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Like me, everyone could see that the rapture of the Church did not take place on September 13 and that Jesus Christ is not physically returned to Earth on 14 or 15, or even at the end the month of September 2015.


I had speculated in some of my articles that this return could occur at that time  and I was wrong!


It is not the first time. But as you already know I am not a prophet!


However, this does not mean that we are not at the end of time just before the return of Jesus Christ.


Instead, the events of September were actually very strong signs.


We have seen a significant worsening of the Syrian war through the active participation of the Russian army and a passive participation for the time of the Chinese army.


We also found that Pope Francis made a sensational statement during his trip to the US during his sermon at St Patrick’s Cathedral.


Translation of the Pope’s statement:

« The cross shows us another way to measure success. Ours is to plant seeds. God sees the fruits of our work. And if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and not produce fruit, we must remember that we are disciples of Jesus Christ, and his life, humanly speaking, has ended in failure, the failure of the cross. « 


He dared to declare that the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ have ended in failure on the cross « the failure of the cross. »


The pope is the supreme leader of the Catholic Church, his statement can not be taken lightly.

It is a total denial of the divinity of Jesus Christ and is equivalent to an official announcement of the death of the Faith in the Vatican and thus further confirms my article:  « JESUS ​​CHRIST BECAME AN ACCESSORY AND A PART OF THE VATICAN MUSEUM »




His statement is an admission that it has lost faith and deny Jesus Christ.


« It is clear that our Holy Catholic Church is officially died in the US at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in thunderous applause. « 




This statement of Pope Francis is a very strong biblical sign of the end times « Apostasy » which announced the imminent return of Jesus Christ.


By his words the Pope has formalized Apostasy Vatican crucifying our Holy Catholic Church.


He left speechless all Christians of the world so his remarks on « the failure of Jesus Christ » are unworthy of a successor of Peter and insulting to God, Jesus Christ, the church and faith.


For us Christians, the Pope Francis is following his remarks the good shepherd and worthy representative of Christ on Earth and even made the Vatican is also no longer the place of the Church of the Holy See Catholic.

The Holy See of the Catholic Church is now until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ in the heart of every Christian.

We have all become, my beloved brothers and sisters, the keepers of the faith and the word of Jesus Christ.


But the Pope remains officially the Pope and we must respect it.


It is in Jesus Christ, on his return, that Pope Francis will be accountable;just like all of us for that matter. Do not forget that we are all sinners!


Cross scope

Jesus Christ, the only son of God accepted by love for us to be humiliated, insulted, abused, scourged  and finally crucified to redeem us from our sins.

It is through sacrifice, blood and love of Jesus Christ that the gates of heaven are open to us.  

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is not the result of a failure but the indispensable sacrifice which he has made himself the son of God, to act by his love away the sins of all who come to him and thus justify us before God the Father.

Just as God raised Jesus to life after three days in the tomb, God by love, sacrifice and blood of Jesus Christ will grant his pardon and will row to life at the last judgment all those who will come Jesus Christ.

So we can enjoy eternal life in Paradise because we will have been saved and will be forever united to Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the only way to enter the kingdom of heaven!


We must pray again and again for our salvation and to get daily help of God that is essential to us in these difficult times of late.


We also need to pray for the salvation of Pope Francis, of all mankind, our brothers and sisters and for the prompt return of our Lord Jesus Christ


We must realize that our Church who was already and unfortunately continues to be persecuted in the world, is now officially dead.


So we are my beloved Brothers and Sisters is all grieving and only waiting for our Lord and King Jesus Christ.


The fact that the Pope has explicitly denied Jesus Christ actually abandoning its faithful church indicates strongly that the Apostasy is really now complete and general.


That he will then happen now?

Of course I can only bring elements of response in scaffolding assumptions. 

These are assumptions and not prophecies …!


To The Church:

Pope Francis seems to become the world leader of an organization of all religions. It certainly soon will create a O rganization of R eligions might be termed   the « OR »  She may be in the image of the United Nations « UN.  »


Needless to say that Christians who join or support such humanistic religious organization will be far from following the teaching of Jesus Christ.


For punishment:

Nothing has changed, they will unfortunately rhythms in disaster continue and amplify again and again until the return of Jesus Christ.


In the War of Armageddon

I remain convinced that it is in Syria, and it will continue with an attack on Israel that begins to live the beginning of a civil war with all these attacks on Jews suddenly knives.


For the World Economy:

Although Russia and China set up an independent system of payments and trade, it would be foolish to believe that the US will accept the inevitable collapse of the dollar yet.

The US advance to make us rather giant step towards a world without cash and therefore based solely on credit.

The US want to impose and very likely that the global credit be managed by the EDF.

Thus the world will be like slavery and the Fed will hold the General Credit planet, the US will be officially the masters of the world.


For the organization of the World Politics:

We will very visibly to a geopolitical division of the world by creating super great powers:


As you can see the East is not on this list because it seems that everything is in place to integrate Eastern Europe; where the waves of migrants coming coincidentally settle and take refuge instead of going to settle or take refuge in Saudi Arabia in Egypt or other Muslim countries with high density.

Do not think it was by chance they come to settle down and take refuge in Europe since 1948!


That obviously towards what I think we are making great strides.

The big loser in these assumptions will of course Christianity to be outvoted in Europe.


« The cradle of the Christian Faith 

Islamic become! « 


The Catholic Church seems doomed to disappear and I think this could happen in less than a generation!


We see that Satan is a politician and if Jesus Christ is not forthcoming, does he find faith on his return. (Luke 18: 7,8).


This is my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, the future of our church and our future Christian seem to be compromised by geopolitical predictions great strategists and politicians of the planet.


What can and what should we do!

We can through legal means to oppose the decisions taken by these high global policy makers in helping to elect political parties making the fight against immigration electoral program.

But we will bear responsibility for the consequences …! (Violence and Civil Wars!)


We can also demonstrate and demand but it is certain that we will go for the wicked.


So let us remember that Jesus Christ has asked us to have faith in him, to help, to love our neighbor and turn the other cheek if it hits us.


So our only hope lies in the faith in our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the only son of God who has promised to come and save us to the end of time.


Jesus Christ has promised to come and save us to the end of time and then we are assured that he will keep his promise promptly. It’s a certainty.


Keep faith in his word, because his word is truth.




We all need to pray fervently for his prompt return because we see that the end times are already made.


I know that many of our brothers and sisters are disappointed because the kidnapping was not held in the month of September 2015.


But the Lord’s return is imminent and it can happen again maybe this year, 2015.


Many signs allow to consider it, but God is the one to decide the day and time of the return of Jesus Christ.


What is important for each of us is to pray and ask God for help to cross the deep darkness that invaded the world and that obscure the light of the faith of many of our brothers and sisters.

candle candle-anim

Let the flame of our faith well lit and safe from the depravity of this world lest it goes off in the mists of time.


Jesus Christ is at our door. But only God decides when or there will strike. So watch and abide in the love of Jesus Christ and in compliance with the laws of God.


Let us be glad, for all the signs and prophecies announce everyday strongly the imminent return of Jesus Christ.


Keep the faith in the certainty of his speedy return.


In anticipation of the return of Jesus Christ pray and help those whom God sends us.


Let us be assured that God loves us and that His Holy Spirit will help us every day until the return of Jesus Christ.


Remember that to get the help of God we must ask here in prayer with sincerity and conviction whenever we need it.


God gave us free will and therefore not intervene in our lives if we do not ask him.


I invite you to ask God to guide your daily life in order to stay on track.


This is not the time to falter, Jesus Christ is with us soon and returning our lives will be transformed.


To know what will happen after the return of Jesus Christ, I invite you to read my article:





Please Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ communicate blog address to your contacts.



Let us all be soldiers of Christ and working to spreading the good word « Jesus Christ is coming back soon »


Watch and pray.

Let love and peace of Jesus Christ be upon all of you.


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