40 days in Babylon will be destroyed

victorpicarra :

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Prepare our souls because we know that our Lord is at the door and that his return is imminent.

So it is possible that it is this year.

Thanks to our brother Louis Alencourt for this remarkable work which has no purpose other than to wake up to this return in glory of our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the only son of God.

Jesus Christ promised to come and save us at the end of time and we wait with great impatience.

I recommend a careful reading of this section of our Brother Louis.

Yours my beloved brothers and sisters and God bring us all peace, and Joys Joys in our lives, in our hearts and in our Homes pending the days Bless the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ

Originally posted on The Great Awakening :

Apocalypse-Now2This time I wet. For the first time, I’ll reveal a very big assumption, calculated and reasoned. This is not a prophecy, but a prediction, a possibility, a scenario.

A force to turn around, I finally understood the divine scenario? I do not know, the future will tell. I just know, as the archangel Gabriel told Daniel:  »  Know that the secret of your prophecies will not be discovered before the time appointed by God  « and that »  the words which thou hast heard are sealed until the time marked.   »

Note that I have posted an excerpt of the article, the basics.
For all the arguments and details, I invite you to download the full article here: In 40 days Babylon will be destroyed . Print it out and read at leisure, because the information is dense.

As I’ve been criticized for my research completed by …

See the original 6919 more words

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