Everyone can see every day that the world goes wrong.

World dive ruin multitudes of families in poverty and insecurity.


Epidemics, severe and rare diseases are legion and kill thousands of human beings every year.


Often fratricidal wars raging in the north and south of the planet.


Christians are persecuted, martyred and murdered by satan worshipers (Islamist)


Violence, loss of values ​​and abandonment of the Faith cause many Christians outside the church.


Important information is disseminated in the media with many reservations, reservations which sometimes up misinformation!


Man by his selfishness and greed is the cause of many misfortunes he faces daily.


Each passing day, new issues are added to the existing ones.


As a misfortune never goes alone, earth and weather remind us every day that nothing on earth lasts forever.


Torrential rains, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and storms raging around the world with more and more frequency, strength and intensity.


Livestock, wild animals, birds and fish are dying by the millions for several years without known reasons. (2008)


Force is to recognize that our generation is experiencing a difficult time, the outcome unfortunately is not visible on the horizon.


But it must also recognize that our current woes were prophesied in the Bible to announce the end times and the return of Jesus Christ to reign 1000 years.


Mathematically it is impossible that such a quantity of biblical prophecies and signs are accomplished by random generation.



That these facts are fulfilled for sure since they realize it, but this is the fact that they may have been prophesied to be performed on a generation that makes mathematically impossible random intervention


See my article:




Alas, despite the strength of the signs and prophecies achievements, the Vatican refuses to inform humanity.


What is said in passing its role is « to guide and prepare humanity for the coming of Jesus Christ!  »


The pope does not fulfill its mission guide the church, he prefers to Humanism.


See my article:

Humanism is not a Christian value


Christian is betrayed and turned away from the true faith by the Vatican that leads to paths that do not lead to God through Jesus Christ.


Wake up


Luke 18:8

« But when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? »


For thirty years, the signs have become stronger and some eschatologists including among many others:


Dr. Pierre Gilbert

( )


Professor Henri Viaud-Murat

( )


Did everything they could (Books and Conferences) to attract the world’s attention on the imminent return of Jesus Christ.


But public opinion was not ready to become aware of this upcoming event, which no words can define and measure the importance for humanity in general and for each being in particular.


And with the explosion of the web (Internet) multitudes of blogs and videos worldwide and in all languages ​​have dedicated themselves to the end times and the return of Jesus Christ.


Particularly among thousands:

The Benedictine Monastery of the Holy Family

( )



( ) ,


Sentinel People

( ) ,


Christians of the New Covenant

( )


Claude IGNERSKI  who wrote

Some very interesting books on the end times.

.removal-of-leglise-and the return-of-jesus-christ

Pierre Jovanovic  who also wrote

some very interesting works   which



I can not forget Rav Ron Chaya


Orthodox Jew has nothing to do with Christianity

But with many other Rav he teaches Torah and announces the imminent unveiling of the Mashiach (Messiah)

Now we know that the Messiah is Jesus Christ!



We all by different paths and even atypical realized one day accomplishments signs and biblical prophecies prompt physical return of our Lord Jesus Christ and by an irresistible force, announcing to the world.


We understand that the return of Jesus Christ to our generation and that this return will be as in the pains of childbirth.


So we each wanted our own way in the signs and prophecies key to target approximately (as the Bible states that the date and time will remain hidden) the time of return.


The important thing is to raise awareness to all our brothers and sisters that Jesus Christ is truly about to return to Earth in accordance with his promise.


Of course, taken in the gears of our materialistic lives it is very difficult to conceive that the return of Jesus Christ to our generation that will lead to the end of the reign of Man under the domination of Lucifer.


It is even more difficult to imagine back then that the Pope does not speak to inform the world of the imminence of this coming.


It is this element (why the Pope does not mention) who asked me as a Christian the greatest difficulty, I actually wrote an article about this very Fort invites you to read.



We live in a time of confusion because Lucifer is wearing his last shots and they are the strongest, most violent and most vicious.


We are not big enough to beat him.


It is a certainty and you would be wrong to think they can win a fight against Lucifer without God’s help.


We can simply take refuge in prayer for God’s help to overcome all difficulties in the last days.


News from September 29, 2008 (date of the crash of the New York Stock Exchange) as a calendar reveals the advancement of end times and the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Personally I see this on September 29, 2008, the beginning of the last seven years of man (the last week of Daniel) before the return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the only son of God who was crucified there two thousand years, resurrected by God the Father at the dawn of the third day and ascended into heaven forty days after his resurrection.


Which suggests the Physical return of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives for S eptember 2015!


See my article:




If I did not make a mistake, before this return must happen a lot more.


We must therefore follow world events to understand the progress of the end of time.


A World conflict involving Israel a central issue,

It seems to me that this is what is taking place now with Islamist attacks from Gaza into Israel .


These attacks become a real war, Israel responding to these attacks by intensive bombing and ground fighting.


A large earthquake should also take place in Israel.


As I mentioned in a previous article, when we see the peacekeepers in Israel, Jesus Christ will return.


It is useless to think that everything will be in order and that Jesus Christ will not return because the strength of fulfilled prophecies joins the law of mathematics.


Indeed, as I just clarify a little earlier in the text, it is mathematically impossible that such a flood of biblical prophecies can be fulfilled by chance in less than a generation.


I explained in my article ( THE BEASTS OF REVELATION IDENTIFIED! )Why the Pope did not speak to the world of the glorious return of our Lord.


It is therefore unnecessary to wait Vatican council to prepare for the return of Christ.


Remember the prophecy

of the ten virgins

‘Matthew 25

( End Time )

Those who were ready could be removed by the husband but others who were asleep and were not prepared could not get into the wedding hall, the doors remained closed.


In my humble opinion it is good to expect very soon to the rapture of the church.


Christ’s reference to Noah for the end of time, I see this abduction around 10 November 2014.


See my article:




It is very close and it would be good to view world events, which is the showcase of the chronology of the end times announced, everyone is prepared by a sincere repentance.


I would add that our brother Louis Alencourt in his blog the Great Awakening, saw the possibility of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ for this year 2014.


And our brother Claude IGNERSKI sees the rapture of the church in September 2015 and the physical return of our Lord Jesus Christ 2021.


Anyway the return of our Lord is very near.


On his return it will issue and then stop all these atrocities experienced by many brothers and sisters who were not prepared.


But you, my beloved brothers and sisters that you prepare every day purifying you, sincerely praying and repenting of all your mistakes, your sins, your sins and your evil deeds, know that Jesus Christ forgives you by blood He shed for the remission of all our sins.


Very soon there will be very suddenly removing all his faithful church.


Pray for one of them!



Very soon there will be cries of weeping and gnashing of teeth of those who rejected Jesus Christ and all our brothers and sisters who will be unprepared.


Then: Dare FAITH in God and Jesus Christ!


I never repeat myself enough, « I am not a prophet, so I could be wrong and I said that I already deceived »


However there is one thing I am certain of is that we now are facing the end times and days will be more difficult to return of Jesus Christ!


Us looking at the past we can see that it is from the    May 14, 1948   that occurred escalating problems of humanity and since    September 29, 2008    we are seeing a surge in all these problems.


There is an exponential continuity will stop the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.



This acceleration of calamities and disasters is willed by God to get our attention so that we understand that the return of Jesus Christ is proclaimed in heaven and on earth.


To understand the challenge of upcoming events, I will take for example that each of us dreamed of one day winning the lottery.

Know that the most important lottery winnings worth nothing compared to eternity in love and peace that is offered graciously by the love of Jesus Christ.


So come to Jesus Christ, be baptized, repent, be humble but dignified and proud to be a Christian because despite shelved, insults, threats and violence that we are made daily and all our brothers and sisters in the world we may soon live for eternity with Jesus Christ in Love, Joy, Peace and Prosperity never miss anything.


All my items through the following link:


Peace, Love and Joys in the hearts and in the lobbies while waiting for the rapture of the church for some and for others the physical return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the only son of God on the Mount of olive for its 1000-year reign.



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