Chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew in  verse 14 we read:

« This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations . then shall the end. « 




Today, thanks to all the missionaries, we must warmly thank him for the courage and work and for which we must pray as many have left the health or life here.

Thanks to them so the word of God and the Bible were laid everywhere, in all languages, to all peoples of the earth and even those living in the most remote corners of the planet.

On seeing the fulfillment of all the signs and prophecies of the biblical return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ, we must realize that this return is imminent.


By imminent we must understand that it is for our generation.


I explain in disputes blog posts, all evidence that the end times began with the establishment of the State of Israel, May 14, 1948.


Knowing that the life of man is a maximum of 120 years, the generation born in 1948, normally ends in 2068.


But it is stated in the Bible that the return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ must be like birth pains.


This means more precisely that the magnitude signs will grow exponentially until his return.


It is difficult to believe in view of the magnitude of the signs and prophecies already made it happen back to 2068 years.


No one knows the day or hour of his return, however, the Bible mentions a multitude of signs and prophecies allowing us to target the approximate time of return of the son of God, Jesus Christ.


By Daniel the prophet, in the first will, God informs us that the last seven years of the man will be the hardest.

We find also detailed in the second testament these seven difficult years of the end of time.


 »  The Book of Apocalypse « 


These tribulations are divided into two parts of three and a half years each.

The second part is much more difficult than the first.


The oldest among us can testify and history can confirm that since May 14, 1948 we have seen an exponential amplification of the signs and Bible prophecy.


We may even find that since September 29, 2008, the signs and prophecies have taken on a new dimension, the curve of their achievements became dizzy and even almost vertical.


The date of September 29, 2008, is that of the Stock Market Crash of New York with -777.77 index. For six years the situation has continued to worsen according to the prophecies.


Clearly even in the sight of the achievements of the signs and prophecies, this date of September 29, 2008 is the beginning of the last seven years of the life of man before the return of God on earth was prophesied by the Prophet Daniel more than five hundred years before Christ.


The return of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ, the only son of God, is therefore likely to occur in the year 2015, and most likely between 14 and 15 September.


See my article:



Of course I am not a prophet and I could be wrong, but given the size of the signs and prophecies, performed particularly since September 29, 2008 and to the current global situation on all subjects, it is possible and it is even very likely that this return is actually 2015.


Without prophecy, there are concerns that 2015 will be a year of chaos and global conflict of humanity.

This is what is emerging every day in the world news! 

I invite you to read or re-read my article:



You understand the importance of the short time between us and the return of Jesus Christ and the kidnapping of his church that must take place before his physical return to the Mount of Olives.


Everyone must be prepared and help others to realize the exceptional and difficult times that we live and will live again until the return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ.


The days will be increasingly difficult to deliverance.

It will be like the pain of a mother for the advent of a child.


Before the return of Jesus Christ, he has yet to produce the Punishment of God who was also biblically prophesied.


It is good to be aware of because it is by definition very close since it must intervene immediately after, or even just before the rapture of the church.


I invite you to read or re-read my article:



I explain in this article, before the return of Jesus Christ must still occur three signs.


01) The unveiling of the Anti-Christ

02) The third reconstruction of the Temple of Jerusalem

03) A global conflict be agreed by Jesus Christ at his return


As some eschatologists I thought the anti-christ was a warrior, a bloodthirsty state leader who would lead the world into chaos by global conflict.



But I was wrong, the anti-Christ is a representative of Christ on Earth, it is the papacy since « Vatican II »

wolf lamb

 The wolf in disguise Lamb!

I invite you to read my article:



As for the third reconstruction of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, it is certain that the Jewish people is preparing for its reconstruction, but God will not accept that the temple shares the Temple Mount with the al Aqsa mosque!


This temple will be as it is and as it is prophesied in the temple that Jesus Christ will rule the world.


This will be the heavenly Temple will descend from the sky and landed on the temple mount in Jerusalem.


The only sign that remains to be done before the return of Jesus Christ is this global conflict we see day after day it is composed of civil wars and religions north and south of the planet.


These wars are amplified and lead inexorably many countries in a conflict that is being globalized.


Prophetically the last phase of the conflict taking place in Israel since it is the war of Armageddon that Jesus Christ must stop.


God’s punishment is now on and we must fear God and pray for the souls of our Hi and that our names are not erased from the book of life!


This punishment is extreme amplification but short of all the problems facing humanity since the beginning of the end of time. (See end of text signs of the return of Jesus Christ).


Jesus Christ found there faith on his return!


My beloved standing



What should we make


And what shall we say


Before the Rapture of the Church,

Before Punishment

And before the Return

Of our Lord Jesus Christ.






We must start with wake up and realize the gravity of the situation.


« Jesus Christ is soon to return »



It’s been 2000 years it is expected

by all Christians!



We must therefore be aware of the return of Jesus Christ to prepare us to welcome him as Savior, Lord, Master, King and only Son of God.

For this we must purify our souls through prayer and straighten our lives.

And this is not simple because satan is at work to distract us from Jesus Christ, God and faith.

I invite you to read or re-read my article to wake you up!

 The Announcement of the Return of Jesus Christ






The church through the greatest crisis of all time . « Apostasy » 

Many people have lost faith.

Christians turn away from the faith and fall into sin excessive.

Countless are those who follow the Pope’s eyes closed and directives of Vatican 2 and yet the anti-christ reign in the Vatican.

Christian values ​​are trampled.

We are entitled to ask the question is whether Jesus Christ find faith on his return!

I invite you to read or re-read my article which is mentioned above:









Only God knows the day and hour of the return of Jesus Christ, however, the Bible contains numerous prophecies and signs heralding the return allowing us to target the time of the end of time and even bring us closer to that fateful day.

Very clearly we live the highlights of this time of the end times that will continue and get worse until Jesus Christ.

This return is intended as the birth pangs.

Given the global situation in all areas, it is clear that this return is very near.

I invite you to read or re-read my article:







We must begin by praying for the salvation of our souls and our names are not deleted from the book of life.

Charity begins with oneself!

We must also pray for all those who have not received the good news of the speedy return of Jesus Christ and all those who have fallen away from the church and faith.

We must also pray for our two Popes Benedict and Francis so they pull themselves together and return to the first by a Pope who is guiding the church to Jesus Christ mission

Pray that they understand the signs of the times and inform the world that the Return of Jesus Christ is for our generation and at the sight of all the signs and prophecies already achieved this return is very near.

If we can distribute them without informing the prompt return of Jesus Christ to hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters, they can touch, inform and come to Jesus Christ of billions of people from all backgrounds, of all cultures and religions.

Without the intervention of the two Popes, billions of human beings will be a thousand times Alas Alas condemned to hell at the judgment of God!

If we do not pray that God grant that our two popes wake up and act for the glory of Jesus Christ and of God, announcing the return of the Lord, then we will carry us as an important part of that responsibility.

We must still pray that God would allow this speedy return of Jesus Christ without delay, because every day that passes many souls suffer and others away from God, Jesus Christ and faith.

Lucifer has won too many battles!

prayers PRAYERS Our Father and Hail Mary 







We must be soldiers of Christ and announce his speedy return.

Talk to our loved ones and send the link to the list of blog posts to all our contacts in social media.


Good luck if you want to contact the Pope and the press, I tried but no action has been taken on my mails.

It must be said that the best way to hide information is to ignore it and that’s what they do, just like ostriches!

I invite you to read or re-read my article:







Rabbi Ron Chaya explains the miracles performed by God in the attacks on Israel from Gaza.

It also suggests a possible unveiling of the Moshiach (Messiah) for 2015.

But we Christians know that the Jewish Messiah is none other than Jesus Christ …!

I invite you to watch this video below in full with a very special attention!




The Jewish people Pray earnestly to God and God help!


We too beloved brothers and sisters to pray with fervor for God’s protection for the still very difficult time ahead of us until the return of Jesus Christ.

Pray that God will allow a rapid return of the Messiah, our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the only son of God who comes to deliver us from evil and rule the world for a thousand years to come.



The Return of Jesus Christ


What are the signs I mportant

Since May 14, 1948


We can group the signs and prophecies Bible by big families

A) Signs and prophecies l ied to Man 


Exponential population growth

Exponential growth progress and inventions.

Exponential rise of fanaticism, bigotry, of Islamism and terrorism.

Exponential rise of selfishness, individualism and egocentrism.

Loss of values ​​and Christian references in the world.

Loss of Faith.

Lust, homosexuality and sexual liberation even among minors have become commonplace, even a way of life.

Pleasure seeking to replace the desire to be worthy of God’s love.

Exponential rise of the incurable and rare diseases, epidemics and pandemics.

Famine, Poverty and insecurity became dailies billion.

Evil has a storefront!


B) Signs and prophecies related to Earth


Exponential rises and outsized earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, fires, droughts, torrential rains, floods and tsunamis as well as climatic changes including snowfall in summer.

Died since 2008 of millions of wild animals, livestock, birds and fish all over the world, for no known reason!

In the world of rivers and shorelines turn blood red.

Deaf and loud noises back to Earth in various places on the planet.

Cracks and gaping holes appear following sudden at various locations around the world collapses.


C) related signs  and prophecies  to the Company


Recreation of the State of Israel in one day (14 May 1948).

Global Rise of Islam, fanaticism and bigotry.

World ruins since 29 September 2008.

Civil wars and religions.

Urban Violence globalized.

Effervescences war in the Middle East.

Threat of global conflict.


 D) signs and prophecies related to the Church


World apostasy.

Unveiling of the anti-Christ (the Papacy).

Closure of many churches and buildings many Mosques.

Abandonment of priestly vocation.

Many churches without priests and without clam!

Dismemberment of the Church in a multitude of churches saying all closer to the truth of God and the Catholic church.

Humanism has become a reference in the world for men who have lost their faith and love for God.



 Some signs  and prophecies

the return of Jesus Christ 

in my articles below


For those who doubt or fear I invite you to read or re-read my article:


Nothing should be hidden or even my mistakes, so I invite you to read or re-read this article.

Important Signs of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, Rapture, Tribulation and Antichrist

In this article above, I was targeting the return of Jesus Christ to March 2012.

Of course it was a mistake but in March 2012, there have been in heaven a still unexplained:


In this article you will find a list of signs of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ



Soon Christ will remove the church, I wish with all my heart and all my soul that you can my beloved brothers and sisters who read this to be part of this church will be removed and will attend the marriage of the Lamb.

God bless you.

Let us keep the flame of our faith, let us wide awake on the wayside of life and watching for the return of our Savior, our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the only son of God who comes to save us in this world agony and he will turn his back by his love and glory.

On the day of the miracle is already shaping up very close!

Pray that God would not delay and soften his punishment for it to take place before the return in glory of our Lord Jesus Christ ..

Peace, Love and Joys in the hearts and homes waiting for the rapture of the church for some and the physical return of our Lord Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives to judge men and nations.

That God’s Holy Spirit illuminates your life and your path and lead you to God through Jesus Christ because there is no other way.

Keeping the Faith in our hearts because it is through love for us that Jesus Christ gave His life on the cross.


Peace to men of good will.


All my items through this link:



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