France gave the world the first Christian king of History: CLOVIS



Today in France, the land of human rights , it became forbidden to practice the us-and-customs related to Christianity!



This is by court on behalf of a 99-year-old law: the law on secularismwhich sprains since its inception are many and diverse, especially committed by the state, often to promote minorities, that the French State strikes at the heart of Christianity by the prohibition ofcelebrating Christmas in public places.

The alleged act is the creation of a nursery (like every year) in a public building! 

So ended nurseries, Christmas trees and other Christian traditions and customs in public places!

These acts are now crimes

almost crimes !!!!

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I do not wish to enter into a controversy that would religions against each other and against the French at each other.


But everyone is entitled to ask this question « who benefits from this struggle against Christianity! Do you even lift


There are moral, societal, social, cultural and religious, who are supreme and that we have no right to let flout!


France to Abbé Pierre has generously opened its arms to all the needy and all idle France and around the world to seek a better life in the country of asylum and human rights!


France at the legendary generosity was global benchmark, a haven, free, secular and independent.


She had never denied his past, his republican values ​​nor its Judeo-Christian roots.


Up-flagellation for acts committed by previous generations.


Today by the force of law , and judgment worthy of an inquisition tribunal, it denies its roots and strikes at the heart his Christian children.


We can also note that almost all Calvaires already missing our intersections.


What Church bells become silent


That the school holidays and Bank Holidays Christians change their names.


Today the Inquisition moved by the force of the Act and strikes at the heart Christians in France!


What strongest sign is needed to understand that we live apostasy indicating the readiness of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


As Christians we must render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.


Wrestle not against Caesar, he keeps his Christmas trees, day nurseries, names weekdays and school holidays!


He renders his justice in its courts to which Jesus Christ has already been expelled.

He chooses another Faith and other religions « NAME »   the New World Order!


the name of this new world order, it sets up its inquisition tribunal and we condemn all my beloved brothers and sisters in our Christian acts of love and peace!


We Christians are called to know the end of time, the same suffering in our lives and in our flesh, our Lord Jesus Christ has experienced in his life and in his flesh, there are two thousand years.


Worldwide we can see that many of our brothers and sisters are hunted down, abused, tormented and murdered.


Our churches are desecrated, vandalized and burned.


Meanwhile, the official guide of the Catholic Church, the Bishop of Rome« Francis » , says Peter the Roman Pope since it refuses to name, fraternizing with the leaders of the pagan Luciferian religions and persecute our well Dear Brothers and Sisters.

Our church is dying, she saw apostasy but we know that this must be so.


Be happy because it means that our Lord Jesus Christ is near.


Despite the pain and suffering, we must keep the faith, because we know my beloved brothers and sisters that our Lord Jesus Christ is on the way to return to Earth.


That faith remains in our hearts and pray that God guides our lives!


Not fighting Caesar, neither Rome nor the new world order, but denounce their abuses!


Have mercy of those who fight us and pray for them.


Let Love against Hate!


Soon Jesus Christ will return to Rome with Caesar fall.


We Christians, we are no longer alone.

For eternity we will be with our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the only Son of God.


Our suffering coming to an end!

Courage more effort!


Let us keep the flame of our faith and pray that God have mercy on those who torment her children.

I Pray to God to bless my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ.

No one knows when the Church will be eclipsed and when Jesus Christ returns to reign on Earth.

But it is clear that each day brings further evidence that this return is very near.

I remain confident in my analysis providing this return for the month of September 2015 between the 14th and 15th of the month.

I wish you a Merry Christmas 2014 to all my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ.

And it may well be that this time it is the last Christmas we were celebrating without our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the only son of God.

Peace, Love and Joys in the hearts and homes at this time of year-end holidays and all pray for the poor and for those who are alone in the festivities moments.

Happy Birthday to Jesus Christ and all those born on December 25.




Merry Christmas 2014


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