To understand the Apocalypse, we must be humble and at the same time to be smart!

Force is first to recognize that our time is more disorder in the history of man.

Yet his understanding of paramount importance for all mankind.

Many of us seek light in the intricacies of biblical prophecies and others, we often make mistakes and that in my case I have to recognize it!

How can we not do errors because the Bible is both vague and very accurate!

Nevertheless, we are very numerous, eschatologists, priests, pastors, preachers and devout Christians in faith to have understood that the return of Jesus Christ was for our generation and therefore imminent!

Many biblical signs that you can discover in the blog include in the article ! LAST THREE SIGNS THE RETURN OF JESUS ​​CHRIST ON EARTH , we show that we are entered for some time in the end times that before the physical return of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ on Earth.

Obviously, the absence of details in the Selected biblical prophecies and signs, are analyzes and rivers deductions available to us, however, with certainty, to announce the return of our Lord Jesus Christ to Earth very soon.

But very soon the scale of God, it can lead to many years of waiting for the return of Jesus Christ.

It should be noted that several times in the Bible it is called the intelligence of man to understand.

Following the example of Daniel 9 in the first testament and example chapter 17 in the book of the Apocalypse, in the second will.

What was needed was an important sign that would likely announce the beginning of the end of time.

This is an analysis of the past, we can find the sign and understand that we are in the end times!

You can find the blog including article: THE APOCALYPSE, THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD

It is in the creation of the state of Israel that we date the beginning of the end of time May 14, 1948!

We also need to know the maximum time between May 14, 1948 the return of our Lord Jesus Christ on Earth.

It is in the Gospels we find it important sign (Matthew chapter 24 in verses 33 and 34. Link: End of Days .

We discover that it is therefore time for a generation between the beginning of the end of time of the return of Jesus Christ.

Then we have the confirmation that the return of Jesus Christ to our generation!

To better approach the date of return of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were unable to know precisely the day nor the hour, as Jesus Christ himself said that only the Father « God » knew them ( Matthew 24:36).

We can and must therefore seek the year and month!

Jesus Christ wants the largest number to be saved and for this we must seek, find and tell the world the year and month and even week if possible, return in glory of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ .

For this, we also had to find the start date of the biblical tribulation (the last seven years of the life of man before the return of Jesus Christ on earth).

This is still an analysis of the past that we can find an important sign that can be the start date of the last seven years of the end of time « last week (seven years) prophesied for the end of time by the Prophet Daniel 539 years before Christ. (Full details in blog posts)

The important sign is September 29, 2008 it happened! A great sign was held. It was the stock market on Wall Street with the – 777 (You will also find the details of this blog sign in particular Article) THE APOCALYPSE IS STARTED, THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST IS IMMINENT SO!

The magnitude, frequency and quantity of the signs of the return of Jesus Christ on Earth have completely exploded since that date of 29 September 2008!

Thessalonians 5 :3-13

« When men Will say, Peace and safety! Then sudden destruction-A surprise « 

This is the September 29, 2008 that global destruction began with the famous -777.7 to the New York Stock Exchange.

As everyone can see since then the global economic situation has become standard and out « apocalyptic » control!

It should also be noted that September 29 is the feast day of the angels!

We have this date of 29/09/2008, the most likely dates from the early biblical tribulation, the last week of Daniel (the last seven years before the return of Jesus Christ on Earth)

The date of the return of Jesus Christ on earth should be around this date seven years later in 2015 then!

The date of the return of Jesus Christ should normally be 29 September 2015 and yet it can not be done because only God knows the day and hour of the return of Jesus Christ!

So am I wrong!

Not so sure!

There is a Jewish holiday that no one can know in advance the day nor the hour of its beginning.

This holiday is Rosh Hashanah also known as the Feast of Trumpets.

During this festival is made ​​use in ritual Jew « shofar » a kind of trumpet made ​​with a ram’s horn.

In 2015, this festival is between 14 and 15 September. (Both days are celebrated).

It is possible that the return of Jesus Christ on earth is the sound of the last trumpet the « shofar » between 14 and 15 September 2015.

Of course I repeat for the first time, « I am no prophet, » and I may be wrong « It would not be the first time!  »

But if I am right, we are left with very little time to inform the world of the physical return of Jesus Christ on Earth and the consequences that will inevitably lead to the world.

It is very important to know the approximate date of the return of Jesus Christ, of course, is for everyone to prepare his soul so that his name not be blotted out of the book of life.

But it is also extremely important because two things must take place before the return of Jesus Christ.

1) The Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ.

The born-again Christians, ie, Christians who have realized this back and prepare by purifying themselves, praying, and sharing the good news of the speedy return of Jesus Christ to our generation.

Very few verses in the Bible indicate the rapture of the church.

We find a few mentions in particular in Matthew Chapter 24 and following four verses in 1 Thessalonians 4 verses 39: 15 ff.

The rapture of the church is even more important that it be followed by a difficult period for humanity « the day of the wrath of God »

2) On the day of the wrath of God

According to the Bible terrible disasters await us and the third of the world could disappear!

Knowing this and seeing our lives, we can better understand the importance of what awaits humanity!

I could be wrong and the return of Jesus Christ to occur later in 2017 or in 2018 or even later, but this return is certain and it is for our generation!

This return is imminent and it is not the shadow of a doubt.

The signs are all too frequent, powerful, continuous and exponential to continue long at this rate

The world has known many sorrows in history, some of which were very strong.

But not all biblical signs occurred at the same time or with the frequency, magnitude, power and even less exponentially as in our time.

In view of world events everyone can realize significant problems that we live on earth.

Off we know and see that all the signs are strong, and many exponential and therefore they will inevitably get worse until the return of Jesus Christ.

Just thinking about it makes me shudder!

Yet the end of time is running and nothing will stop.

It is the will of God must be fulfilled.

Of all the warning signs of biblical return of Jesus Christ only three signs remain to be before the glorious return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ!

01) The unveiling of the Anti-Christ

02) The third reconstruction of the Temple of Jerusalem

03) A World War qu’arrêtera Jesus Christ at his return

Concerning the Antichrist :

In view of the news and after much thought, here is an explanation for the performance of the last three signs

If no one can so far, with certainty, put a man on the Antichrist name, we can still understand that it is analyzing the facts.

We find the same all his misdeeds every day!

In the book of  Apocalypse chapter 13, verse 7, we learn that during the tribulation, the beast will make war with the saints and to overcome them!

Off, which makes war with the saints on earth today since 2008!« ISLAM »

Islamist fanatics and extremists, abuse, hostage taking, rape, maim and kill multitudes of Christians around the world!

Since 2008, while fanatical Islam persecutes Christians, Islam-righteous embarked since May 14, 1948 to conquer the world, not by arms, but by immigration and demographics!

Worldwide Islam seeks to implement its customs and barbarous laws such as Sharia!

And yet we must recognize, Muslims have words of love and tolerance. They are even faithful and fervent in faith because they believe serving God!

But how can you serve God and accept that vile beings « Islamists who apply QURAN the letter » commit these crimes in the name of God.

The Beast of the Apocalypse seems to be « ISLAM and financial power » Money controls the world and the media. It reduces more man to slavery.

2 Thessalonians 2


The opponent that rises above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God .

The Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem was built on the site of Solomon’s temple!

« Islam » is sitting on the throne of God from 679 and Islamists behave as if they held the truth and were doing the will of God!

We know that the Bible says that Islam will invade Israel in the end times

Daniel 9:27

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation, and then by means of abominable wings, which cause desolation, even until a specific consumption [desolation] come upon the desolate .

For the third reconstruction of the Temple of Jerusalem

There you will have noticed that the above verse of Daniel 9, applies during the Tribulation specifically in the second half of the tribulation. There is no mention of the rebuilding of the temple but the cessation of sacrifices and offerings.

Regarding the reconstruction of the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, I fear that we should await the return of Jesus Christ, the new temple is in my opinion certainly his heavenly temple down from heaven.

I do not see God accept a partial reconstruction of the temple near the al-Aqsa mosque is the house of Satan!

Muslims are abused since the inception of Islam, although faithful and fervent in faith, they do not serve God but Satan!

You can read some of the blog articles on Muslims including:


ISLAM is the beast that rises from the abyss! Muslim World, many come to Christ to be saved!


However, it is likely that the Jewish people seeking to find the direct link he had with God begins to rebuild the temple despite the presence of the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount.

Regarding the World War qu’arrêtera Jesus Christ at his return

This is the famous war of Armageddon which will visibly drift current conflicts of the Middle East that will certainly escalate and spill over Israel!

Alliances will form and men see an opportunity to get out of this global economic slump as usual by a world war.

Yet Islam will for its part the opportunity to remove Israel and kill as many Christians.

All this must happen according to the Bible, in the torments of the weather, the Earth and the heavens, especially under Chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew.

It is clear that the conflict in the Middle East (Iraq, Libya, Syria) involved and involve, directly or indirectly, many powers such as Russia, China, the United States and Europe.

The middle east is a powder keg, and we know it will explode very soon spill over to Israel!

The use of chemical weapons in Syria now is a radical turning point in the civil war that destroyed its population.

The use of nuclear weapons in the Middle East is not far!

Europe (ROME) is already preparing for the Armageddon War ….!

Track and analyze the news on the net men, Earth and weather for understanding the evolution of the Apocalypse!

What we can be certain is that the year 2013 will not go by arranging that 2014 will be worse in 2013 and beyond and very strong biblical signs.

2015 will certainly be the year for humanity understanding of God’s creation « The Man. »

The world will probably be aware of the imminent return of Jesus Christ, when the war will come to Israel and large earthquakes hit France, Italy and Israel

The rapture of the church I think should probably place during the invasion of Israel.

It will take place at the last moment because merciful God will grant the maximum time in the world so that many may be saved by coming to Jesus Christ.

I invite you dear readers to read things very carefully and meditate on this article below to understand what is happening in the world and why it is very important to have faith in Jesus Christ, and to ensure watch all the signs of his return, because Jesus Christ is coming back soon to save God’s creation. « Man »


Link => Why Jesus Christ will remove the church and return to reign on earth for a thousand years to come!



Let Go, also the flame of faith

Be certain that Jesus Christ loves all men without distinction, but it will not save those who came to him because we have free will and we can choose our path!

But you should know that all roads lead to destruction of man.

But one that leads to God and that is through Jesus Christ, there is no other!

Now you know the path that leads to God and that way is through Jesus Christ.

You can save your soul! There is still time when I write this!

Now that everyone knows about the year, month and day about the return of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives (14/15 September 2015) we can prepare, purify our soul, pray and count the days until our King and Savior Jesus Christ!

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, keep well lit the torch of your faith and become servants of Jesus Christ, the risen Christ soldiers and announce his return to the world so that as many of our brothers and Sisters be saved

Send the blog address to all your contacts, I have nothing to sell, this blog is free and it is for you

Peace and joy in the hearts and homes while waiting for the rapture of the church for some and the return of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives for others!



  1. sarha Says:

    I thought that all of the temple furniture is to be brought back and put in place. the ark of covenant still has not been found,,,and his temple still isn’t built, so until then his coming is unknown,, and what I don’t understand is those who say that they are a follower of Christ and follow his commands, then why are they committing murder. its in his commandments that tho shall not kill, the 4th blood moon reviels itself September 28th the fest of the tabernacles,,, many signs are to be revieled .. I think when the day comes everyman and animal on earth will see his coming.those that are killing saying its in his name must not be reading Gods law cause it states through out the law that no man shall take another mans life,, that he clearly states that you live by the sword you shall die by the sword,,just like people saying what is freewill it clearly states that man will make there own choice of life of how they live ,,ya want to live in sin then its your own choice,those that worship him shall have eternal life,,im not sure but I pray every day, and pray that his coming will be soon, but until his temple is built and his furniture is completly placed back in his temple is when we will see his coming and the temple isn’t being built. please respond back cause I may be wrong on all of this. but I do want to learn more and would like more views of others opinion just so I can learn more.


  2. Saggitarius Says:

    I do also agree about the date 14-15 september 2015. I’m sure HE is going to get married during these two feast days in jewish religion and give Birth to his progenie and rule over the nations. The litteral sense of the Gospels about the Groom and the Bride is as real as the sun light. He was born again in to a jewish family in Rome Italy, on Christmass Eve 1992 and I saw HIM for the first time the 1 December 2013……..


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