Today apostasy has reached its peak!


Countless are those for whom Jesus Christ is a mythical hero of antiquity, such as Hercules, Ulysses, Spartacus and more …!


Many are also those for whom Jesus Christ was a crazy old times that the council has been condemned to death for insulting the Jewish religion and it would never have been resurrected by God.


It would be his apostles have hidden the body of Jesus to believe in his divinity and his ascension to heaven.


For still others Jesus Christ would simply never existed.

candle candle-holder-animThat is the sad reality of the Faith in the world!


It is clear that the Bible is hardly ever taught to the masses and thereby causes are diverse and multiple decades.


I’ll try to take big shortcuts to explain to all those who know Jesus Christ Jesus Christ is truly the son of God, he is first came to Earth and that his return is imminent!


God sometimes intervened in the early world by His angels and prophets to explain to men the time would come, but also the end of time.


You should know that God has never hidden that one day a time would end and that the men would then be judged for their actions.


Warning do not think the end of time mean the end of life, it is quite the opposite, it is the beginning of eternal life for those who come to God through repentance, baptism and Jesus Christ.


The Book of Daniel Chapter 9 explains in a veiled part of the history of man and especially the end of time language;


There are two thousand years, the Messiah foretold by the prophet Daniel is come to Earth.


But the Jewish people did not recognized as the Messiah and had him sentenced to death via the Roman law.


This Messiah was put to death a man named « Jesus » that we know under the name of « Jesus Christ » which means Jesus the Messiah.


See Chapter 9 of the book of Daniel verses 22-27



Jesus Christ, the only son of God chose to be born in born of a virgin impregnated by the spirit of God.


It is in a family of Jewish lineage of David that Jesus Christ came into the world people.


The Sanhedrin was the Jewish community for the legislature but also the « Supreme Court » saw that the man « Jesus » and claimed to be the Messiah as the Son of God but he refused to restore the kingdom of Israel lifting the Jewish people against the army of the Roman Empire, which occupied the country.


The fact that Jesus says to be the son of God and he refuses to drive the Romans did tell the members of the Sanhedrin that Jesus was not the expected messiah.


Despite the realization that Jesus Christ of the prophecies concerning the Messiah, « the perfect knowledge of the Torah and the achievements realized that all the miracles Jesus Christ » the council persisted in denying the evidence and decided his killing because Jesus had become too annoying man gathering large crowds during his sermons.


It is very important to note that God knows all things past and future.He knew since the creation of the world one day the Jewish people would not recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah.


Jesus Christ before coming born on earth knew also that the Jewish people would deny him and crucify him.


But the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was necessary for those who come to God through Him might be saved and have eternal life.


So to save us from the wrath of God and eternal death that Jesus Christ accepted all the suffering and crucifixion, he the only son of God!


During his three years of preaching Jesus demonstrated yet that he was the Messiah « Christ » prophesied in the Bible and waited.


He healed the sick, the infirm and even resurrected a man « Lazarus » which had already been buried.


But before the warmth of the Jewish people and the coldness of the Sanhedrin, Jesus « Christ » was surrounded by disciples and sowed the seed of a new religion « Christianity » and a new covenant that God was going to do with all men of the earth.


To be part of this new religion, « Christianity » had to be baptized by water, ask God for forgiveness for all sins, live righteously and healthy, resist sin and temptation, be humble and accept Jesus Christ as personal Savior.


« It is still the same today. »


Jesus had preached the love of God, but also firmness against all those who live in sin.


After being arrested, insulted, abused and scourged, he was sentenced to death by crucifixion as a common thief or criminal.

scope cross

He had to carry his cross to Calvary to be crucified!


After being nailed by the hands and feet on the cross, he died a few hours later and received before being awarded a spear on the side to the heart by a Roman soldier.

The death of Jesus Christ occurred when a total eclipse of the sun.


He, the Christ, the only son of God, came to earth by agreeing to suffer and die on the cross to redeem us from our sins and allow us to enter the kingdom of heaven or nothing impure can enter .


« It is his love, his sacrifice and blood that we will, we sinners and therefore impure, saved the day of the wrath of God and will enter the kingdom of heaven. »


Jesus had told his disciples that he would be arrested and put to death, but he would rise at the dawn of the third day.

After being buried, it was actually resurrected by God the Father at the dawn of the third day.


Jesus remained on earth for forty days still with his disciples and apostles « but in a glorified body. »


More than 500 people met Jesus Christ after his resurrection.


After these 40 days, he rose to heaven to prepare a place in the house of his father.


Before leaving, Jesus Christ explained to the Apostles when it has prepared a place for us   « IN HEAVEN IN THE HOUSE OF HIS FATHER » , it will look for his church « Christianity » to which it had given birth during his sermons.


He asked his apostles and disciples to go anywhere in the world to announce the new covenant that God was going to do with the men who come to him through Jesus Christ.


Before leaving Jesus also told his apostles that when he was in heaven he would send the Holy Spirit who would spread to all who come to Him through baptism in the new church.


After the baptism, the Holy Spirit of God comes upon every Christian so that guide and support during his lifetime as he keeps the faith.


The apostles laid many questions to Jesus Christ during the three years they spent with him.


Two important issues were:

« What are the signs of the coming of his return and what will happen to his return. »


Some apostles wrote books in the teachings of Jesus Christ, these books are « gospels » and form the New Testament of the Bible.


One last book was written much later by the last apostle « John » this book is « The Apocalypse », which also explains a veiled way this should happen in the end times and the return of Jesus Christ.


The Bible (Old and New Testament) contains approximately 7000 prophecies about a quarter are devoted to the end of time.


It is important to note that all the signs and biblical prophecies were fulfilled in the past.


Concerning the return of Jesus Christ signs and prophecies heralding his return are accomplished with great power under our eyes every day.


As incredible as it may seem to you, Jesus Christ will actually be back soon.


It is clear that his return is for our generation. It is a certainty, not a hypothesis.


Everyone is free to its fate, and everyone can decide on his conscience to come or not to come to Jesus Christ.


It seems it is not too late to make a choice, then you decide quickly because very soon it will be too late and there will be weeping and screaming and gnashing of teeth of late and all those who have denied Jesus Christ.


If you are not baptized will soon see a priest or even a Christian who will give you baptism without which you can not be saved in the day of the wrath of God comes.


Jesus Christ before returning to earth will remove the church before God punish the people of the earth for all the sins, crimes and atrocities committed over two thousand years.


After the punishment of God, Jesus Christ will physically return in his glorified body, to judge men and nations and rule the world for a thousand years.


During the reign of Jesus Christ, evil will no longer be a man and a hundred years is still a young man!


After his reign and ultimate temptation of Satan, this will be the last judgment.


That in a nutshell explanation of Jesus Christ, Christianity and the end of time that we live on Earth for several years and will end with the return of Jesus Christ.


It’s coming soon and it is time to understand the seriousness of the situation and make your choice before it is too late.


I pray that God will guide us to make the right choices in his life that his name not be blotted out of the Book of Eternal Life.


It is very important to note that Jesus Christ said « I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to God except through me »


Alas, our Holy Catholic Church is very sick and even dying because several guides Supreme « Popes » since the apparition of the Blessed Virgin FATIMA PORTUGAL in 1917 did not lead men to God Jesus Christ, but to Lucifer.


There is much evidence that you find on the blog.


We are currently experiencing times of confusion completing the end of time, each must act and move, listening to his heart and his soul and walk through life by the spirit and not by the desires of the body.


I invite you to read my latest articles relating to the Vatican and the Pope that the least we can say is that it is no longer the Holy guide of the Church of Jesus Christ.


I invite you to also follow the blog  »  Christians of the New Covenant   »


At last, a new amazing and unspeakable affair as it is ignoble and monstrous concernerai Pope and should come to light in a short time if the facts prove true.


I can not confirm the accuracy of the facts as they have not been proven and tried.


But I can not pass this information in silence I see you through the links below.

Dated May 27, 2014

Dated May 25, 2014


Link to the Home of the international tribunal on crimes of the church.


Date Thursday, May 29, 2014 is the anniversary of the ascension of Christ to Heaven.


 Pray that his return is imminent.




For those who are still hesitating between Jesus Christ and Lucifer

It is good to know that Jesus Christ Lucifer copy and uses the same ingredients but not in the same way and therefore the effects are reversed.


For Jesus Christ,

There are no laws without love and there is no love without law!


Lucifer ,

There is no love in the Act and there are no laws in Love!


You may find that having the same ingredients the effects are reversed and that is Jesus Christ that allows « rights » to live in love, peace and respect.


Well what is important in life is not what you do but why and how you do it.



Our recent popes have taught that Jesus Christ and God are in every man and that therefore every man is Jesus Christ and God.


But there is nothing in it and the opposite is true, every man is entitled « Christian » is in Jesus Christ and God when it complies with the commandments and God’s will.


The Holy Spirit of God guides and protects every man who respects God’s commandments.


Peace, Love and Joys in the hearts and homes until the rapture of the church for some and the advent of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives for others.


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