My beloved standing

As anyone can see, we live very specific time.

More progress is high and poverty is great!

Medicine is more advanced and there are diseases and sick!

More agriculture and livestock are developed and therefore more important and increases the Famine generation!

In all fields of technology has reached incredibly high levels.

While at the same time in all countries the poor are becoming more numerous.

The man rich takes even dream that he can meet God.

The poor man does him hope for a better life in his dreams.

Worse still many rich men and poor reject God and Christ, some because they think they can do without and others because they feel they have been abandoned!

It has become more important and essential to pray to God for help and be protected and many are those who turn away from the faith and reject Jesus Christ, which is nevertheless the only chance of salvation for « the man! « 

If we look a little closer, even among the vicars of the church, especially among the dignitaries, some have lost faith, even up to sacrilege!

Even the Vatican nothing goes, scandals and business succession for several years!

The idea to ordain women has even been advanced recently …!

The church is dying!


She is betrayed, dislocated, tortured, murdered and divided into multiple churches saying all closer to the truth of God as each other.

Or is the way, where is the truth, which is the true Church?

It must be recognized that many Christians and non-Christians are lost because the darkness has invaded the world

It is therefore important to find the right path back to the source!

The source is Jesus Christ.


He gave Peter the task of guiding his Church until his return.

candle candle-holder-anim

Successor successor in two thousand years of waiting and watching elapsed between the first guide and Pierre François our current guide.

Jesus Christ has revealed to us in the Gospels that he would return at the end of biblical times to remove him from his church and reign on earth for a thousand years.

The Bible devotes a significant amount of signs and prophecies tell us when « period »  will be the end of time.

It is clear, in view of all that we live and signs and prophecies, we are several years in this period of the late biblical times whose misfortunes strike men exponentially as the birth pangs.

The return of Jesus Christ is imminent! 

It is a certainty!

Without a doubt! 

The time of grace is nearing its end and soon it will be too late to come to Jesus Christ and be saved.

Let us repent of all our sins quickly and straighten our lives.

It is important and urgent because soon there will be cries of weeping and gnashing of teeth of all latecomers.

Only God the Father knows when will the return to Earth of Jesus Christ.

, We only know that it is for our generation and that his coming will be in pain as childbirth.

All those who have age to understand life can testify acceleration woes hitting the Earth and men since the crisis of September 19, 2008.

Each passing year since 2008 is worse than the previous in all areas.

So the year 2014 is fast approaching perhaps that dreaded and feared!

Without prophecy, we can say that it will be terrible because worse than 2013!

Wars, violence, rebellion, persecution of Christians will worsen.

The global crisis will be many victims.

T axes and I NCOME all kinds will still weigh in 2014 the meager income of many families!

Tsunamis, earthquakes, storms, torrential rains, floods, fires, volcanoes, cyclones and hurricanes will also be stronger in 2013!

Famine and disease will also do their share of victims!

Death without reason millions of fish, birds and other animals will also continue!

No need to be a prophet to the end of time, everything is written in the Bible and everything will be done!

Wake up!


Do not be deaf and blind to the signs that are obvious and that hit the world since 2008.

All these signs are real cries of warning from God to wake us, so that we can come to Jesus Christ to be saved!

I can only recommend everyone to pray for protection from all its woes hitting Men and Earth in 2014 and will increase exponentially!

We have to wake my beloved Brothers and Sisters goods in Jesus Christ.

The dying church and faith no longer recipe!

Love, compassion and charity have given way to lust, selfishness and individualism!

Faith gave way to Humanism!

Unfortunately today we can say that if Jesus Christ soon return, it is not certain that he is still the Faith on Earth!

Given the acceleration of the misfortunes that befall the world, we can expect in the next few years to see the return of Jesus Christ on Earth.

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we must pray and pray again and again that God does not delay the return of Jesus Christ as the view of the extent and strength of events affecting the men and earth, great suffering is to be feared in the future.

It would be utopian to believe that life will get better before the return of Jesus Christ!

Personally I think the return of our Lord Jesus Christ will be in 2015.

That suffering we still unfortunately have to endure until the day Blessed!

(See my article)



I invite you also follow these two very interesting blogs whose authors have a particular view of the church and the end of time and I agree in broad outline.


1) Our Brother Louis Alencourt  « The Great Awakening » and read especially his article.



2) This blog VaticanCatholique  and watch this video too long and interesting


We are in December 2013 and soon we will celebrate Christmas on this occasion it will be good to maintain family ties and make, if necessary, peace in all disputes.

This may be the last Christmas we celebrate

Without our Lord Jesus Christ!



Time is short, you also become soldiers of Christ!

Pass the word! « J esus Christ returns soon « 

Follow your heart and hold well lit the flame of your faith.

Help those who want to be saved and to pray for all those who reject God and Jesus Christ!

And above remain in communion with God through prayer to be protected from temptation and satanic forces in these apocalyptic times.

Ask God to forgive our sins and pray again and again and again and again to all those who are far from Christ because by this distance they condemn to eternal death!

Each man received a precious gift of God « Free Referee » and therefore can not be saved if he did not want to come to Jesus Christ is the only Savior of men in this world!

The blessed day of Back to the land of our Lord, Master and King, Jesus Christ son of God is near, but before we know dirty and difficult moments on Earth in 2014 before returning!

Events take place around the world for various reasons as strong as.

It is feared that these protests continue and become real armed revolts in the early months of 2014.

Pray for the month of December 2013 does not look like the world in May of 1968, which saw demonstrations in France become armed to the edge of a civil war revolts!

Pray to God for this Christmas 2013 is still an opportunity to show love, compassion and peace in their hearts.

Pray my Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ that God will help us through the end of 2013 and 2014.

We need his help for sure!

Peace, Love and Joys in the hearts and in the lobbies waiting for Blessed Day Return of the King our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, Son of God for His millennial reign on Earth.


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