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At the beginning of the year 2017, I would like to begin by addressing this important article in the apocalyptic times that we are going through, to introduce to you all my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ and dear readers of the blog, My wishes for a Happy New Year 2017.


To each one, I wish God to keep him safe from temptation and help him especially in the crossing of this year 2017.


I pray to God that He gives you the strength to face the difficulties of life that have been increasingly important in recent years.


May God give you or keep you healthy. Let it allow you to not miss the essential and grant you and show you its help and love on every occasion.


May you remain inscribed in the book of life so as not to suffer the wrath of God that has been gradually falling on the world for several years.




Love, Law and Faith



It should be noted that this article L’Amour, La Loi et la Foi comes in addition to the article:



We must absolutely realize that Love, Fa and Faith are three important elements in the Christian’s way of life and can save us or condemn us for eternity in the face of God.


To understand the issue, it seems useful to make a brief reminder of the time we live.


Since May 14, 1948, as I have said repeatedly and proved in the blog, we have entered the biblical period of the end times.


This biblical period of the end of time takes place on a single generation.


We have confirmation in the Gospels (especially Matthew 24 Link: End of Days ), which also mention that Jesus Christ will physically return to Earth before the end of this last generation to reign there on humanity for thousand years. The millenium .


As we can see, the period of the end of time is progressive in suffering, like the pains of childbirth.


1 Thessalonians 5: 3


For you know well that the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night. 3 When they say, Peace and safety; Then a sudden ruin will overtake them, as the pains of childbirth surprise the pregnant woman, and they will not escape. 4 But you, brothers, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief ; …


The pain of the end of time has become strong and continuous as we can see on a daily basis.


News , (Wars, rumors of wars, migration, terrorism and jihad are the headlines of all media) the pain of humanity , (ruin, insecurity, poverty, disasters, diseases, violence and loss of values have become natural hazards of life) the pain of animal life (Dead unexplained by millions every year around the world since 2008 to fish, birds and other wild and domestic animals) go unnoticed, for want of explanation, the media report Minima and the pain of the Earth (tsunamis, torrential rains, Earth quakes, storms, floods, fires and hurricanes becoming more and unconventional) are accepted by many as dramatic calamities but completely normal.


The set of all these pains, even if they can find some explanations separately, nevertheless form a set that is out of the ordinary and mentioned in the Bible as part of the signs promptly announcing the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. And the extent of all these pains confirms very well that the time of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ is really very close.


Although our understanding of the end of time allows us to prove that this generation will not pass before Jesus Christ comes back physically to Earth for his thousand year reign which will be completed a thousand years later by the Last Judgment. ( The final judgment will be the end of mortal man. Some will be eternally under the law of God and the others forever under the law of Lucifer).


Despite that we find that the pains have become very strong and continuous.

No one can say precisely when the return to Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ will take place.


We know that in the Bible the generation time is assimilated to a period of 40 years, but 70 years and even 80 years and also 120 years maximum age of life in Genesis 6: 3


Of course, despite the difficulties of life and the extent of the pains, God can make us wait until 2068 (1948 + 120 years) the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ said something very important,  » I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end  » This phrase that says three times the same thing differently reveals a fact of A great and special importance.


This sentence is very useful to us to see indispensable in association with chapter 24 of Matthew to understand at what period will be the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


In chapter 24 of Matthew Jesus explains what happens when the first generation whose birth is the starting point of Christianity (he was the first) and what will happen to the last generation before his return. (So it will also be the last one). Which means that on his return the state of grace will be finished and that therefore no one will be saved by his Love and consequently that to be saved it will be necessary to pass through the Law.


In this chapter 24 of Matthew, Jesus Christ prophesied the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem. And in the year of seventy took place this destruction of this temple prophesied by Jesus Christ.


We can then understand that when Jesus Christ speaks of this generation in verse 34 of chapter 24 of the gospel of Matthew


34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, neither shall it be.


This is a generation of 70 years and so knowing that the first sign of the end of time is May 14, 1948, the return of Jesus Christ should be no later than May 13, 2018.


Of course a simplistic way we could say that this return in glory of our Lord Jesus Christ for 2018 probably for the Easter party on 2 April 2018.


It is not impossible and even probable, but far from certain, for the future belongs to God alone.


As everyone has seen in the blog, I regularly target a few periods of time that seem to me to be related to biblical prophecies foreshadowing the return of our Lord.


Although the periods I have targeted have not been those of his return to glory, they have nevertheless been difficult times for our Church and for the Faith. Notably in 2015 with the declaration of Pope François at the end of September at the cathedral Saint Patrick in the USA. Where he asserted with thunderous applause that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was humanly a failure. Link .


The purpose of this blog is not to reveal the date of the return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ but to make aware that this return is sure and certain. It is for our generation. And it is imminent at the sight of the magnitude of the signs and the fulfillment of biblical prophecies planned for the end of time.


I am only a preacher and announce the return of the Lord in my soul and conscience.


My goal is not to sell paper even though I have written two books about God and humanity. (the first: The Preacher Return of the King , the second France, Civilization and the Republic Drift )


My goal is that everyone can prepare for the return of Jesus Christ in order to be saved and to remain inscribed in the book of life and to be able soon to accede to eternity with God and not with Lucifer.


If my assumption of the return of Jesus Christ for Easter April 2, 2018is proving to be the date chosen by God from the creation of the world for the return of Jesus Christ to rule over mankind during the thousand years that we Separate from the last judgment. So we have 15 months to wait.


This means that these fifteen months will be the most important months of our lives.


At the end of these fifteen months we shall either be saved or condemned.



Those who will be saved by LOVE

Since the departure of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago, we are in the state of God’s grace.


This means that those who are baptized, who have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, who repent of the sins they have committed, ask God for forgiveness through Prayer and thus maintain this spiritual bond with the Creator.


If they remain humble in life and take care to help those who ask for help.


So yes ! They are Christians, they are part of the church of Jesus Christ and are therefore assured to be saved by His Love. See my article more specific: Dare Faith in God and Jesus Christ


They will populate the Earth during the millennium.



Those who will be saved by the Law

Many see legions are those who live a standard life, not seeking to harm others, but living simply in ignorance of the Love of Jesus Christ will be for some saved (a thousand years later) by the Law of God at the last judgment or all the dead will be resurrected and judged by God according to their works.



Those who will be saved by the FAITH

Some of the Christians Saved by The Love of Jesus Christ and born again!That is to say that have asked God to guide their lives, to remove them from evil and temptation.


Who advance in life in the Love of Jesus Christ and in total and absolute trust in God, with a sure step, with high heads and proud to be Christians especially at the end of time.


All these Christians who defend the church without violence, sometimes at the risk of their lives, soon announce the reign of Love on Earth with the return of Jesus Christ.


All these Christians who give their life to Jesus Christ by helping the needy, the sick, the miserable and those who are spiritually misguided.


All those Christians who will be saved by the Love of Jesus Christ and by FAITH will be blessed by God and by Jesus Christ.


During these fifteen months Lucifer is going to rage and strike humanity with all his might.


You will have understood that the temptation will be strong and great and that it will be very difficult for us all to advance in life and in Faith in a serene way.


You must therefore understand that Lucifer is the King of illusion and that we must always analyze events and actions so as not to be trapped.


It is good to understand that the opposite of Love is not always hatred but sometimes it is Love itself!


The opposite of the Law is not always disobedience, but sometimes the Law itself.


The opposite of faith is not always atheism, but faith itself.


So we could easily be fooled if we were not careful.


Understand that for God there is no love without law, as there is no law without love .


As for Lucifer there is no love in the act and there is no law in Love .


I invite you to meditate on these fundamental differences of Love and Law between God and LUCIFER.


When to Faith what can it serve you if thinking serving God you serve Lucifer!


In Love God there are the notions of Forgiveness, compassion, humility and sharing.


In God’s Law there is the notion of understanding, membership and repair.


In Love Lucifer without law there is the concept of debauchery and lust.


In the law without Love Lucifer ago the concepts of dictatorship and slavery.


In faith there is the note of devotion, fervor, of love and respect for the law.


When faith is put to the service of God , then it is pure happiness to be able to serve God by helping our brothers and sisters and defending our church and our faith.


But when that faith is put to the service of Lucifer it transforms those who hold it in real tyrants, terrorists, jihadists and other evil beings.


The path that leads to God is narrow as the eye of a needle and this path passes only through Jesus Christ.


« I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except by me! « 


These words of Jesus Christ are extremely serious consequences for all the religions of the planet.


Nobody will be saved if it is not the love of Jesus Christ and for this it is necessary to accept to become Christian by the baptism of water.


We have fifteen months to wait for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ at Easter on April 2, 2018.


But God alone decides the date of this return, which will be perhaps later and maybe even before that date.


However this return is certain and imminent and we must prepare.


To prepare ourselves, we must make the effort to advance in life by the force of the Spirit and not by the weakness of the Body.


Let us pray to God to help us in every moment of our lives and guide our lives step by step.


Let us pray to God through prayer to forgive all our sins and purify our Soul.


In 2017 we are going to experience great torments on earth, this is a certainty since the pain of the end of time is compared in the bible to the pains of childbirth and therefore every year of the end of time is worse than the previous one.


The end-time hourglass was returned by God on May 14, 1948, and the last grain of time passed will see the return of Jesus Christ.


Let us pray daily that God will not delay this return because our pains and our sufferings will not cease to grow and alas on the contrary they will continue and even amplify!


Keep the flame of your Faith well lit and fill up with oil in your heart and in your soul to cross the thick darkness of the year 2017.


If, as I strongly believe, the return of our Lord Jesus Christ is to be in 2018 (End of the 70-year-old generation) then the year 2017 will not be only worse than 2016, but it will be terrible because it will be the period of The day of God’s wrath.


This article is very important because, hypothetically announcing the return to earth of the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Jesus Christ, the only son of God, I will translate it into all languages and I invite you my beloved Brothers and Sisters of The whole world to make it known to all your contacts so that everyone can have knowledge and thus prepare his soul.


My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ be you also witnesses of Jesus Christ and the defenders of the Faith and of our Church.


Let us pray for the salvation of our souls, for all our Brothers and Sisters and for all those whom the good word of the Gospels has not yet touched.


God bless you and guide your life.



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