My investigation of the end of time, I concluded that the return of our Lord Jesus Christ is for our generation and is, if I just saw, occur between 14 and 15 September 2015.


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So we have about (if I got it right) nine months ahead of us before his return in glory.


To understand what this has to pass during this waiting nine months, it is necessary to remember that the three trimesters of pregnancy are three specific periods with different pain.


As the pains of pregnancy are growing up the child’s birth and pain prophesied for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ will go growing up during those nine months until his coming.


The pains of pregnancy:


The first quarter   is the time to awareness of pregnancy by the mother (symptoms, examination and acceptance of the situation).


The second quarter   is the awareness of the close of pregnancy, the attention paid to the unborn child, its development and visibility by all the roundness of the belly of the mother.


The third quarter    is the pending birth and preparation to the home of the child, but it is also a time of great pain that are increasingly vivid until the rise.


Back pain


Our Lord Jesus Christ.



We are in January 2015 in the first month of the first quarter of our expectation of the return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ.



The first quarter  …  


January-February March:


… Is the time for Christians to understand the strong signs that are visible in the world, it is the beginning of the general awareness of the special times that we live and which will result in the return of Jesus Christ.


A strong signs of this awareness is the war waged by Islamic terrorism in France.

You will have noticed that lasted three days, like three days in the tomb of Jesus Christ.

From now and until the Lord Jesus Christ, humanity will be increasingly lost, frightened and knowing where to go or what to do.



Second Quarter  … 


Avril – May – June

… Will be an amplification period of the highlights in all areas, Ruin, (economic collapse) disasters (called natural), violence, wars and other calamities in large magnitudes.



The third quarter  …


July – August-September

… Will be the period of great suffering, so many will turn to Jesus Christ and pray for his return.


This is what should happen if our Lord and King Jesus Christ the only son and beloved of God returns to Earth in September or October 2015.


Anyway, in the year 2015, as I predicted by simple deduction, great calamities will strike again humanity.


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I have said many times in the blog I am convinced that the forces of Lucifer took possession of the Vatican.

I fully assume my writings.

Nevertheless, our Pope, Francis made some speeches related to the end of time, it seems to me very important to submit by this video.

The return of Jesus Christ End Times



Soon Jesus Christ will come to save us my beloved brothers and sisters.


Let us keep the flame of our faith and pray God, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.


I invite you to read and meditate chapter 24 and 25 of the Gospel of Matthew


link here


I pray God to guide through the Holy Spirit all who wish to come to Him through Jesus Christ.


In 2015 we will live

the hour of trial of the Faith.   



God help us all my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ.


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