Since September 29, 2008, the signs of the return of Jesus Christ on Earth, have exploded.

They are always more and more important.

They are exponential!

We know, my beloved brothers and sisters, that the return of Jesus Christ, the light of all the signs, is near and Imminent.

The news became apocalyptic world.

Ruined the world.

The global economy has no future in the current state.

The Middle East is fire and blood in the civil wars that do not see the end.

World leaders make the sign of Satan in the sight of all.

Secret societies « Satanists » control the world.

Values ​​are reversed Morales, evil has become commonplace and even claimed.

Christians are killed because they are Christians and refused Islam.

The world’s population has grown from two and a half billion people in 1948 to seven billion in 2012. ($ 4.5 billion in just 63 years!) Unbelievable!

Incurable diseases are rampant on the planet (AIDS, Cancer, etc. ..)

More than three billion people do not eat their snack. and three others live in poverty.

Misery and poverty reach highs in the past.

Millions of animals, fish and birds die each year for no known reason.

The earth trembles as ever, force 5 earthquakes occur daily in the Pacific.

Fires unconventional cause thousands of casualties.

Heavy rains flood entire cities and cause thousands of deaths and victims.

Storms, cyclones and hurricanes hit the world with incredible force and destructive as entire towns were wiped off the map.

Technology has exploded since 1948.

All these facts are real and are part of the biblical signs announcing the return of Jesus Christ on Earth.

So before the evidence of this physical reality, it is impossible to doubt or nor stand idly awaiting the return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

It is our duty to be aware that we are in the end times and that given the gravity of the situation, we must announce the widest possible the prompt return of Jesus Christ.

Nonetheless, that Jesus Christ returns to earth and puts his feet on the Mount of Olives, must among other things, three important things come first and indispensable.

01) The unveiling of the Anti-Christ

02) The third reconstruction of the Temple of Jerusalem

03) A World War qu’arrêtera Jesus Christ at his return

Regarding the unveiling of the Anti-Christ ,

We can understand these verses given below, it takes for the anti-Christ is revealed, at first the church has disappeared (it is removed).

2 Thessalonians 2
And now you know what is restraining, that he might be revealed in his time. 
For the mystery of iniquity doth already , it is only necessary that one who still retains disappeared.


These two verses are very important because they allow us to understand that the church will not know the reign of the Anti-Christ.

Given the current political and economic crisis, we see that the carrots are cooked and nothing goes worldwide.

Decisions at the global level will be taken in the coming months, to solve the abyssal chasms debts.

Since the time we hear about a new world order and a currency World.

We understand that people around the world will soon (maybe even this year) implore their politicians for the implementation of this new world order and the global currency.

It is certain that it will appear as an effective solution because it will start a new world economy.

The man who will take control of this new world order will be the Anti-Christ and he will reign over the peoples of the earth.

This will be the men who choose this enslavement Modern!

It is also certain, that all men will not follow the anti-Christ and that is why there will be a world war.

Jerusalem will be the issue of this conflict. (This Bible reveals to us)

I invite you to read this statement  :

Five prophetic signs for the Middle East


We understand that the possibility of removal before the unveiling of the anti-christ are real, significant and therefore almost imminent.

We need to follow the news of men but also the timeliness of the earth including earthquakes are more worrisome. # 2w

Recent developments have confirmed that although no one knows the day nor the hour!

Nevertheless Jesus Christ asked us to understand the signs of time to identify the period of his return.

Pending the removal of the church and the return of Jesus Christ we must be active in our faith and work for the good of humanity.

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we help each other and we love each other.

There are plenty of fools in this world to kill!

Do not judge! But denounce everything that goes against our faith in God and our King Jesus Christ.

Defend our identity and our Church.

That formed the born again by baptism of water and the Spirit.

That of the repentant

That those who have cleaned up their hearts and in their lives.

That those who have asked God for forgiveness for their sins and help to change,

That of those who have chosen Jesus Christ as our Savior and King,

That of those who are aware of the significant time in the history of man that we now live on the earth and will end no matter what happens, the return in glory of our Savior and King Jesus Christ.

Without a doubt we are the generation of the Apocalypse

Read my article 

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Assessment of disaster

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Assessment of disaster

See video


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What will the second half!


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Earth cracks everywhere! # main


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The earth emits disturbing noises


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Earth Tremble everyday

See Earthquakes in Real Time # 2w


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Signs of Satan by the elders of the land #

The rise of Islam in the Christian world

The cost of living



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Crucifix made by UFOs in Mexico

View Video is amazing


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I invite you to my beloved goods Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ to watch this video RAV RON CHAYA is a Jewish Orthodox Rabbi.

This is a wise man « who respect strength! « Although His Faith » Jew « is a little different from ours » Christian « , that Rabin in this video shows us two important things.

1) The Force of Love and Faith

2) The imminent unveiling of the Messiah Mashiach (Jesus Christ Who will be the surprise of the Jewish people)

It is good to hear that the rabbis have to say about the end times.

It must not be forgotten that it is the people of God. And we Christians are the church of Jesus Christ.

You will find in this video, much hope of God’s love.

They also expect the Messiah to be their surprises « Jesus Christ. »

Peace, Love and Joys in the hearts and homes awaiting the return of our King Jesus Christ.



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