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Jesus Christ,

One God, One Earth, One People.


The Bible tells us that God « is » and that he created the universe, the earth and man.


According to the Hebrew calendar we would this year 2016, the 5777 thyear of the creation of mankind by God.


What to admit goes against scientific pseudo-evidence by tracing humanity more than a million years.


Throughout history, the Bible was taught men to keep this thread of union between God and humanity.


Alas, the man instead of getting closer to God by this teaching has continued to move away.


Despite the teaching of the Bible, many misconceptions have emerged over the history of mankind. There were sun worshipers, moon and spooky imaginary deities. Men have even adored as gods in the example of the pharaohs.


But the man of the modern world was even further the insult to God! The man has simply rejected its creator or worse man acts as if God did not exist.


So God is not present in the mind of modern man, the man began to dream of becoming a god.


France despite the Clovis and Joan of Arc, has continued to outrage God throughout its history (the massacre of Protestants on St. Bartholomew, witch hunts, arrests and executions of the Templars and Jeanne Arc etc ..) and France has finally released God of the state during the 1789 revolution.


The Republic has wanted to drive God from the life of France in 1789 and we see where it ultimately leads.


227 years later, France is Ruined, invaded and dispossessed of his property by these pseudo-peaceful invaders who are welcomed as significant, assisted, housed, fed, cared for free and even paid monthly by our taxes!


Yet the French are likely to live « in poverty » despite an often painful work and loads more heavy on the meager family budget, « in misery »when struck by unemployment.


In retirement they are best in precarious and at worst in misery after a long working life usually very painful.


The French people are stigmatized and condemned to insecurity and misery for the benefit of these foreign invaders with which they were forced by governments to live together.


This live set has a cost and it is the French people who support it to great pains « Taxes, taxes, fees and charges are always more important, while social benefits decrease to the point that the French people have great difficulty in treatment.


The president François Hollande has even, at least in the book of his ex-mistress, insulted his people by naming them: « The toothless ».


This expression shameful, shameful, humiliating and insulting is nevertheless a reflection of reality, because it is true that the French can not heal properly.


The cost of dental care and dentures are often prohibitive for people living in poverty and misery, and they are actually often toothless beings.


By against these treatments and dentures are free to all these foreign invaders!


We Christians understand that it is the absence of God in the life of France that led us to this apocalyptic situation.


And to make us understand, God wanted these foreign « invaders » are from the religion of Lucifer « Islam. »


As we see every day we live in the end times and they will end with the return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ.


I have great hope that this return for the month of September or the month of October 2016


But we must recognize that I’m already wrong and I can not exclude that this time I am still wrong.


Alas, we may have to wait a few decades the return of the Lord.


But I hope not because the pain is started (that is undeniable) and they strike with great forces since 29 September 2008.


We also know that they will worsen increasingly to return in glory of Jesus Christ since his return must be as in the pains of childbirth.


So the pain is progressive and can only worsen more!


If Jesus Christ returns this year 2016, we will soon be freed from all these pains of life. It is therefore essential to remain in communion with God through prayer asking for forgiveness every day for our sins, our mistakes, our mistakes, our evil deeds and our impure thoughts.


We have in our lives highlight our Christian values ​​by helping all those who ask us for help including these invaders.


But we also have to defend our culture, our history, our values ​​and our country France.


Note that I say for France is valid for every country in Europe is invaded as if our languages, our stories and our countries are different, our Christian faith is common.


I should clarify that it is the weakness of our governments encourages all peoples in the exodus that come not just from Syria but from around the world seek a better life in Europe and particularly in France.


The last days before the return of Jesus Christ will be with the toughest definition of humanity. We must pray strongly for everything to be done this year, 2016.


This leaves very little time to bring the greatest number of beings to Christ through baptism.


It is also perhaps for that baptism be offered to all migrants that God sent them in Europe. So do not hesitate to propose baptism to all who ask for your help.


Think that if God had wanted to, we could be in place of all the families of migrants.


Remain humble and thank God for the love that leads us despite our sins, our mistakes, our mistakes, our evil deeds and our impure thoughts.


Alas, if Jesus Christ is slow in coming and his return to later, so we’ll have a major problem in 2017.


This will be the presidential elections in France and each in his conscience will go to vote for the candidate of their choice.


It should nevertheless be aware that the Republic is a shadow of itself and its sovereignty has been abolished and its currency.


The influence and the influence of France in the world périclitent increasingly since General De Gaulle.


If nothing is done to permanently halt and reverse the invasion, in the coming years will be French minority Christians and the Republic if it still exists but is no longer secular and Koranic this change will be democratically at the polls.


The authorities have forbidden to speak the truth to the people. So no figures officially exist on the number of French Muslims but anyone can see in every city, in every neighborhood that Islamic communities are increasingly important in France and Europe.


In Clearly, the importance of these communities is staggering!


Support in the polls these lax policies of Islamic migration it will move away from the Faith, Christianity and Jesus Christ.


Judge and condemn migrants will also move away from the Faith, Christianity and Jesus Christ.


But do not forget that charity begins with oneself and one we must to own.


So whatever the decisions made by our elected officials to all these invaders migrants, we must ensure that decisions are applied with love and Christian charity.


At a time when men reject God, saying « humanists » they are more concerned about the fate of others as their own destiny and the fate of their souls.


It is therefore likely that after the presidential elections, whatever the election statements and promises, migratory flows continue to sweep across Europe and particularly in France.


The same causes always produce the same effects, that the Islamists were in the East, they will do it in Europe.


Violence, civil war and religious war will therefore certainly enliven the bitter aftermath after the French presidential elections. If not before !!!


In a world where the Pope himself has lost faith up to recognize all religions as true and as paths leading to God, so it is understandable that many of our brothers and sisters who kept the true meaning of faith is increasingly restricted.


Restricted also becoming increasingly our freedom. Soon we will certainly not have the freedom to denounce all acts against our Christian faith, against our churches and against the violence on our brothers and sisters in France and the rest of the world.


So my beloved brothers and sisters, I have written two books on the first door in the title of the blog name. « The preacher of the Return of the King » and subtitled « From the darkness comes light » This book in the first part proves the existence of God and explains why his many creations which man and what will be the fate of those who chose to follow God’s will. The second part of this book contains some of my articles I considered important and save a possible closure of the blog against my will.


The second book with the title « France, Civilization and Republic adrift » and whose subtitle is « The Preacher Return of the King »explained in the first part how we were deceived and betrayed the story line fatidiquement to find ourselves at the end of time in slavery. It also explains how France can get out of this rut, « a return of the King of France, » if the return of Jesus Christ should be done in a few decades.The second part of this book also contains some of my articles I have also considered important to save a possible closure of the blog against my will.


Whatever happens, the return of our Lord Jesus Christ is for our generation, it is an absolute certainty! And it does not suffer the shadow of a doubt!


But the Bible also tells us that when Jesus Christ will return to the true faith has almost disappeared from the Earth.


So even if I am convinced of the imminence of the return and the promptness of our Lord Jesus Christ for the year 2016, the fact remains that I could be wrong and that both books will certainly help you because only God knows what the enemies are capable of Faith.


We see and observe that since 2008 Christianity has descended into hell.Our brothers and sisters are killed worldwide in the general indifference of our elected officials. We find that Islam waged war against Christians.


The September 27, 2015 Pope Francis has even denied Jesus Christ in the Cathedral St. Patrick in the US, equivalent to an official declaration ofdeath of the Catholic church made ​​by Pope Francis, who had already refused the attributes of the function papal when appointed March 13, 2013.


We find that the more time passes, the more we « Christians » are singled out and put in the dock.


dark days ahead, so I decided to write two books that will be useful to prepare discreet meetings or secret by necessity as the early Christians or you can even evangelize and again until the return of the Lord.


Hoping, however, that this is not necessary and that this time is good and that Jesus Christ is truly back this year 2016 for the month of September or October, I think on the occasion of the feast of trumpets between 03 and October 4.


I explained in the blog the last week of the biblical end of time, a period of seven years had been prophesied by the prophet Daniel some 600 years before the first coming of Jesus Christ.


The past seven years to close the end of time, is the punishment of God.It is stated in the prophecy that this seven-year period consists of two times three and a half years and that during the second three and a half years, the pain will be much brighter.


As I announced in my article THE RETURN OF JESUS ​​CHRIST MAY THE 14 OR 15 September 2015! DURING THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS the return of Jesus Christ had to intervene at the end of the seven years of tribulation, the beginning I located to 29 September 2008 following the stock market crash of Wall Street because force is to note that since then all heralding signs and prophecies of the return of Jesus Christ are occurring with more and more force and magnitude.


The return of our Lord had to intervene to September or October 2015. And yet we all found that it was a mistake. Yet the pain was real and growing since 29 September 2008.


The error I think I made by not taking into account that the prophecy mentioned twice three and a half years.


I finally understood that if the prophecy stated twice three and a half years is a dead time between the two periods of three and a half years.


The first period ended in March 2012 by a large sign in the heavens that is unfortunately ignored as it was disproportionate and unexpected: Spanish language video.

The second part of three and a half begins in my opinion with the appointment of Pope Francis 13 March 2013 and it is clear that the pain will continue and worsen increasingly in all areas.


Three and a half after March 13, 2013 brings us to September 13, 2016!


So, we must dare to admit. The analysis of all the signs and prophecies mentioned in the Bible to announce the return of Jesus Christ reveals the long list of events of all kinds that we are living on Earth.


Disasters, earthquakes, fires, torrential rains, storms, Hurricanes, Exodus, epidemics, famines, violence, wars and rumors of wars, terrorism, loss of values, countless deaths of fish, birds and wildlife and livestock without explanation are daily the life of the planet and humanity. These events were prophesied to announce the return of the Lord and King, Jesus Christ the only son of God coming to reign on earth for a thousand years to come until doomsday.


Yes strange as it may seem we are perhaps about to meet our creator.


I want to be cautious and say maybe and admit that I am as yet maybe once in error.


I am not a prophet you already know and so I have no shame in admitting could be wrong. However, if Jesus Christ left us signs is to make us look and wait while giving us the strength and the hope necessary to overcome difficulties related to the end of time.


That’s the good news of the return of our Lord.


But you can imagine that if there is good news, there is also bad news.


The first bad news is that the coming months are going to be terribly difficult as we lead very close to the day of the return of Jesus Christ and that the last days will be the hardest. They will be the time of day of the wrath of God.


It is therefore very important in the coming months to be very diligent in prayer, asking for forgiveness and repentance. After it may well be too late !!!


The second bad news is that I do not know if the rapture of the church will be at the last minute or before the time of day of the wrath of God.


Pray my beloved brothers and sisters so that the return of our Lord Jesus Christ is not of benefit delayed because the pain will be more unbearable for many of us.


However we may be in spite of the correctness of my analysis led to wait a few more years the return of our Lord and in advance I apologize.


The ways of the Lord are, and I have found, often impenetrable!


If we have to wait a few decades it will be very difficult and I draw your attention to the fact that the lies of the followers of the adversary of Christ are much larger than they appear, and I invite you to view this video on this blog page:  »  HERE   «  to get an idea of the magnitude of the lies we endure for ages on the age of the Earth.


Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus I invite you to order my books to Edilivre two editions.


God bless you and keep you in the right and virtuous path of love, of peace, justice, compassion and humility that we traced Jesus Christ and leads by him to God.


For a better understanding of what awaits humanity, I urge you to read my article THE RETURN OF JESUS ​​CHRIST FOR SEPTEMBER OR October 2016


The Jewish feast of trumpets to be held on 03 and October 4, 2016 should surprise us all in the face of the Earth …. !





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In closing this article, I noticed on television that the horror was still hit many families in bombings in Belgium.


I testify here my deep sadness and invite all my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for the victims and their families.


Do not listen to hate but that these despicable acts make us understand that the terrorists carry out their slaughter in the name of a God they call Allah!


Islam is the religion of Lucifer and since its inception the Islamists speak of Love weapons in hand!


And say that the Pope maintained that all religions are true and they are also paths to God!


Do not forget for a moment that Jesus Christ said  :

 « I am the way the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but by me! « 


God bless you.


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