MAL replaced GOOD!

But Jesus Christ is coming Save us!




In a small ten years, our ancestral values, thousands of years old, were thrown in the trash! INCREDIBLE!

Marriage, for thousands of years, was the foundation of the family and therefore the basis of the scale of human values.

The value of a man was thrown in the garbage and sewage with the Law of Marriage for all!

Robbery and gratuitous violence are committed every day with strength and savagery by mobs in major European cities. These bands put entire neighborhoods ablaze in a few minutes and then disappear as quickly as the wind.

Millions of families live in poverty and deprivation due to unemployment growing exponentially in the world and sometimes these families are simply thrown into the street!

Earthquakes strike a multitude of locations around the world, some of which had hitherto been spared.

Torrential rains, tornadoes, cyclones and hurricanes destroy in minutes entire cities worldwide.


Islam shows its true face!



Lyrics : Love and Tolerance!

Acts: Fundamentalism, Assassination of Christians, Violence, Hostage-taking and terrorist attacks . .


The global economy is sinking deeper into debt, it can result in very little time, as a fatal generalized bankruptcy followed by a collapse of world currencies. It will be like a game of dominoes!

In one day we all lost!

Wars and threats of wars have become daily especially in Middle Eastern countries. All these facts are factual and verifiable! …. But what do they mean? ….

The hastened to say that are unfortunate coincidences!

But we Christians we recognize in all these calamities that are as strong as diverse, heralding back to earth of our King and Lord, Jesus Christ Biblical signs!

These signs and calamities will still grow and multiply. Do not believe mostly they happen to other people!

The purpose of all these calamities is to raise awareness to the man return of Jesus Christ.

The calamities last as long as men have not realized that we are living the end of time preceding the return of Jesus Christ

He will come and save us and reign on earth for a thousand years.

Of course, for many, the eschatologists, preachers, priests, pastors and even all Christians are utopians especially those who proclaim the return of Jesus Christ to soon!

As I read the blog you will understand the reality of signs and even that no doubt exists about the imminent return of Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ actually comes very soon and we must be prepared!

This return, I personally is around 2015 or 2018.

This is by no means a prophecy or a vision or even a divine inspiration, it is simply an analysis of current events and biblical signs already made that led me to the years 2015/2018. You’ll find more information in various blog posts.

When you understand that this return is imminent, you will also understand that before that there will return the day of the wrath of God. Many in the world will die from this anger will punish man

« A third of humanity will disappear! «

The others will have the chance to see the return of Jesus Christ and know his reign!

On his return Jesus Christ will judge men and nations.

There will be a judgment. But you can avoid all the sufferings of God’s wrath and judgment of Jesus Christ at his return!

Jesus Christ promised, before leaving to prepare a place in the house of his father, come back for us and save us at the end of time.

As you can see in everyday life we ​​are in the end times.

We must understand that the removal of the church is very close!

We can all be part of the Church of Jesus Christ will soon be removed.

Jesus Christ wants the largest number to be saved!

But will he find faith on earth if he delays his return!

Be baptized, ask God’s forgiveness for all your peach, repent of all your misdeeds, straighten your lives, follow the commandments of God, ask God to send His Holy Spirit upon you to guide you in life and ask Jesus Christ through prayer to be your personal savior.

So soon and certainly very soon to view the news more and more dramatic, the church of Jesus Christ will be removed.

One question must be asked every man!

Is what I want to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ!

For the rest, we know that the calamities, injustice, folly, war, violence, terrorism, the calamities of the land and the weather will continue to worsen until the return of Jesus Christ .

Chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew the Apostle makes sense today and I invite you to read it and think about the future that you have chosen for your family and yourself!


Be certain that Jesus Christ loves all men without distinction, but it will not save those who came to him because we have free will and we can choose our path!

But you should know that all roads lead to destruction of man.

But one that leads to God and that is through Jesus Christ, there is no other!

Now you know the path that leads to God and that way is through Jesus Christ.

You can save your soul! There is still time when I write this!

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, become the servants of Jesus Christ, the risen Christ soldiers and announce his return to the greatest number is saved


Go you also flame of Faith


Send the blog address to all your contacts, I have nothing to sell, this blog is free and it is for you

Peace and joy in the hearts and homes while waiting for the rapture of the church for some and the return of Jesus Christ to others!


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