We note that the daily living costs are soaring, digging increasingly precarious ditch.


Many of our brothers and sisters have such low incomes that they live with every day in fear!


Fear of losing their jobs and can not meet the basic needs of the family.


Fear of not finding a job after graduation.


Fear not out of the spiral of unemployment,


Fear for the difficult months that last.


Lest the car, fridge, washing machine etc … fall down and not have the means to repair or replace.


Afraid to open the mailbox and find the hefty bills and bad news


Fear the phone rings for the bad news.


Fear arises dental or health problem that we can not cure a lack of money.


Fear of not being able to pay loans, bills and rent.


Fear of being deported and is homeless.


Fear that life slips and lose it all in one day.


Fear a natural disaster nullify the work of a lifetime.


Fear of being attacked by gangs of thugs ever increasing.


Lest the country descended into civil war and religion.


Fear a major world conflict causes the destruction of civilization.


Many of our brothers and sisters spend their lives in fear of life.



It must therefore be held that Lucifer has won a great battle.



As he had done once at the beginning of time in Eden with Adam and Eve, Lucifer has increased knowledge. and helping to create the end of time needs, desires and facilities to humanity by industrial and technological revolutions since the 1950s,



Many men then thought by this flood of knowledge and inventions they might one day become as powerful as God and even without him.




Lucifer is the end of time as the beginning of time.


Always with the same lies!




Many men blinded by the light are away from the faith and the church.


Discovering some living facilities, world population has multiplied exponentially.


As a drunk, the man thought he could do everything and master everything.


Everything was ready for Lucifer strikes the coup de grace to all mankind.



Since 29 September 2008,

the trap seems to have closed!



The apostles of Lucifer in power in the highest levels of society have therefore implemented the last step he had programmed. (The seven years of tribulation)




Seven is a number of God, the seven years of tribulation are a challenge to God Lucifer.


This is the stage we are going through:


« Making the frightened man, terrified and fearful to make it malleable and accepts a slave situation. »


This is my beloved brothers and sisters, we must admit, Lucifer has rolled in flour and we won a great battle.


We live in fear!


All these beautiful technologies that make life easier for some, are also true for a large poisons majority of humans who are helpless and doomed to insecurity, poverty and exclusion.


This is a sad reality of the end of time.


But God had everything planned, it allows us to understand the maneuvers Lucifer so that we keep a total and absolute confidence in the love of Jesus Christ, who will save us.


It is this faith which should guide us in the last days.


No doubt, Jesus Christ promised to come and save us and he comes.


It is important to note that God sends trials to those he loves.


We must pray to God for help.


God loves us and wants us to do a total and absolute confidence in all circumstances and therefore including tests him.


It is good to read chapter 25 of the Gospel of Matthew .



The End Times



This chapter explains that those (Christians) who repent of their evil deeds, straighten their lives, pray for God’s forgiveness and come to Jesus Christ, they recognize as savior, and await his return, are those who are prepared « refueling oil » They will be removed and form the church of Jesus Christ.



Christians who have not benefited from the state of grace because they were not prepared and did not therefore been removed will have to wait the physical return of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olive.


They will be judged with all men on Earth.


Those to whom much has been given, much will be required in return.


Those to whom it has been given little, it will be little asked in return.


But all will be judged according to their actions.


Then walk some to eternal life and others to eternal death.


Pending the removal of the church I think for this season, we must all face the last days of tribulation which will be intense because LUCIFER hit very hard and very violently to divert Jesus Christ and Faith the largest number of Ames.


Materially, Lucifer by his army of fanatics deliver his last bout against humanity after the rapture of the church.


This fight will be over as Fort, the most violent and the most barbarous of all his fights.


It will last until the return of Jesus Christ.


The purpose of this fight will be to worship Lucifer by all humans.


Those tempted to become faithful to Jesus Christ after the rapture of the church will be persecuted and massacred as is currently the case.




Lucifer wants to win the battle of the millenium!




Maximum of Christians and those who could benefit from a favorable judgment will be hunted down and put to death before the return of Jesus Christ.


Lucifer knows he will be neutralized for the duration of the millennium. So he wants to leave a maximum of evil beings alive for the millennium to have a last chance in a thousand years upon his return.


That should happen if I am not mistaken!


Of course I am not a prophet but the reality of our daily lives openly let glimpse a real possibility of a quick return of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God who has promised to come and save us at the end of time and it is clear that we are at the end of time and the world is the Agony …!.



We need to pray daily for the salvation of our souls and all our brothers and sisters who are persecuted and who already live material torments of the last days.



The time is ticking and we must act to Waking the whole world so that as many of our brothers and sisters to be saved.



Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ become soldiers of the Risen Christ and spread the word to everyone you know, in all social media and all your contacts.


Inform the world that Jesus Christ is coming soon and that everyone must straighten his life if he wants to be saved.

candle candle-holder-anim

Keep well lit the Flame of our Faith!


God help you in this Christian mission of the end of time!


Remember verses 34-46 of chapter 25 of the Gospel according to Matthew.


Peace, love and joy in the homes awaiting the rapture of the church for some and for others the physical return to the Mount of Olives our Lord, Master and King Jesus Christ, the only son of God.



I offer two videos


Wolf in sheep’s clothing is



It is not enough for us to want to pray and to be part of the church of Jesus Christ will soon be removed,

We also need to make good deeds by helping those whom God sends us.


The Guardian Angels 

God bless you all and help you to bring glory to Jesus Christ who comes to save us.

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