Nibiru is known by many names such as Tyche, Planet X, Hercolubus, Nemesis, G1.9 and others.

She has been a plethora of articles and videos. I myself writing before the hour, a few articles on the subject.

But what do we know precisely Nibiru!

It’s in the Bible, the first free world history that we find the first clues and traces of this mythical planet and its inhabitants « aliens » the Annunaki.

Genesis 6:4

There were giants in the earth in those days , and also afterward, when the son of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bore children to them: they were the mighty men of old, men renowned . « 

This video shows that these Annunaki were giants came from a planet called Nibiru.

These are giants who are mentioned in Genesis 6: 4.

This planet along with other asteroids and a brown dwarf intersect our solar system in an elliptical orbit of a few thousand years.

At each of its passages earth remembers, earthquakes and disasters have shaped our planet and to become as we know it.

Our world is filled with important remains (some submarines) remaining civilizations that preceded us in this encounter with Nibiru. (Pyramids, cited submerged structures carved stones and others)

Some remains are unfinished work, showing the sudden disaster.



The elders tell us including the Sumerian tablets in cuneiform that Nibiru revert again and again. His next visit will have on our planet the same effect as the previous ones.


The whole thing is to know exactly when is the next time.

We must recognize and acknowledge the signs of the return of Nibiru, are visible on a daily basis for several years, in all the disturbances of the solar system. (Solar Overactivity, warming planets, change of inclination of the rings of Saturn, etc..)

All these facts are verifiable without any difficulty on the official sites. But do they mean as far as Nibiru is entering or about to enter our solar system!

However, these disturbances indicate with certainty that a large celestial body coming from outside the solar system approaches the sun, unbalancing our gravitational fields and creating electromagnetic interference.

But nothing says with certainty that it is Nibiru!

However, a large asteroid really exists beyond Pluto, it is a certainty. These are the mathematical and scientific calculations that can say that. As was the case for the discovery of Neptune.Although no image of the asteroid is disclosed by the civil authorities and military world, the calculations were published them. Estimates of these calculations are used to understand that it could have a much larger size than the earth and above it moves toward the sun.


This common image several sites on the net says or be currently the planet Nibiru with all comets and meteorites that follow.

Nibiru gravitate around a Brown Dwarf (Little Sun)

This set consists of the brown dwarf, Nibiru and a cluster of asteroids would not directly part of our solar system. But nevertheless in closer now increasingly.

In this image, Nibiru would not directly cross the orbit of the Earth, but approaching Jupiter just before returning to the outside of our solar system .

In approaching the last few years of our solar system, it would unbalance our gravitational fields which can cause earthquakes and other weather disasters in the solar system and therefore also on the earth.

This is a possible reason why our entire solar system is disturbed.Gravitational and magnetic fields can act in opposition to the planets as a magnet on iron.

The greatest silence is made on the subject by all civil and military authorities of the Earth.

This can be explained in two ways, the return of Nibiru is a utopia and therefore the civil and military authorities have nothing to say on the subject except to deny or what is reality and in this case they can not do anything but also deny.

How could they tell the world that the end is near!

According to information unofficial  Nibiru would return in the solar system in 2013 and this year will pass close to Jupiter to the month of August before leaving and moving away to outer space for several thousand years. !

The information that some anonymous « one wonders to balance that! «  We advertise on the Net by indirect bits and times in multiple blogs in order to make us believe that « everything is fine Madame la Marquise ! « 

This information is nonsense because all bodies within the solar system are attracted to the sun and taking more and more speed.

They can not leave the attraction of the sun after having bypassed.

You can understand this misinformation by approaching two magnets and seeing the extremely powerful forces that attract or repel.

In our case, the forces attract and they will become even more powerful as and as Nibiru approaches the sun.

Our sun attracts to itself all the stars that are approaching. They are becoming more and more speed as a result of attraction and they can not leave out of the solar system after the sun bypassed and taken enough speed to escape its pull.

When Nibiru will return, the damage may cause the passage near Earth asteroids that mass can not be estimated.

The question we must ask is whether it is, Nibiru happens.

It should be noted that when this mythical planet will return time will be extremely difficult for all of humanity.

So if the sun happens is not Nibiru, it will still cause significant also that we are already seeing the daily disturbances. They should further intensify until the end of its passage through the solar system.

But then, since nothing is said about its trajectory, if not nonsense, we must conclude that its path may perhaps have a point of contact with the ground!

We see every day that our planet is suffering in her womb.

Earthquakes are becoming more frequent, powerful and destructive.

The weather is completely disordered men inflicting heavy rains, floods, hurricanes and fires.

As a happiness never comes alone, the global economic situation is explosive, the world is ruined since 2008 and the situation is getting worse every day more and more, making the lots of misery, misery, famine and human suffering of all kinds .

Wars and violence are rampant on the planet.

A world war seems less inevitable in the short term.

The people and the land are still suffering until the passage of this star Nibiru or another.

Wealthy and well-educated men have already built fallout shelters in an attempt to escape the destiny of humanity.

States have also built shelters for a small part of the population that will certainly   « handpicked ».

All this is coming soon and we can not change it.

However, we have two great news despite the disproportionate severity of the situation.

The good news first


Indeed since the world began the planets revolve and turn certainly much longer.

There were in the past when crossing Nibiru and other asteroids have very serious consequences for humans and the planet and it will obviously still well.

But despite the disasters, earthquakes and disasters, the planet and the man is still there and it should still be that way for long.

However once again the victims are likely to be many or even innumerable

The second good news

The Bible

It tells us that Jesus Christ will return at the end of this time and end time is announced by us signs.

These signs are almost all made. There is no shortage of three.

My article or

01) The unveiling of the Anti-Christ

02) The third reconstruction of the Temple of Jerusalem

03) A World War qu’arrêtera Jesus Christ at his return

They relate to the last days of humanity and the Jewish people.

The return of Nibiru we also announced in the Bible (The signs in the heavens) as one of the portents of the return of Jesus Christ.

This suggests that it is Nibiru that happens in our solar system.

We find this sign among others in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 24 verse 29

The End Times

29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

This verse may explain the passage of Nibiru in Earth orbit and fall on our planet many meteorites accompanying Nibiru.

But the next verse, announced that the return of Jesus Christ on Earth will be at  the same time as the passage of Nibiru!

30 Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

The rapture of the church should also occur at this time during the passage of Nibiru.

31 And he shall send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

But if it is, Nibiru happens at high speed, where are the people« the Annunaki »

They are perhaps in part in all these UFOs are increasingly visible on Earth and in the heavens, especially around the sun.

If Nibiru is coming,

So this is the end of the world  as we know it!

If this is Nibiru, which happens, then the only possibility we have to be saved and saved, it will not be by building fallout shelters, or making provisions for a long time.

The only way to be saved and saved,

Is to have faith!


God told us in the genesis of the world from the beginning of everything that needs to happen in the end times and Jesus Christ we confirmed and reiterated in the Gospels. Everything is written!



The financial and economic crisis will certainly lead in the second half of 2013, the payment of premiums on a collapse of economies and currencies.

Since September 29, 2008 states the world live by the debt increases, increases and increases again and again!

Whenever debt increases, people dig a little deeper into insecurity, unemployment and poverty.

Violence and demonstrations are likely to settle and degenerate.

Civil wars and acts of terrorism may well then be created quickly in 2014

See my article

At the same time the financial and economic crisis will create outsized tensions between states.

Some states such as North Korea, are looking forward to hit the USA. Iran also expects to Hit Israel.

The world will not resist the temptation to solve economic and financial problems in a world war.

This should take place more in the torments of the planet and the weather, which will be due to the worsening occasioned by the approach of Nibiru or the unknown planet.

2014 although still far already announced one year more appalling that in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

But 2015 seems to me a difficult year for humanity than good for all those who have kept faith in Jesus Christ and God.

As I’ve said in previous articles, in October 2015 we will probably see the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The times we live in and that will worsen or should not scare us, or lose faith because Jesus Christ is back to save us.

He has promised us and keep his promise!

We will still know a lot of difficulties and troubles before the return of our Lord.

We know that all these things must happen. We must accept and prepare to face the darkness thicken more.

Only faith allows us to understand the Apocalypse and move toward Jesus Christ.

So care should be taken to keep the flame of our faith well lit.

It would be good to read and reread chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew.

Link: The End Times

Time is running out to choose its path and destiny.

If you want to live forever, then trust Jesus Christ, you still tends a saving hand.

If you think you have much time before the return of Jesus Christ, you’re wrong!

The signs of his imminent return can not be clearer.

I invite you to prayer and repentance!

Be humble and pray that God grants us his forgiveness does not erase our names from the book of life.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus pray intensely and disseminate as widely as possible the good news of the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

Please send the blog address to all your contacts so that maximum beings can have the information prompt return of Jesus Christ and so that everyone can take his soul and a conscience decision for its eternal future.

While waiting for the rapture of the church for some and the return of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives to the other I invite you to prayer because only the love of Jesus Christ is our hope of a better and eternal life, and that is very soon.

It must be baptized, ask God for forgiveness for all our sins, repent of our evil deeds, straighten our lives and ask Jesus Christ through prayer to be our personal Savior and God to guide our steps and our lives forever.

Be humble and accept the judgment and wrath of God coming to Earth.

We help each other and make peace with those with whom we have quarrels.

Jesus Christ loves us all and wants all to be saved,

We have very little time before the return of our Lord, then a last little effort and our lives will be changed forever!

I pray God to guide everyone on the path of love, peace and justice that we drew Jesus Christ two thousand years ago and that leads to God.

Nobody goes to God except through Jesus Christ!

In my articles, I sometimes doubt and wrong because the darkness veiled the end of time and misinformation abound.

That is why I ask you to forgive me if the return of our Lord is not yet for 2015 and if the rapture of the church is still slow.

As the man waiting for a parent, the roadside at night lit by a lantern and each silhouette approach and yet still hope that it is the parent, but that does not weaken in the meantime, despite the cold night and the errors because he knows that the parent will come because he has promised and has confidence in him.

So I’m at the edge of the road, I watch, I wait, I watch and sometimes a distant sign caught my eye and I’m wrong again and again.

But Jesus Christ is coming, he promised, he will keep his promise and signs that let us show that this return is imminent.

So we must all wait and wait again and again, because we know that his return is soon and that our impatience in waiting will please Jesus Christ, just as the parent arriving late at night is happy to see that those who are waiting and they are awakened by Love ensure for him and rejoice together this coming.

So let’s enjoy Let us Jesus Christ, have patience, hope and pray for his speedy return

Our Lord and King Jesus Christ gave his life for us and returned by love for us to seek and save us.




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Before we leave,

I invite you to read

with great attention the interview


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Confessions of a secret agent of the Vatican

The man is a Jesuit, he has to Barbato as a familiar working for the Vatican the Holy See.

Initially skeptical and distrustful of this contact is called « insider » Barbato analyzes and verifies its references (by keeping, as required by the ethics of journalism, to indicate its source): it is indeed a Jesuit priest working in the Vatican.

After some discussion by mail, the Italian journalist asked that their dialogue continues orally.

Despite the danger, presumably aware that this meeting is preferable given the enormity of the revelations he is about to do, the man accepts the Vatican. So two meetings held in Rome in 2001 (see interview on page 58).

Barbato learns that dissensions prevailing within SIV, a minority group disapproving the political leadership about the planet X.

From there, it is clear to Barbato that the Jesuit approach is not based on a simple betrayal, but a revelation that the stakes are high: the survival of our civilization

The « Jesuit video»

Before their meeting in Rome, the Vatican contact had sent Barbato, as evidence, a videotape – what I call the « video Jesuit » – to alert the public.

It lasts about two minutes, it evokes the observation of a planetoid covered a thick atmosphere (the presumed Planet X) heading towards the solar system, although still outside the orbit of Neptune .

The band, I had several opportunities to view, is subject to various classifications, including « Secretum Omega » the highest level of secrecy SIV, similar to « Cosmic Top Secret » (CTS) of the Nato.

It seems that the picture was taken by a board in a secret space probe called Siloam camera.

The contact Barbato explains that the probe ordered secretly at Lockheed Martin, is equipped with a sophisticated and a propulsion system electromagnetic pulse infrared camera.

The machine was assembled in area 51, Nevada, and placed into orbit by a secret hypersonic aircraft Aurora type in 903 years.

According to the Jesuit, the Siloam probe sent images of the planetoid in October 1995 to a secret radio telescope, fully managed by Jesuits belonging to the SIV, and hidden in a disused oil refinery in Alaska.

He said that the telescope was built in 1990 in order to observe the unusual celestial bodies approaching the solar system. As the planetoid visible in the video, the Jesuit says it is Planet X (Nibiru the Sumerians, see NEXUS n « 50, p 10.).

A very large planet

This massive planet yet unknown to modern astronomy product similar to those that decelerate Lowell, in the movements of Uranus and Pickering, Neptune in those disturbances.

In 1978, James Christie, an astronomer at the U.S. Naval Observatory, discovered Charon, Pluto’s satellite and calculates the mass of the Pluto-Charon pair.

Incidentally, the calculations indicate the likely presence of a very large planet still invisible * …

For its part, Barbato wait April 30, 2005 to decide to reveal this incredible new video and show to the public.

The screening takes place at the Palazzo della Provincia, in Pescara, on Italy’s Adriatic coast, during a conference organized by the Cultural Association and Ufobserver entitled « UFOs? The truth is top secret: the Area 51 to Planet X « .

All these years, Barbato has attempted to gather evidence confirming the existence of Planet X / Nibiru and SIV.

Regarding the latter, he found explicit important historical information in the book of Mark Aarons and John Loftus Ratlines (Chapter I).

I myself found an indirect reference in a book of Italian Lieutenant Colonel Umberto Rapetto and journalist Roberto di Nunzio {The Atlantean loosens Spie, BUR, Milan, 2002).

In Chapter V {Lo spionaggio in porpora: it Vaticano), p.89, § 2.3 (The nunziature) refers to a certain Robert A. Graham, a Jesuit who was once referred to the existence of the Vatican Secret Service.

Is it misinformation or the gradual disclosure of secret information?

Strange anomalies in the solar system

Among all the Jesuit SIV told Barbato, two things from my point of view, concern: Planet X have begun to take its toll on the solar system by the beginning of 2004 (see my interview Barbato in UFO Notiziario No. 62, April-May 2006, p. 40) that a number of indices tends to prove.

On the other hand, the sun and some planets and satellites in the solar system have also shown abnormal signs.

Consider first the Sun. With patience, you can view the data recorded by the Nobeyama radioheliograph (Norh), a Japanese telescope that functions as an interferometer dedicated to solar observation (see monthly newsletter cosmological Shooting Star March 21, 2003, http :/ / / solaractivity.htm

In the article entitled « The truth about global warming: it’s the Sun that’s to blame » [The truth about global warming: it is the Sun which is the cause], Michael Leidig and Roya Nikkhah published in the Telegraph London July 18, 2004 ( ), it says: « Global warming is finally explained: according to recent research, the Earth is warming because the sun shines stronger that it has never done since the last millennium.

A study by Swiss and German scientists suggests that increasing radiation from the sun is the cause of recent climate change …

Dr Solanki said that they are both increased solar radiation and the level of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, which contribute to the change in the Earth’s temperature, but it is impossible to say which of the two is dominant. « 

Among the planets and satellites of the solar system with atypical activities include:

Pluto: According to astronomers, « although its highly eccentric orbit distant in time from the Sun, Pluto is experiencing a warming of its thin atmosphere » (see « SUV on Jupiter – the solar heating system: men are they responsible climate change on the edge of the solar system, or is it the sun? « on

Triton: James Elliot, an astronomer at MIT says, « … since 1989, Tri ¬ ton (a satellite of Neptune) undergoes global warming. »


March: In 2001, JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) NASA did know that the camera of the Mars Orbiter was observed at the south pole of Mars, changes that reflected a changing climate on this planet,

( / index.html).

Jupiter: May 4, 2006, an article headlined « New storm on Jupiter suggests a climate change » reported that « … the Hubble Space Telescope photographed the development of a new red spot … Named Red Spot Jr [Red Spot Junior] It was formed after the appearance of three white oval-shaped storms, two of which must be at least ninety years, and which are fused to one another between 1998 and 2000.

Saturn: Images from the Cassini spacecraft on 11 October 2006 show a hurricane, with a diameter equal to 2/3 of that of the Earth, raging at the south pole of the planet, ).

Alert humanity

The events of the solar system, as well as disturbing discoveries Cristoforo Barbato, demanding our attention.

They should alert the public to the arrival of Planet X and the problems of Exopolitics, that government involvement in the UFO issue and how far, the aliens belongings were confiscated by the United States, or a shadow government (without control by the President, the Congress or the National Security Council).

I think the only way to know what actually happens on Earth and in the solar system is to support researchers such as Dr. Steven M. Greer, Dr. Michael Salla ( http://www.exopolitics . org ), historian Richard Dolan, journalist Cristoforo Barbato ( ) and many others, who all understand the importance of expanding the horizons of humanity in all dimensions, both material and spiritual.

It is only as we have a chance to avoid fratricide and the horrors of nuclear war that threatens us.

In 2001, Cristoforo Barbato thus meeting the Jesuit priest who then reveals the genesis of the secret service of the Vatican, the contacts of Pius XII and John XXIII aliénigènes with a certain race, and the split in the SIV between supporters of secret and those who, like him, felt an urgent need to disseminate information to all mankind.

Barbato: How did you become a member of SIV?

Jesuit: The SIV consists of various elements, all connected to the church and made, at least for the Directorate, mostly priests, most of whom are Jesuits, Benedictine monks and nuns, in total a little more one hundred members.

Could reduce this estimate, but we must take into account all parts of the world where there is a priest or a nun may provide accurate information.

Some items come from SIV secular world and sixty-six institutions related to the Church, for example humanitarian associations, political groups around the Holy See, the movement of « young Catholics » and others. I myself come from one of these environments.

In summary, members are secretly assessed, managed and trained according to specific criteria for certain functions.

B: Could you give more details on the SIV why he was created and since when is it operational?

J: The structure is top secret, but I can tell you it is organized similarly to the CIA, MI6, the KGB, etc..

There is no official headquarters, but regularly changing venue, always under the eyes of the Vatican. From a chronological view, the event that triggered the creation of SIV occurred in the United States in February 1954.

This was the meeting at Muroc Airfield (later Edwards Air Force Base) in California, a delegation of aliénigènes with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, in the presence of the Bishop of Los Angeles, James Francis McIntyre.

The meeting was filmed by soldiers using three 16 mm cameras placed in different locations and responsible for color film.

Operators should change reel every three minutes and the cameras had engines spring because in the presence of aliénigènes, electric motors were not working.

In total, they turned twenty minutes film reels thirty seven meters each. At the end of the meeting, each member of the Earth delegation swore never to reveal to anyone what he had seen and heard.

Do not ask me where are the movies, I think you know the answer … A few days later, probably regretting having engaged in secret, McIntyre went emergency plan to meet with Pope Pius XII and inform of this incredible event.

But to reach Italy, he had to fly first to New York and from there to Rome, always in a private plane.

About half an hour after takeoff from Los Angeles, the unit experienced some technical difficulties and was forced to land at Sky Haven Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada, during the night.

During the repair, a colonel in the U.S. Air Force came on board to meet with the bishop.

The conversation lasted about twenty minutes, during which he tried to dissuade the bishop to reveal all the details of the meeting he had attended, because the aliens matters were exclusively by the USAF.

The military clarified that all wanted President Eisenhower was a notice on the spiritual aspect and support, but the Holy Father should not be in secret.

It was feared at the time the possible infiltration of the Vatican by Soviet spies. The bishop said he had specifically intended to inform the Pope of this incredible event

We now believe that the engine failure was probably planned and organized by the military to bring this meeting, and without the knowledge of President Eisenhower. Before leaving, Colonel Bishop reminded the risk of disclosure in Rome.

Two days later, Bishop McIntyre was received by Pope Pius XII.After a deep meditation on the possibilities of a purely military relationship with aliénigènes implications, the Pope decided to create a secret information service organized similarly to the fascist information, we appoint SIV, which would be responsible for glean all possible information about aliénigènes and data already collected by the Americans.

It was very important to ensure open communication with President Eisenhower.

SIV was therefore designed to acquire and manage, in coordination with the intelligence services of other countries, any secret information about aliénigènes and deal specifically with moral, philosophical and religious aspects of the issue.

B: What allowed the Pope to believe that the U.S. military would be willing to share such sensitive information with the Vatican?What about the officer that appeared in the Las Vegas airport?

J: The fact that a single president has sought help and spiritual support in such a situation in the history of mankind, is a vote of confidence and esteem.

Moreover McIntyre and Detroit Archbishop Edward Mooney, later became the main coordinators of the transmission of information to the Vatican.

However, the business took an unexpected turn when McIntyre and other SIV members were contacted directly, without the knowledge of the military, by aliénigènes type « Nordic » 4 clearly friendly, claiming to be the Pleiades.

They laid the contacted warning against other creatures that the Americans had worked with in the California desert.

These meetings with members of SIV often produced in the United States, and twice in the Vatican gardens, close to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, in the presence of Pope PieXII …

B: Padre Pio of Pietrelcina spoke of the existence of other beings in other worlds, which had reached a high level of development because they were without sin … is that correct?

J: Without a doubt! But these beings live on a different dimensional plane and are not, strictly speaking, angels, and on the other hand, the aliénigènes « Nordic », I was talking about, are flesh and blood, even if they are far more evolved than us both spiritually that technology.

These creatures are said to have found in the Catholic Church, or more exactly the message of Christ, the pure divine presence and they offered their co-operation for the good of humanity. This is what convinced Pope Pius XII to collaborate with them and consider them as true converts to the Christian faith.

The pontiff probably considered the universal Church was his message even beings from other worlds. These aliénigènes heard attend over the years, the Church of Rome in all its missions, particularly in social and international policy *.

Subsequently, Pope John XXIII even enjoyed the support of those people who had espoused the Christian cause, but he preferred to keep secret, referring to the « angelic interventions. »

John XXIII had in fact inherited collaboration agreements established by his predecessor between the Holy See and the friendly aliénigènes of Nordic type.

This secret agreement was maintained throughout the pontificate of Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, however, often expressed in frames SIV its reservations about the confidence he needed to be given to these beings.

This is why we think today one of the main motivations for the convening of Vatican Council was the need to take the first concrete steps for the renewal of the Church in view of a possible and imminent contact.

B: Is there a relationship between this intervention, or « heavenly mediation » and the alleged encounter in 1963 between the U.S. contacted George Adamski and the Pope?

J: I was talking about. Adamski met the Pope.

He went to St. Peter once, precisely after the Pope had decided that he should no longer continue contacts with aliénigènes, even if they were friendly.

In addition, John XXIII refused this relationship is revealed in the Christian population. Adamski was as project manager by aliénigènes to try to get the Pope, who was dying, a final agreement.

It also brought a gift to the Holy Father: a liquid substance that was the issue of gastroenteritis which he suffered and which evolved in acute peritonitis.

The pope did not take this potion before he died, holding the crucifix, said: « The outstretched arms of Christ were the subject of my Pontificate.

As you can see, a simple and humble pontificate I take full responsibility.

I am satisfied with what I did and how I did it. « In addition, this action on the part of aliénigènes convinced the dying Pope, in low power and lucidity that remained, even if the » space brothers « behaved with benevolence to mankind, it suited to act independently, separately from the Church and human activities in general, by prayer and acts according to the law of God, and particularly under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Attempted Adamski ended the direct contact between these beings and the Pope and his successors who, trusting in the vision of John XXIII, was not understood that the Church maintains these contacts.

In a secret manuscript of Pope John XXIII in his successors, which includes a special feature on the SIV is quoted a passage from the Gospel of Mark that clearly outlines the position to be adopted by the Church vis-à-vis the beneficent beings from other worlds.Mark 9: 38-412, « John told him, » Teacher, we saw someone casting out demons in your name and we tried to stop him, because he followeth not us. « But Jesus divides her: » Do not hinder them.

Because there is no one that can simultaneously perform a miracle in my name, and speak evil of me. Whoever is not against us is for us.

And whosoever shall give you to drink a glass of water because you belong to Christ, verily, I assure you, he shall not lose his reward. ‘ »

This means that the supposed positive aliénigènes activities that accept the message of Christ to be « blessed » and not countries, but maintained separate and parallel to the Church.

These beings must be compared to the stranger who rescued the name of Christ and should not be prevented.

B: Let’s talk about your mission in the SIV …

J: My duties are purely technical, the most important being, for example, to transmit top secret information from the Vatican radio telescope located in Alaska and routed to the appropriate person.

B: One moment, what telescope you talking about? I did not know that the Vatican had such equipment in this area.

J: The Vatican owns and uses a telescope which is at the cutting edge of technology and manipulated only by the Jesuits.

It is located in an industrial park oil storage apparently abandoned, in Alaska.

This complex is a camouflage, because the activities that are carried out are top secret and are not those, more formal, the UAV [Advanced Technology Telescope Vatican] at him, Arizona.

B: When this equipment was it built, and especially the Vatican for what purpose he uses many astronomical facilities in the world?

J: I can tell you it was built in the 90s in order to observe any unusual celestial objects approaching Earth.

This is what the CIA did with one of his « secret eyes » twin Hubble called SkyHole-12 [also named KeyHole-12 and KH-12, for more details, see http://en 5D .

It is that time of the meetings between aliénigènes and Pius XII, SIV was informed of the approach of a celestial body inhabited by very advanced and very warlike beings.

Anyway, I knew what I was going to get to Rome I and analyzed by the computer was very interesting and very secret.

By analyzing some data from the radio telescope Alaska we discovered a spacecraft from Siloam exploration program, launched in the 90s, took a photograph of a huge planet approaching the system Solar.

This information was captured in Alaska in October 1995, and that’s when my problems began.

I realized that I had not been appointed to decode this particular transmission and that the situation was dangerous.

At that time, my contact revealed to me that there was in the Vatican, two factions fighting for possession and control of the classified information well above « top secret ».

B: Can you give me more details on the Siloam space program?Who are the sponsors and operators?

J: The Siloam probe has inherited the name of a space exploration program initiated in the early 90s. This program was part of another, much more ambitious, named Kerigma. **

For now, I’ll just tell you that this probe was made Area 51 [Nevada, USA], it has a motor electromagnetic pulse and it has been placed into orbit by a space plane type AURORA3.

The probe was not responsible for data calculation or trajectory, or accurate as to the position of Nibiru indications, as it was approaching the planet, correct its trajectory to avoid impact and return to the solar system at a sufficiently close as to be able to transmit data and images to the secret radio telescope in Alaska position.

The launch took place simultaneously with the commissioning of the telescope and was able to output images in 1995.

B: What you tell me makes me think of the theories of the researcher Zecharia Sitchin on the expected return of a mysterious twelfth planet. Do you know his work?

J: Yes, I know the main elements. SIV, in collaboration with Lockheed Martin, sent this probe which I then analyzed the images.

These are views of a huge celestial object whose presence will « feel » everything in our solar system within three years after 2001.

B: How did you get this information?

J: I have a license supervision Secretum called Omega.

This is the highest level of secrecy the Vatican equivalent Top Up ¬ decree Cosmic NATO.

It is divided into three levels of information: since Secretum Omega III degree, the less detailed, until Secretum Omega level I, the most complete.

My mission was to introduce the new members of the SIV and train them to use the communication systems of the organization.

B: How is the data collected by the telescope are they sent to Italy?

J: The U.S. telecommunications company Sprint International has radios and satellite dishes to the north and south of Italy and two geostationary satellites with which they are connected.

The company has a special contract with SIV and transmit / receive encrypted data using since 1994, algorithms and custom cryptography frequency.

Before that date, the SIV used a cryptographic system invented by a Swiss company, it was abandoned because a member of this society was secretly sold to Israelis. I can not give you more technical information for now.

B: Could you tell me a legate of the Church well known, Monsignor Balducci, who has publicly addressed the issue of extraterrestrials.This prelate knows he SIV and this together with them?

J: Father Balducci studied and conducted his research quite independently without following a pre-existing program. It was never prevented the contrary, it was rather encouraged.

B: You may … To hear you, it seems that there is a disclosure program. And would not that why you decided to meet me and give me this information?

J: From the point of view of the system, we are in the division, but we know that events will occur that will affect all living beings on this planet, no one will escape.

Humanity is experiencing a particular period in its history, circumstances closely related to key events predicted in the Apocalypse.

It is important that humanity fully endorses the message of salvation and redemption of Christ, as St. Paul called kerygma, a message that John Paul II tried to spread in all nations.

Do you think the Pope did not know the imminence of these events? [This interview took place before the death of Pope John Paul II].

B: But the Pope knows it all, especially if one remembers his passionate declaration of 2000 *** *

J: Two opposing groups within the Vatican, one of them calls for disclosure and is fully supported by Wojtila [John Paul II], the other tries to block by any means any information.

Some members of this faction are part of groups of occult power, for example, control the oil market and affect many sectors of the global economy for the sole purpose of stifling information on the development of alternative sources of energy, so-called « free energy ».

This was confirmed by the spectacular but inconclusive case « Guardian » [Canada, 1989-1991], the UFO group CUFORN [Canadian UFO Research Network], which caused a sensation but the photos of alleged aliénigènes were not shown.

Anyway these documents expose the reality that complex manipulation operations, disinformation often exceed the wildest fantasy. The top of all these occult organizations belongs to the Shadow Government, and is only known by the acronym SVS.



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