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janvier 12, 2012

Love is the last refuge of the free world where everything is programmed and is paid!

This Blog is a Blog of Love, I have nothing to sell, I have nothing to ask, I just want to draw the attention of all the souls of the world.

Explain that the signs of the return of Jesus Christ on earth fulfilled before our eyes exponentially since May 14, 1948 (date of creation of the State of Israel) is the first sign.

Jesus Christ tells us in the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 24 verses 33 – 34 – 35

33 Similarly, when you see all these things, know that the Son of man is near, at the door

34 I tell you the truth, this generation shall not pass, till all these things

35 Heaven and earth will pass away but my words shall not pass away.

Explanation of Verse 33

We must understand that since May 14, 1948, we are living the end times to be completed by the return of Jesus Christ on earth!

Explanation of Verse 34

Before the end of this generation, Jesus Christ will return to Earth!

Explanation of Verse 35

There will be no carryover beyond this generation, making God the return of Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ said gravely that whatever happens, he will return before the end of this generation with his army of angels to fight and destroy the forces of Satan will be imprisoned for a thousand years.

Then Jesus Christ will reign on earth during the thousand years!

All Souls of the earth should welcome this new and invade the churches!

And it is not!

At Rome, St. Peter’s Square would be filled « days and nights » of men and women on their knees in prayer praying for the speedy return of Jesus Christ and to implore God’s forgiveness for all sins!

And what we see in all the earth, Violence, War, Famine, various calamities and disasters that come with virtual indifference.

Today men and women are selfish, egocentric and many seek their pleasures more « sexual » as the love of God!

Lust has never been as important as today, « Who would have imagined in 1960 that one day a Gay Pride in 2011 on sacred ground « Jerusalem »

More signs are important and frequent, the return of our Lord is near!

And even closer are the invitations to the wedding of the Lamb (everlasting covenant between Christ and his Church) These invitations will be by the removal of the church!

Let us rejoice and be exceedingly glad, and give him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb is come and his bride has prepared.

The dead in Christ shall rise first and then we which are alive and remain shall in a moment, in the blink of an eye, we shall be changed and caught up with them to attend the wedding!

The church members have removed from the removal of eternal life!

That eternal life is given by love and not by individual merit, because we are all sinners, so unclean and nothing unclean enters the kingdom of heaven.

It is through the love of Jesus Christ that we are cleansed of our sins and will allow access despite these sins, eternal life, the kingdom of heaven and God’s Love!

We are in the time of grace, but this time of grace will end with the removal of the church.

Then will come the day of the wrath of God. It will last until the return of Jesus Christ to earth to reign a thousand years.

The purpose of this thousand-year reign will give new opportunities for men can be purified to access the kingdom of heaven!

But it will then pass through death to get there!

Only the church that will be removed soon will move from earthly life to eternal life without passing through death!

So we brothers and sisters in Christ, we pray and pray again and again implore our Lord to forgive our sins, our faults and sins.

Ask God to guide our lives until the return of Jesus Christ to deliver us from evil, temptation and not let doubt enter into us! « Doubt is the door that allows Satan to come into us!  »

I know it’s difficult and even impossible to believe that Jesus Christ is about to remove his church and return to earth to reign for a thousand years to come. Yet it is in the bible! ! ! ! ! ! ! More than 300 prophecies are devoted to the end of time and the return of Jesus Christ on earth, as well as signs of his return.

We were not prepared for this event by our parents, nor the church itself.

The possibility of the return of Jesus Christ to our generation is still a dream for billions of human beings!

We have not sought to understand the signs, it was necessary that the signs arrive in quantity, strongly and exponentially so that our attention turns to the Bible to understand why the gravity of the situation.

Today we see all the signs and understand that the biblical scriptures fulfilled before our eyes!

Therefore, it must announce to the world so that as many might be saved!

Unfortunately to date, too few Christians are willing!

Jesus Christ wants Winners!

Men and Women, baptized Christians who recognize they are sinners, but ask God for forgiveness for their sins and ask Jesus Christ to be their personal savior and guide their lives!

Time is short, the time has serious consequences, soon there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for latecomers!

Those who are ready, will be removed and others will! This will be and nothing will change!

Today and now need to ask Jesus Christ to accept us as a church!

For non-Christians do you baptize quickly by a brother or a sister in Christ, in haste, each baptized Christian can give baptism.

Baptism radiate from soul to soul, as we spread the flame of candle candle.

Ask God for forgiveness for your sins and guide your life.

Act now before it’s too late and the doors of the marriage are closed, as has been closed and no longer opens and it will be too late!

If you read this, you can not say

« I did not know! « 


If you read this, I invite you to become soldiers of Christ!

Spread the word, « Jesus Christ is coming soon! « 

Help those who ask for help!

Baptize those seeking baptism!

Pray that God puts us on the path of those whom we can help and who seek our help!

God and Jesus Christ love us, are spreading the love!

MAKE blog! It will be a first step!

Each of us must do so by love everything he can to announce the return of « Jesus Christ ».

Jesus Christ came to save us (by the removal of the church) the day of the wrath of God.

We see, day after day, the first fruits of this anger! « Wars, rumors of wars, famines, epidemics, Ruin global exponential earthquakes, fires, floods and tsunamis outside the norm, not to mention the unexplained deaths of millions of fish , birds and cattle around the world!

What signs do we want stronger before we wake up!

How should we explain that the creator of the universe and everything, sends his only son to earth so that we can be saved before the day of his wrath!

God has said everything in the Bible, including the end times we live!

If all the signs advertised occur exponentially, it is because God and Jesus Christ want us to wake up as an alarm clock that sounds more and stronger!

Today the alarm goes off so strong that even the deaf can hear it!

The signs of the return of Jesus Christ are so visible that even the blind can see!

But there is none so deaf as those who refuse to hear, there is none so blind as those who refuse to see!

You, my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, be glad because you know that our expectations will be brief and that soon we shall be saved and know God’s love for all eternity!


We are working to prepare for the marriage of the Lamb and to announce to the world the word « Jesus Christ is coming soon »

Let us work hard, our reward will be great « love » in eternity.

Every being that we can save one eternal soul will be more!

Do to others what you would like we do for you!

Help us help others!

The signs are unmistakable! So patience, my beloved brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ because this generation will not pass away until Jesus Christ returns to Earth!

Jesus Christ is at the door and he will knock on your door, are you ready?

Stay in fellowship with God and Jesus Christ through prayer to be protected and delivered from evil and temptation will become stronger.

We must be careful because the forces of Satan Unleashed and become more powerful!

Without the help of God and of Jesus Christ we have no chance against them! Do not doubt for a moment!

May God help you and bless you all my beloved brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

Peace and love in the hearts and homes!




  1. bitika says: January 8th, 2012 at 12:33 | Reply
    Even Catholics are not ready, they continue as if nothing had happened …. Many are still those who do not even read the Messages of Love and Peace … Pope
    over a billion of unborn babies murdered in 30 years …. while in 1920, year of the canonization of Joan of Arc, the vote of the prohibition of abortion, criminalization of contraception as well as any information provided on this subject. If we want to win back with us as Jesus, the path is still … long. we must roll up our sleeves and fast …. except a Miracle!

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