their actions and keep the conquered peoples under their domination.


But those in the twenty-first century believe and support those crazy bloodthirsty, are equally guilty of they crimes against humanity!


It is worth remembering that in the Koran There are verses that are far from a divine inspiration to the example of these:


I invite you to watch this video of a specialist in Islam.   Abbé Guy Pagès



Satanic Verses





Sura 53




Verses 19 and 20:


53:19: What do you think [deities] Lat and Uzza,

Comments:  What do you think of al-Lat and al-deities’Ouzza


53:20: And Manat, the other third?

Comments  : and the third Manat? These deities were stone idols that the polytheists adored claiming that they would intercede for them with God. That means: Are these idols capable of anything that you worship besides God the Almighty what I just told you ?. Despite their contempt girls, they claimed that angels are daughters of God. He told them:



It would be foolish to believe that Islam leads to God because we see every day and seeing all the horrors, all the crimes and all the massacres committed Christians by Islamists in the name  of Islam, Muhammad, the  Quran his hadiths .


Islam is an aberration, it is a hideous and disgusting beast that spawned at the end of time monsters, bloodthirsty and fanatical  « Islamist Jihadists » They are in the values ​​of the horror  hundred times worse than the Nazis!


What is even more serious is that the  » Islamists are  jihadi  « say apply to the letter the  Quran  and  « Hadith »  (the false prophet Muhammad) and therefore power and even duty  KILL  all who refuse Islam .  « Jews, Christians, atheists and others … »


Islam is actually a poison and actually it is the religion of Lucifer, he has created by lying to destroy Christendom and lose driving straight to hell all those who come to him (Muslims).


The Islamists are Counterfeiters!

And blasphemers!




See also my article:




Of course Muslims who represent over a billion people « Men, women and children » are in general good human beings, warm and generous. They are for a large number and very pious are persuaded by their conscience to serve God.


But alas they are victims of the syndrome of   Stockholm   and as such they are subject imams and fanatical Islamists that lead despite themselves directly to Lucifer to hell.


But Muslims as every individual on earth God-given free will and so are complicit in crimes against humanity committed by Islamists in the name of their God « Allah ».


However they can still come to Jesus Christ and thus be forgiven and saved. But they must understand that we can not serve two masters at once.


You can not serve God and Lucifer both!

While the « word » Lucifer has the same ingredients as the « word » of God« Love and Law » results are nevertheless opposed.


God:  There is no love without law and law without love!

Lucifer  :  There are no laws in the Love and Love in the Act


Those who do not come to Jesus Christ to go to God, can not be saved!


We must know, understand, admit it and take responsibility.


Here are two very explicit videos I invite you all to watch to understand the extraordinary importance exceptional time as this generation lives of mankind.


Testimony of Father Morand priest exorcist:

Satanic Networks


The miracles of the Bible – 600 miracles of fulfilled prophecies

As I wrote in my previous article  »  HERE   »  Christianity is attacked from the outside but also from within.


And even by the Pope supposed to represent Christ on Earth and prepare for her return.



Pope Francis 16 May 2015 on tweeter

POPEPope Francis Pontifex_fr 

Better a wounded Church, but standing in the way because a sick Church closed in on itself .


At first sight everyone can agree upon reading this tweet of Pope Francis, a church has wounded on the way is a church that fit in his suffering continues to work for the glory of Jesus Christ and of God.


But analyze more deeply this little phrase of the Pope on tweeter whose meaning is very profound him.


First the Pope recognizes through a comparative image that true church is injured in his flesh.


And for good reason, but it does not say is that since Vatican II many churches closing their doors for lack of worshipers and priests.


And those who remain, the confessionals and clams are gradually withdrawn.


They are increasingly desecrated, vandalized, looted and even burned.


Christians are persecuted and massacred by Islamists.


And even in the church there is a flagrant waste of the teaching of Jesus Christ, Christian values ​​and family.


Then the Pope said clearly that the Church is ill and can not cure if it remains closed on itself.


What more clearly means that the Church must be open to other religions. And so to ISLAM!


Finally it puts the two visions of the church in comparison.


One who remains injured on the road worthy and one that is sick because it remains closed.


Everyone understands that while Pope Francis by this little phrase indicates that the church he must defend is the one to implement the sacrifice and suffering for the glory of Jesus Christ and of God by opening up to other religions .


But we must also understand that by opening up to other religions the Church also accepts Islam within it and all its barbarity!


But then we must understand that the Pope Francis is a complete break with the teaching of Jesus Christ.


He said that all religions were true   (HERE ) and now he wants to enter Islam and other religions in the Church of Jesus Christ!


The Pope is an educated man, we face such bites, although forced to ask ourselves about the real motivation !!!


What proves it is obvious that he openly denies the teaching of Jesus Christ.


Let us remember another small sentence uttered it by Jesus Christ, there are two thousand years and which is more than ever relevant today: « I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me! « 


Jesus Christ did not seek to welcome in his church and other religions on the contrary, it is very explicit. It clearly says that it is the only path to God!


Francis Pope encourages him everyone to follow his path in his religion when he knows that all religions lead to LUCIFER except one,  « Christianity »!


Pope Francis visibly behaves as a humanist head of state and not as the church of Jesus Christ guide!


Unequivocally, the church must remain closed well and true to its values ​​and teaching of Jesus Christ and thus remain completely closed to other religions.


But of course, the church must welcome and guide, some religions they come, all those who wish to go to God.


But to go to God is through Jesus Christ that we must go and we know the only way we must become a Christian Catholic. « Baptism, repentance by asking for forgiveness in prayer to God for sins committed and to Jesus Christ to be our personal savior and sends us the Holy Spirit to guide us and help us in our lives.


But in any case the church of Jesus Christ must agree to compromise with other churches and other religions.


There is only one true religion is the one that Jesus Christ asked Peter to create « Christendom » and there ‘s only one and true Church is the Catholic Church.


The only true church of Jesus Christ is the Catholic Church but alas no longer the Vatican church since the election of Pope Francis has refused since the attributes of quality pope does recognizing that simply as Bishop of Rome.


We name « Pope » Bishop of Rome « Francis » because the pope is always elected at the same time appointed Bishop of Rome.


But it is clear that « François » after his election as Pope refused the general charge of denying the Church its attributes and accepting only the bishop of Rome charge!


This is a unique case in the church since its creation!


The holy Catholic Church has officially ceased to be because it has not had a guide after February 28, 2013 following the resignation of the last Pope Benedict XVI.


We are since then my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, idle and delivered to us even pending the imminent return of our Lord on the Mount of Olives, which will nevertheless be preceded by the kidnapping of his faithful church that I want with all my heart that you can all join.


I invite my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus to read in these confusing times of the history of man, the 24th chapter of Matthew’s Gospel devoted to the return to Earth of our Lord and King Jesus Christ only son of God.


link:  End of Days


But now until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, only our Faith and Love must guide our steps in life.


We must understand that the end times, Lucifer comes with a strength and a disproportionate and extraordinary cunning and without the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ and of God we have no LUCIFER chance against the greatest hustlers and liars of all time.


Let us all pray my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus for the divine protection.


That Love and Peace of Christ be with you forever.


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