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On 13 September 2015 the church was not removed and Jesus Christ did not return to Earth or on 14 or 15 September 2015!


What happened !


To understand, let’s take the analysis of the end times explained in my previous blog posts.


For us Christians, the last week of Daniel is the seven-year period that ends at the end of time, after which Jesus Christ will return to Earth to rule the world for a thousand years until doomsday.


During this last period of seven years humanity will live tribulations.These tribulations will be very difficult times because they see the punishment and the day of the wrath of God.


These punishments will be gradual because the return of Jesus Christ will be as in the pains of childbirth and we know that the pains are and will increasingly vivid until childbirth.


We understand that in the end the most difficult moments of the life time of « the man » on earth will be the final days leading up the return of Jesus Christ.


In my previous articles I explained that the end times began May 14, 1948 at the time of the creation of the state of Israel because all the pains began on that date. History is there to remind us and prove it.


One look at the past with certainty allows us to highlight a worsening of the problems of humanity from that date. These problems, I have also mentioned in my individual blog posts.


Note that the last Biblical week was prophesied by the prophet Daniel some 600 years before the first coming of Jesus Christ and as we have already seen it a real term of seven years must complete the end of time.


I hypothesized that started September 29, 2008 with the stock market crash on Wall Street.


It is clear that since that date of 29 September 2008 the prophecies and biblical warning signs of the return to earth of our Lord Jesus Christ come true with a lot of strength, magnitudes, intensity and with great frequency.


We see from these signs that global destruction has steadily worsened since that date of 29 September 2008 where it was created by the New York Stock Exchange price collapse with the famous -777.77 at the precise moment of the fence.   I invite you to read the book of Pierre Jovanovic 777.


With a simple look at the past we see as from that date of September 29, 2008 disasters and calamities of the weather worsened so extraordinary in every corner of the planet.


Similarly we can not ignore that gradually since then the world suffers the loss of Christian values, the surge in extremism, and the beginning of a real war waged by Islamists against the Christian peoples.


Today late 2015, obviously, it is clear that since September 29, 2008, seven years since then, humanity lives very difficult time. Insecurity, poverty, violence and wars are the daily lot of people.


Humanity lives very difficult times including the USA and EUROPE.


We can also with a look at the past, find that since 2012 there is a real amplification of all crises, disasters, calamities, violence and conflicts that have become a world war multifaceted.


Indeed, since March 2012 the world is at war. It is through East and particularly in Syria that the armies of many countries of the world are fighting.


In view of all these facts are signs and fulfillment of Bible prophecy, I had raised the possibility of a return of Jesus Christ for 14 view September 15, 2015.


Obviously in the last week of Daniel has started 29 September 2008 and was well completed by September 29, 2015 …!


Yet we have all seen the end of September 2015 that contrary to my analysis, Jesus Christ was not returned and his church had not been removed …!


That disappointment among all blog readers, I am aware and I understand even better that I share that disappointment!


Of course as you already know I am not a prophet and have never claimed to be.


Nevertheless, even without being a prophet, I can say with strength, determination and conviction that the return of Jesus Christ is actually very close.


This statement is due to the performance with strength, breadth, intensity and frequency of all biblical prophecies and all the signs of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


They are accomplished without any doubt, with strength, scale and greater frequency since September 29, 2008.


Then, as each of you, I asked myself how is it that Jesus Christ is not yet back on Earth, despite the achievement of all the signs and prophecies, including the war with East that in all likelihood is that the war of Armageddon must take Jesus Christ at his return.


Was I really wrong? Apparently at least apparently yes! This would also be normal since only God knows the day and hour of the return of Jesus Christ!


The problem we face if I really am wrong, is that all the calamities that we live on earth in all fields, are nothing next to those that await us as we know that the calamities and pain will get worse again and again endlessly until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ!


And then we understand that we have a real and serious problem before us.


As I have already explained in my previous articles, the return of Jesus Christ can occur every day since the first sign that took place May 14, 1948 because God can shorten the sufferings and pains.


The deadline for the end of time is the maximum lifetime of the generation born in 1948 (May 14, 1948 being, as we have already seen, the date of the first sign of the end times).


This brings us to 2068 as the maximum life of man is 120 years in the Bible.


But given the intensity, strength, size and frequency of signs heralding achievements and prophecies of the return of Jesus Christ, we must understand that this return is imminent.


But then, if I’m not mistaken, why the delay …!


After discussions and analyzes of the situation, I may have found an explanation.



My reflections and analysis may also help to provide an explanation to the news of the kidnapping for September 13, 2015, made by our Brother Claude IGNERSKI.

Our Brother Claude has done a remarkable job in explaining three works much the end of time. I invite you all to read.

He suffered unjustly real lynching by Brothers and Sisters accusing him of being a false prophet.

And yet I think he was still in part because despite the undeniable fact that the church was not removed September 13, 2015 as he had planned.


Let my thoughts to understand,

The economic crisis that began September 29, 2008 seems to be obviously the early tribulations, given the stock market crash of Wall Street and the fulfillment of the signs and prophecies of the end times that followed.


We know these tribulations are for a term of seven years and are divided into two parts of three and a half each.


First question I asked myself:

Why Does the Bible says twice three and a half?

Mentioning again that the second part would be more difficult than the first.

It was easier to say that the pain will be seven years of progressive …!

As nothing is written for anything in the Bible, this precision dual three and a half years so there is a reason to be so mentioned.


First reflection.

Three and half years after September 29, 2008 brings us 29 March 2012 and the second part of three and a half happy ending September 29, 2015.


The date of September 29, 2015 may just be the deadline to be part of the church of Jesus Christ will be removed.


But those who were elected to remain on earth until the day of the abduction by the angels of Jesus Christ.


Remember that the Bible says in Daniel 12 verse 11:

« From the moment the daily sacrifice will cease when the Abomination of Desolation will be installed, 1,290 days will pass ».


The 1290 days are three and a half years or 42 months of the second part tribulations « the great tribulation »


In verse 12 we read:

« Blessed  is he who waits and succeed in 1335 days! « 


I believe that Jesus Christ has voluntarily left the elected members of his church to wait (as in verse 12 of chapter 12 of Daniel) on Earth to be made ​​that the 1335 days.


This fact, if I’m not mistaken, two months and 21 days more to be added to 29 September 2015. This brings us to December 20, 2015 for the return of Jesus Christ we waited for September 2015.


The physical return of our Lord Jesus Christ should be preceded by the removal of some of his church.


My second thought:

As I said a little earlier in the text, nothing is written in the Bible for nothing so if the last seven years are divided into two times three and a half then we must understand that may exist a dead time between the two periods of three and a half.


In which case the first part of the three and a half years as planned ending March 29, 2012 but the second game starts a little later.


In which case multiple dates can be selected for the start of the great tribulation.


In verse 11 of chapter 12 of Daniel

1) The date of resignation of Pope Benedict XVI: The February 28, 2013

2) The date of appointment of Pope Francis: The March 13, 2013

I also detain a third time:

One where the Pope François presides over the Way of the Cross: The Friday March 29, 2013.


In which case the return of Jesus Christ could take place in the second half of 2016 and perhaps on the occasion of the celebration of Rosh Hashanah the 03 and October 4, 2016.


The return of Jesus Christ should be preceded by the removal of some of his church.


If the return of the Lord Jesus Christ occurs late 2015 or late 2016, we can estimate us very happy because the magnitude of God’s judgments will be less difficult if the return was delayed further in time.


For as in the pains, the sorrows of humanity are likely no, continue and get worse and again until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


If Jesus Christ is not forthcoming, then obviously we will suffer much more!


It is therefore very important to pray and pray again and again to ask God to shorten our sufferings and pains allowing a prompt return to Earth of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ his only son.


The time of deliverance is near but before the dark days ahead.


Only prayer, Faith and Love will help us through the last darkness.


Keep well lit the flame of our faith.


Watch and pray for the speedy return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ and for the Hi of our souls.


Peace, love and joy into homes in the expectation of the blessed day of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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