Before addressing the subject of the return of Jesus Christ, it is worth recalling some fundamental of Christianity and especially to live the faith in the end times.





First be a Christian is to understand that God is the creator of all things and therefore also we are a creation of God.

It is also understood that God created us free and endowed with free will so that we decide ourselves how we use this wonderful gift that God has given us « Life ».


To better understand God and the creation of man, I invite you to read my book « The Preacher King of Return of Darkness comes light » see the article about the book: The Book – The Preacher Return of the King


God in his infinite mercy has given us all this precious « life » unfortunately little appreciated at its true value. Life was given to us by God without demanding anything from us in return. It’s a gift. But one day that life inevitably ends.


For some, unfortunately, this is from a young age that life stops, for others they reach blithely hundred years or more.


And then, just after the moment of death of the body, the soul appears before its creator.


We must understand that time is a creation of God and therefore at the moment of death the soul arrives directly at the time of the last judgment.


During this trial three options are then available to souls.


Some who had a perversion of life will be doomed to spend eternity in hell.


The vast majority have had a life neither pure nor perverse « Warm » nevertheless also go spend eternity in hell.


Those leading a healthy life with respect and righteousness will also go despite their exemplary lives spend eternity in hell.


Being a Christian is to understand that all souls are condemned at birth to spend eternity in hell. It’s a certainty !


And I nothing allows me to say if hell will be less painful for some than for others based on acts committed during their lives.


No unclean thing can enter the kingdom of heaven and as we are all carriers of original sin at the end of our mortal lives on Earth, so we are all condemned to spend eternal life in hell.


What will hell no one precisely knows, however, in the book of Enoch we have an overview, noting that there are places in heaven or are locked for eternity all creations having disobeyed God. Jesus Christ spoke of hell evokes Gehenna (but nothing says in the Bible what exactly Gehenna) I also hypothesized that this may be hell in my article: UNDERSTANDING TO UNDERSTAND GOD HELL ,


It is to be feared that Hell is a place where eternal life exists outside of God’s love. But is still under the control and supervision of his angels.(See the book of Enoch)


Being a Christian is to understand that only the Love of Jesus Christ can enable us to hope to escape this hellish eternity destiny planned by God to mankind since the disobedience of Adam and Eve.


To be a Christian is to be a sinner recognize and accept to be saved by the love of Jesus Christ, this hellish fate.


Being a Christian is to accept and live according to the teaching of Jesus Christ in love, peace, love, compassion and humility.


Being a Christian is being baptized in water, the Spirit and be born again.


By water baptism we repent of our sins and come to Jesus Christ to be saved by accepting his love and the blood He shed for us on the cross.


Through baptism of the spirit we ask God to guide our lives. After receiving water baptism the Christian must make a personal approach in prayer to ask God to guide and manage his life.


So walk in life no longer by the desires of the body but those of the Spirit. This is the baptism of the Spirit.


Thus we are born again in our earthly life pursuing our lives in love, peace, love, compassion and humility. But in the fervor to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ, serving God by observing his commandments and helping those who seek our help. Caution help you bring should not lead one who receives it to persist in their sins and evil deeds. Nor lead you to deny the teaching of Jesus Christ.


When you make a help you become responsible for the use of this aid.


Thus the fact of giving money to a drug addict or a drunk does not let you think you’re reviewing a good deed. If he asks you money offer him bread. Also the fact of giving money to those who use children to beg should not lead you to believe that you’re reviewing a good deed. You become responsible for this abuse to children.


After our life on earth, the Christian appears before God for judgment.And by the love of Jesus Christ, he is not going straight to hell.


The Christian is judged, if the works of his life were good, he will go to the kingdom of heaven. If the works of his life were not good enough, it will pass through purgatory before entering the Kingdom of Heaven. But if the works of his life were bad he will go to hell even though he became a Christian.


For two thousand years this is so.


But we are at the end of time and things change a bit.


What changes is that at the end of time Jesus Christ must return to Earth to reign there for the thousand years that will separate the humanity of the last judgment.


And good Christians we await the return of Jesus Christ in the hope that it will be very soon.


The reign of Christ on earth will be a foretaste of eternity, we will live longer, but it will still pass through death before having an eternal life.


Evil will be banished from the earth during the millennium. We will live under the reign of God in Love and Peace.


But, because there is a but, and it is significant. Is that the return of Jesus Christ must be as in the pains of childbirth.


So over the return of Jesus Christ is near and longer life is difficult for humanity.


We can all see that as the years pass, especially since 29 September 2008, and most difficult times at all levels. See my article: THE LAST THREE SIGNS OF THE RETURN OF JESUS ​​CHRIST ON EARTH!


Earth  : earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, torrential rains, hurricanes, fires, climate change, Landslides, unknown deafening noise and soil collapses creating huge crevices.


Heaven: meteorite falls, solar eruptions, announces the return of Nibiru, warming of the solar system planets, UFO.


Wildlife : Dead unexplained by millions each year from livestock, wild animals and birds and fish.


Humanity  : Ruin, epidemics, loss of values, Exodus, Violence, Wars and rumors of wars.


The Church  : Apostasy is visible at the highest level. The Pope has repudiated the teaching of Jesus Christ by recognizing all religions as paths to God. Thus forgetting the very words of Jesus Christ, « I am the way the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but by me! « 


These words of Jesus Christ are strong and do not lend themselves to controversy.


Unknown deafening noises can be interpreted as the Apocalypse Trumpets. Https://


All these events occur so outsized and were prophesied in the Bible to announce the end times and the return of Jesus Christ.


Everything is done by God to awaken humanity, but unfortunately very few seem to be aware of the special times we live.


Men think more about what they will do next weekend or how they will close the end of the month, instead of praying to God for the salvation of their souls, even among Christians.


Yet all the problems and calamities through which humanity will worsen and even until the Lord Jesus Christ.


Terrible moments await us before the return of the King of Kings Jesus Christ.


We know by inference that the last moments before his return will be the hardest.


More than ever, we must pray and pray again and again every day.


We should thank God every time his help and pray to God to guide and protect us in every moment of our existence, especially in these difficult times and apocalyptic.


Being a Christian is to understand that the love of Jesus Christ is the hand offered by God to save us from hell.


In addition to saving our souls from hell by his love Jesus Christ will also save a number of us before his physical return to Earth.


Those who will be saved and will form the Church of Jesus Christ, they will be transformed into an instant feel will be a body of light. They will be removed in heaven and will access directly from earthly life to eternal life without death.


Those who are deceased and who have been abducted if they were alive.Will be resurrected in a body of light and will also be removed in heaven with those who have been saved from their living.


Together they attend the marriage of the Lamb will be the everlasting covenant that will make Jesus Christ with his church formed.


If God is trying to wake us by all means is that the majority can be saved and that may well be part of the Church of Jesus Christ that will be removed.


Jesus Christ and God love the man!


But the man with whom he wishes to spend eternal life?


Do not think for one moment that the end times is nonsense, the proofs are many, the end of time is really running and nothing will stop it.


Jesus Christ is at the door and it is time for hope to be saved, to repent of our sins, our misdeeds, our mistakes, our mistakes and our impure thoughts.






In view of the progression of the signs we are really in the final stretch before the return of Jesus Christ.



I explained in my article THE LAST THREE SIGNS OF THE RETURN OF JESUS ​​CHRIST ON EARTH! There were three signs before the return of Jesus Christ.


01) The unveiling of the Anti-Christ

02) The third reconstruction of the temple in Jerusalem

03) A global conflict be agreed by Jesus Christ at his return


For the first sign « anti-Christ » we must understand that there are several levels.


First inside the church, the Antichrist is formed of all the successive kings popes since the Lateran agreements.


The last pope « François » personalizes this antichrist that under the guise of the Lamb is a wolf that leads Christians who follow the straight to hell.See my article: THE OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF THE DEATH OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH


According to Malachi’s prophecy of the popes, Pope Francis is the last pope. Whoever is named in prophecy « Peter the Roman », which led the church during the tribulation before the destruction of Rome and the return of Jesus Christ.


The destruction of Rome does not necessarily mean the destruction of the city of Rome by a major earthquake, but the collapse of Europe as the new Rome « the eighth king of Chapter XII of the Apocalypse book. »and therefore the Antichrist system.


We know from the book of the Apocalypse and by the prophet Daniel, the great tribulation last 42 months.


So as Pope Francis was elected March 13, 2013 we should perhaps see the return of Christ to Earth in September or October 2016, probably during the feast of trumpets.




The anti-Christ is also a form of demonic trinity of two animals and a false prophet whose purpose is to persecute Christians and guide them directly in the path of hell.


We can easily understand that recent Popes are the beast described in the Book of the Apocalypse Chapter 17.


By against some see Pope Francis false prophet. Personally I believe that the Pope Francis is one of the two beasts of the sea, the beast of the earth being the former Pope Benedict XVI that many ex-Pope is still alive.As for the false prophet I know of only one, whose followers persecute Christians.


It is that which is called « Mohammed » who though dead in 632 gave birth to a false religion that serve Islamists and jihadists.


02) The third reconstruction of the temple in Jerusalem

This reconstruction is a real desire of the Jewish people, but God will never allow the reconstruction of the temple near the mosque « al-Aqsa » of the false religion of the false prophet.


The new temple will be the temple of Jesus Christ will descend from heaven « the heavenly Jerusalem »


03) A global conflict be agreed by Jesus Christ at his return

This is the only and final stretch before the return of Jesus Christ.


It is clear that this war is started since 2012. We see the scale of this conflict which is already globalized and gains in power and scale each day.


It is this conflict that is going to take Jesus Christ at his return.


We are in February and what is announced in the media is far from reassuring. Turkey and Saudi Arabia want to go to war against Syria. The Russians and Iran oppose and promise a return to these new coffin belligerents if they come to Syria.


China for its conduct of the war against the US and its allies in Africa and Syria in the economic field. For its military intervention in East forcefully, it is only a matter of time with military strategy. Obviously the Chinese will intervene in support of the Russian forces.


It was in the plains of Megiddo in Israel that Jesus Christ according to the Bible must stop this war .


So when the current battles overflow of Syria and Israel will be attacked.Then there will be shouts and tears but it will be too late to come to Jesus Christ and be saved. Because this will be the outcome of the end times that will be fulfilled with the return of Jesus Christ.


And it is possible that it is in the analysis of these signs, for the month of September or October, 2016.


This year 2016, we already know that it will be worse than 2015. And if Christ be not forthcoming in this year 2016, we should expect something terrible. Such as an economic collapse, but also to disasters large sizes.


I never repeat myself enough, I am not a prophet , and I already cheated repeatedly targeting a short period for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. By cons I’m not wrong about the aggravation of signs year to year .


As I am much mistaken about the announcement of the return of Jesus Christ, I want to be more careful and you do note, that Jesus Christ will come as a thief, and therefore no one knows exactly when will be his return.


As well as I await his return this year to the month of September or October according to my analysis of the signs, but I must say that Jesus Christ can come forward and take his church anytime before his return.


I should also say that this return can be later and intervene in 2017 or 2018 for which there are also signs that I will explain when the time comes.


So make sure, pray and hope the imminent return of Jesus Christ because the sooner it will return and less pain will be bright for humanity.


This year in 2016 although difficult for mankind to be for us Christians a year of hope, repentance and prayer that Jesus Christ keeps us registered in the book of eternal life.


Repent and many come to Christ if you do not want to spend eternity in Hell.


At the time of this writing each can still be saved. God gave you free will and this is the time to take the right path.


Come to Jesus Christ by asking water baptism to a priest, a pastor or a Christian and then pray again and again to obtain the protection of the Holy Spirit of God to help you, protect you and guide your steps in the thick of the end times of darkness.


Love, Peace and Joys in the hearts and homes in anticipation of the removal of the Church for some and the return on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem of our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the only son of God for his reign of King of Kings of the earth for a thousand years separating humanity doomsday.


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PRAYERS Our Father and Hail Mary


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