This year 2015 as I said in my article of January 1 (link  HERE  )  we live and will live another very strong moments of the end of time because the greater the return of Jesus Christ is near and events are strong , powerful, clear and explosive. 


One look at the years gone by and the catastrophic extraordinary evidence of the global situation in all areas appears to us in a way so clear that one must be blind not to see or bad faith such as light seems dark.


In the first quarter of 2015, God will raise awareness to humanity (link HERE ) we experience the pain prophesied in the Bible announcing the return to Earth of his only son, and Beloved, Jesus Christ, our Savior and our King which will come back with us to rule the world during the thousand years that separate us from the final judgment.


We must understand that we are living in recent years, my beloved Christian brothers and sisters of the world, the time of persecution and Faith.


The persecution of Christians is now globally and on a large scale by civil wars, terrorist acts and physical, moral and verbal.


ISLAM right-thinking the way East, condemns rage and ferocity by bloody events, the caricatures of his prophet Mohamed, going so far as to burn the flag of our beloved FRANCE and degrade our embassies.


How then can we have respect for the hordes of fanatics who brutally shout « dead » to Christians and French.


How can we have respect for an army of bloodthirsty fanatics and fools in the name of a God they call Allah slay their brothers and sisters tolerant and open-minded Muslims and our Brothers and Sisters Eastern Christians .


How can we demand respect for vile beings who violate maim and kill those who refuse to submit to barbaric laws aimed at making « the man » slave of fanatics who are for the purpose of debase man to accept a life of slavery.


It must be recognized that these despicable beings, fanatics, Islamists and terrorists seek to achieve by force, war and terror, a new civilization on Earth « ISLAM » .


So it must be said and clarify these wild hordes of fanatical Islamist terrorists if they decide to return to sponsor or carry out attacks in the country of human rights and the citizen the « FRANCE », or every being is free to live his faith, his religion and culture in respect of individual liberties and laws of the Republic , we leave in no case unpunished crimes committed in France and around the world against the people of France, its values ​​and its Republic .



The response from France will always be  by his Law and Justice and its strength will always be his Law and Justice.






The laws of the Republic are secular and the Muslims of France, French born live like every French in compliance with the laws of the Republic, its traditions and its customs, its worship, cultural and republican.


For Muslims become French by French nationality they have been accepted values, Laws and Customs of Us and France and his Republic and must comply.


For non French Muslims living in France who no longer accept the values ​​and laws of the French Republic, they have a problem that their responsibility to solve.


The French Pacific and pacifists.

Peaceful because they live in Peace

Pacifists because they help others to live in peace


We, the French, are men and Peace Women live in peace and in the name of peace and love we welcome the victims of tyranny and helping in the framework of the « UN » and all the needy people victims of tyrants and bloodthirsty madmen.

To attack France and its people is a crime against the peace and love of God and it will never go unpunished!




Do not touch my French brothers and sisters, Jews, Muslims, atheists, Christians or any religion whatsoever!


Islamist fanatics and terrorists, you who are advocating jihad against our civilization and our society, your punishment is near and it will come from heaven .


It will be great and will be fulfilled

by the will of God!


Islamists, then you crave God to help you and will remain deaf to your prayers and your tears.


Repent or watch the skies!


To all the unfortunate victims of these bloody mad, I want to tell you that God sees your suffering and that the day of deliverance is near, then your reward will be great.


Caution, Courage, Patience and Prayer.


Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, God loves us and will help us as it helps our Brothers and Sisters OF AL-KOCH which is an oasis of love and peace in the hell of Iraq!

Link to Press Article Christians Al-Koch   HERE 



God bless all people of good will.

Love, peace and joy in the hearts and in the lobbies in anticipation of the return in glory on earth of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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