The world has gone mad!

My beloved brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, the suffering of many men, women and children is increasing day by day in many parts of the world.

Wars, terrorism, violence, Famines, earthquakes, torrential rains, storms and fires do not decrease in intensity in recent years.

The victims are more numerous.

In moments of lives and families from falling into nothingness.

Misery grows exponentially, the ruin of the world is increasing day by day.

Moral values ​​and divine are no longer recognized by a large number of people on earth.

Lust and homosexuality have become norms and standards of our society in distress who loses one by one all its bearings.

A World War draws more on the horizon.

This is the world in which we live in 2013.

All signs come to us with biblical force and with more intensity

All the prophecies confirm that we are not only at the end of time, but we are very close to the return of Jesus Christ on Earth.

Unfortunately all this happens in almost general indifference!

It is as if the return of Jesus Christ was a utopia!

Soon the world will embrace in the war and violence.

The day of the wrath of God will come in the surprising world.

The calamities of the land and the weather unleashed.

While victims are numerous.

And « Man cry against God! ‘

There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth!

But it will be too late for the church of Jesus Christ has been removed!

All that the Bible reveals to us!

This is very soon, without being able to tell the day nor the hour, not even the year, however, we see very well that it is very close.

News is there to remind us and confirm!

But should we still want to open your eyes!

And soon maybe even this year, the church of Jesus Christ will be removed.

It is time for latecomers to get right with God, to implore his forgiveness for all sins and pray again and again not to succumb to the temptation to be more strong until Jesus returns Christ.

Straighten our lives my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Soon we will be sublime gift through Jesus Christ « Eternal life without the death! ‘

The time has come for all Christians to prepare!

The rapture of the church will be an enormous event.

Some experience immeasurable happiness. Being removed they will forever part of the church of Jesus Christ.

Others will experience unparalleled sadness. They feel abandoned, ignored and so much cry against God!

But I tell you my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, there will be many called but few are chosen!

So if we are not removed, especially do not cry out against God!

Rather do everything in our power to continue to work for the glory of God and Jesus Christ.

We will pray and prepare for the return in glory of Jesus Christ, who will be on the Mount of Olives.

I do not know how long Jesus Christ is absent with his church, but I know that this expectation does not exceed seven years. (Week of Daniel)

Indeed, the tribulation will last seven years, according to the prophecy of Daniel, and the return of Jesus Christ to reign 1000 years will be at the end of seven years.

So if the rapture of the church takes place at the beginning of the tribulation, our expectation is for seven years, but if the rapture of the church takes place in the midst of tribulations as I believe, that our expectations will be three and a half years.

Then we have my beloved brothers and sisters on a mission to ensure Earth awaiting Jesus Christ.

This mission will be to keep alive the Christian church on earth until the return of Jesus Christ and it will be very difficult.

If we are not removed remain faithful to the love of God and Jesus Christ!

Never forget that God’s ways are inscrutable!

There will be plenty to do on Earth to honor God and Jesus Christ after the rapture.

It will be difficult to be and remain a Christian.

But we know that Jesus Christ will return to reign on earth, it is a certainty.

We will take again and again until his return.

But the easiest thing to prepare for removal by being baptized by adjusting our lives honoring God in everyday life, being fervent in faith, asking God’s forgiveness for all sins, repenting, asking God to guide our lives to Jesus Christ to be our personal Savior and stay humble. So we are part of the Church of Jesus Christ will be removed.

Dare faith in God and in Jesus Christ!

It can move mountains!


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« At this point of my article, I just heard explosions in the U.S., Pray all beloved Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ to all the victims and their families »

The murderous terrorists made a carnage!

Also pray for all victims of violence and wars in the world.

The « man » suffers more in the flesh!

I pray to God to help us all in these particularly difficult time of the Apocalypse.

Father watch over us because without you we are nothing.

Give us the strength to cross the darkness and deliver us from evil and temptation.

Help us to become better and walking towards you on the right and virtuous path we traced Jesus Christ.

Only your will be done on earth as Father in Heaven and allow Jesus Christ to remove His church quickly.

Do not erase our names from the book of life.

Very difficult days lie ahead for humanity. War and violence fall upon the world, we know that these things must happen. But it is very difficult to accept.

A brother sent me this link to an article that I invite you to read.

Pray my brothers and sisters loved goods for all victims of murderous madness who see their lives disrupted and destroyed.

I stop here I dedicate this article to the victims of criminal explosions in the USA

I pray God to watch over all the families in grief and bereavement.


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