Punishment and wrath of God to the end of time


The return of Jesus Christ must be in travail .




We know it and see it gradually since May 14, 1948 which seems to be the date of the first sign of the end times . See here


This is the date of creation of the state of Israel and the Jewish people back official Holy « Jerusalem » earth.


In effect since that date all the biblical signs for the return of Jesus Christ to perform exponentially. This is a factual reality!

The end of time is running!


God had told us since the beginning of time, one day the time would end!


The Bible is filled with prophecies and warning signs of the end times that will culminate in the physical return of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives for his thousand-year reign ..


God wanted from the beginning that we become aware!


God also wanted the end of time does not prevent us from living our lives and this is why neither the day nor the time we will be revealed!


God has sealed the day and hour of the end of time!


But God allowed the biblical prophecies and signs nevertheless allow us to know when to begin the end of time. « On 14 May 1948 »


So we know with certainty by force, the number, frequency and extent of biblical prophecies and signs made that all will be accomplished during this generation born May 14, 1948. (Mat.24-34, 35 and 36)


34 I tell you the truth, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done.

35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

36 But of that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.


The recovery phase for the announcement of the end of time willed by God is now complete since April 27, 2014 with the abomination of the double sanctification of both Popes John XXIII and John Paul II. See my article 


Many remained voluntarily asleep despite the strength and magnitude of the clock.


But worse, countless people have followed a bad way to go to God.


Although Jesus Christ has said he was the way, the truth and the life and that no one can come to God without going through him.


Countless are those who have followed false prophets, false religions, false churches and therefore borrowed blind alleys and paths that lead to Lucifer.


They are fully awake but took the wrong path!




There is only one way to go to God, this is the one we drew Jesus Christ.


There is only one religion that leads to God, this is Christianity .


There is only one church that conduct to God, it is the Holy Catholic Church.


Unfortunately the Catholic church is sick and very ill!


The church through a global apostasy!


The anti-christ is the Vatican!


Many have hijacked the faith and abandoned the Catholic church!


Yet more than ever it is important to fight for our values, our faith, our Church « Holy Catholic Church » and for the glory of Jesus Christ.


It is not abandoning the Catholic church and pray from other churches, evangelical and other that you will act for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Many of our Catholic churches are still open!


There are still clams and sincere, faithful and devoted to Jesus Christ priests!


Come back or in the Holy Catholic Church.

scope cross

t pray for the salvation of your souls!


As I already said and repeated in several blog posts, this is not because the Anti-christ is the Vatican that we must abandon the Holy Catholic Church because it is the church of Jesus Christ and we must do everything to defend it against the ungodly who sat on the throne of God!


The recovery phase of the Faith is complete and the punishment will begin soon. It’s obvious!


It is therefore important that everyone realize that we do not live in a soap opera but we live the reality of life that is the end of biblical times announced.


Difficult and even unrealistic as it may seem to some, the factual reality of the news reveals forcefully everyday that they do not want to see or even imagine! « The end of time is real, factual and it is on! « 


The end of time has a wonderful final part that is expected with great impatience by many faithful Christians to Jesus Christ.


This is the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ!


But alas before this physical return of our Lord Jesus Christ, we must first go through the day of the wrath of God.


Several books and prophecies about the punishment of the end of time flooding the internet.


Some prophecies are terrible punishment!


According to these prophecies, much of humanity may have to disappear during punishment.

Above all we must understand that many prophecies do not fully materialize or not, they are not wrong, but simply because a prophecy a bad thing is still conditional upon an act engaged men.


So for punishment and wrath of God, these events will with certainty in relation to the behavior of men.


Over many will regret and sorry to ask God for their sins, their sins, their mistakes, their bad deeds and all their sins; and come to Jesus Christ for salvation, praying for their souls and for humanity; and the pain and suffering will be shortened.


What will be the punishment.


Obviously the punishment will be a gradual worsening of the current situations.




Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires, torrential rains, volcanic eruptions, storms, cyclones and hurricanes and other disasters


These disasters are already outsized and they still amplify and become widespread even in many countries!




Meteorites, radiation and jets of plasma from the sun.


The meteorites are very intense in recent months.

Radiation and solar plasma jets are very important for several months, but for now they are not directed toward Earth.




Famine, disease, Events, Violence, revolts, wars, and international conflict.


For several years these calamities plague and boost!

We are already the civil wars and the announcement of an impending world war made these days the headlines.


All this must continue, worsen and amplify as the loss of faith and Christian as well as the persecution of Christians in the world values.


We must not like children playing scare us but we need to act and think in responsible adults.


The punishment must take place and they will be!

It is a certainty!

And we all know must be taken into account!


It is the intensity of the punishment which is undefined!


It depends on everyone to do a mea culpa and come to Jesus Christ to be saved!


We repent of our evil deeds and straighten our lives are what allow us to come to Jesus Christ for salvation and God shorten our suffering and pain during the period from the day of his divine wrath.


The last three biblical signs for the return of Jesus Christ is now complete.


The unveiling of the anti-Christ


The Unholy is the Vatican and the false prophet is Islam


The reconstruction for the third time the Temple of Jerusalem


This prophecy concerns the Jewish people who does everything he can to rebuild the holy temple. But we know that we Christians heavenly Jerusalem come from heaven and she will be the new temple of God from which Christ will reign over all the earth.


So Solomon’s temple will not be rebuilt, on the contrary everything will be destroyed in this area when the heavenly Jerusalem happen.


A World War qu’arrêta Jesus Christ at his return.


This world war has already begun between Russia and the U.S. / NATO, we are in the preliminary phase of the armed conflict, we see daily remittances very large (nearly 70 billion dollars have already left Ukraine The Russians also withdraw their funds from U.S. banks and also liquidate their assets in several countries)


It is well known when the rats leave the ship is that it will sink! …


More by East are daily violence and civil wars.


All the ingredients of a global conflict are met.

World war is imminent!


We are no longer in if she will. But when  it will be!


Many prophecies speak of a period of three days and three nights of darkness during which horrible things should happen.


If this prophecy was fulfilled, it should be performed during the World War and complete the End Times.


The next day should produce return to Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.


The Purpose of Punishment


Man is born a sinner and as such, he can not enter the kingdom of heaven, for no unclean thing can enter the kingdom of God.


Yet God loves us and wants to help us get in!


That is why we sent his only son Jesus Christ to redeem us from our sins and original sin and allow us to enter the kingdom of heaven by his sacrifice and the blood he shed for us on the cross.


Time was given to us to evolve, understanding life and freedom to choose what we want for eternity.


Some men are deliberately sealed and refuse to accept the existence of God!


Left to say and shout loudly that life appeared alone in the universe!



But we must face the facts, one simple cell is so complex that its appearance by pure chance is almost impossible given the law of averages!


Now imagine the insane number of varieties of plants, organisms, bacteria, microbes, insects, fish and animals, which are composed of an infinite number of cells that are all different complexes with countless features and capabilities such as eating and especially to reproduce.


And I’m not even talking about the appearance of man!


God is the creator of all things!


And God’s good time for the evolution of man is coming to an end.


God will soon be removed by his angels all men that choose to be sinners saved by coming to Christ through baptism, asking for forgiveness for all sins, repentance, and having at least begun to straighten their lives to enter the kingdom of heaven.


For those who chose to come to Christ to be saved and which will soon be removed, it is time to pray again and again to be and remain in communion with God through prayer lest our name be deleted from book of life.


For those who have been deceived and abused, will you, before it is too late, seize the chance offered us access to the kingdom of heaven by straightening your lives and taking the right path through Jesus Christ.


For those who are tight and some that God is a chimera; and all those who will not be removed; God in his goodness will still give you a chance.  « the millenium »


A few words about following the end of time.


The return of Jesus Christ look like an alien invasion « In reality it will be »


Heavenly Jerusalem is indeed a Flying Object from space and will land on the Mount of Olives.


It will be the home of Jesus Christ and his church has been removed.

Remember the passage from the Gospel of John 14-1-2-3

What Jesus Christ said there are two thousand years before returning to heaven


14-1 Point Whether your Heart be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me

 14-2 There are many mansions in my Father’s house. If it was not, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place

14-3 And when I’m gone, and I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am you may be also .


The Church of Jesus Christ


All who have been fortunate to be removed soon, attending the wedding of the Lamb will be the covenant that Jesus Christ be with all the members of his church.


All members will soon removal Eternal life!


This church will reign with Christ for a thousand years and the church will be forever with Jesus Christ.


The Millennium.


After the rapture of the church, when it comes the end of the wrath of God, Jesus Christ will physically return and reign on earth for a thousand years to give a chance to those who have not been removed and that will survived the punishment of the end of time.


Jesus Christ will come with his angels, and they will quit conflicts and judge men and nations.


The world as we know it will not go away!


Life as we know it should continue but As we transform our societies.


Fraud, abuse and profits arising therefrom will be more.


So gradually improves life for all throughout the world to the other!


Evil will be banished from Earth for the duration of the reign of Jesus Christ.


We also know that a hundred years a man is still young.


So the return of Jesus Christ will enable us to live very long.


Death still exist, but people can live a long time, even the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ.


At the end of the reign of Christ, Satan will be released and still try men.


There will be a global ultimate confit.


Those who follow Satan will be destroyed with the Earth.


The last judgment.


This will among other things, (Dead) the judgment of all those (alive) that have not been removed and who have benefited from the opportunity that God has given to them during this period of a thousand years to find merit and grace to live forever in a new Earth.


See my article on my estimates of  dates the end of time


We should live in coming weeks aggravations of all evils and disasters since the return of Jesus Christ must be in the pains of childbirth and obviously we are entering their final stages that are punishment.


I ask you all, please, to track and report all your contacts blog address   https://victorpicarra.wordpress.com/   so that more can be informed and prepare Ames be saved.


Do to others what you would have them do to you!


Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Jesus christ please keep the flame of your faith because Jesus Christ is at the door.


That the Holy Spirit of God be with each of you to help you through this final phase of the end time and day of the wrath of God.



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