Generation of the Apocalypse

July 1, 2012


The Apocalypse seems to be beginning 29 September 2008 with the fall at least 777 of the stock market on Wall Street.

September 29 is the feast of the angels and the number 777 is well known in all the casinos as a symbol of fortune.

But September 29, 2008, the Wall Street stock market was at least 777, so a symbol of ruin!

Indeed since that time, the entire world economy was defeated and sank into the depths of leading multitudes to ruin and misery. (Those who still believe rich, but actually are in funny money!)

We may even find that the world is ruined and no solution appears for three and a half years.

The situation is getting worse, getting worse and is growing day by day.

We are on the verge of economic collapse and global currencies!

Of course there were the beginnings of cracks in the Wall Street September 29, 2008.

The banks had created financial bubbles with products more than doubtful as the « subprime » and it all collapsed like a card game September 29, 2008.

There were also earlier signs heralding the Apocalypse, in effect from May 14, 1948, have started slowly the signs of the end times.

By examining past events that we understand they were all signs mentioned in the Bible as the warning signs of return to Earth of Jesus Christ.

Massacre of Christians, apostasy, epidemics, Earthquakes, torrential rains, fires, disasters, Ruin World Wars and rumors of wars, deaths per million birds and fish.

In reviewing the facts a little closer, we see that happen since 1948 with increasing frequency, magnitudes and « exponentially ».

We have seen since September 29, 2008 to a skyrocketing of all biblical signs.

We note that at the beginning of July 2012 we arrived at a situation catastrophic world!

Local wars and civil wars, assassinations of Christians, murder, violence and terrorism have unfortunately become everyday.

The earthquakes, torrential rains, fires and disasters have become frequent, regular and oversized.

The abandonment by the world as many of our moral, cultural and religious Christian and individualism, egotism and selfishness have become commonplace and accepted even claimed.

The deaths of millions of birds and fish do not interest many people!

World ruin not worried that those in the first victims.

Thousands and thousands of families, victims of unemployment caused by the global ruin, are expelled in the general indifference, « men, women and children » , are thrown into the street in the world, without any resources, including United States of America!

It’s as if most of the people closed their eyes to the seriousness of the global situation.

We are actually on the verge of collapse in our society that breaks up gradually in the general indifference!

Men prefer to watch on TV football matches of the European Cup, instead of praying to God that Jesus Christ can return urgently to Earth to save us and to reign for a thousand years to come.

In the process things are going, the anti-Christ himself, is expected soon to unfold.

Even making ingenuity to prolong the dying world economy, a new crack dung beetle seems imminent because in several countries (Greece, Portugal, Spain etc. ..) people have lost confidence in banks and they empty their accounts bank and sell financial products to buy Gold and Silver « Metal ».

The harsh reality, biblical signs exponential, the ruin of economic and political situation of the Arab-Muslim countries, leave no doubt, the Anti-Christ can not be revealed soon and lead our society in the last world war.

We know that the return of Jesus Christ will be in the pains of childbirth.

Today we can say that the sufferings of humanity are vivid, and very regular intervals.

We can also say that the sorrows of earth are also very bright, very close and regular, like earthquakes

Did you know that for several months, the earth shakes every day and on the peaceful part, there all day earthquake force 5 and above. # 2w

Rest assured that there is no doubt! We are the generation of the Apocalypse.

The return of Jesus Christ is near, but before this long-awaited return and blessed by previous generations, dark days are yet to arrive in this world.

The darkness will still thicken with the currency collapse, poverty, violence and global conflict.

These evils are aggravated by disasters, earthquakes and other calamities that are the pains of the earth and that will also grow until the return of Jesus Christ.

Biblical scriptures are fulfilled!

Some of you may think I am pessimistic that things will go in order with a little time.

They are both right and wrong!


Actually things will get better with a little time.

It’s that time that separates us from Jesus Christ, for his return, life will be very different (For those who have crossed these tribulations that we live since September 29, 2008!)


Nothing and nobody can change the will of God!

And it’s in the Bible that God is explained to us so we can prepare ourselves in these end times return of Jesus Christ and the removal of his church.

Such removal must occur before the return of Jesus Christ and before the unveiling of the Antichrist.

Although nobody in this world can not say when will the return of Jesus Christ and when will the rapture of the church.


Considering all the signs coming exponentially and now with great force and violence.

Given the current political and economic crisis,

In view of earthquakes and other disasters and calamities,

It is clear that this return of Jesus Christ is imminent and that the removal of his church is even more imminent.

I draw your attention to this passage in jeans 2Thessaloniciens 2.1 to 12

Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together unto him, we beseech you, brethren, do not leave you shaken in common sense, and not be troubled, neither by spirit, either by word or by a letter that seems to come from us,  as if the day of Christ is at hand
Let no one deceive you by any means: for  
that apostasy must have happened before , and we seem to have seen the man of sin, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts above all that is called God or that is worshiped; he goes to sit in the God’s temple, proclaiming himself God. 
Do not you remember I told you these things when I was still with you?
And now you know what is restraining, that he might be revealed in his time.
the mystery of iniquity doth already requires only that one who restrains now disappeared . 
And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with it the brightness of his coming. 
The coming of the lawless one will be , by the power of Satan, with all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and lying wonders, and  with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because that ‘they did not receive the love of the truth to be saved s . 
God shall send them there strong delusion, that they should believe a lie, so that all who did not believe to the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. – 2Thessaloniciens 2.1 to 12

Here it is time to prepare for latecomers.

Very soon in an instant in the blink of an eye, our reality will switch forever!

The Church of Jesus Christ in heaven will be removed against his King to attend the wedding of the Lamb.

This will be an everlasting covenant between Christ and his church members who will benefit at this moment, for the love of Jesus Christ, the Eternal life.

To all undecided, it is of God and eternity he is!

Eternity will be!

But to you it will be with God or Lucifer?

Do you want no God!

Do you not want to live Eternally in Love and peace!

Would you rather live forever as a slave of Lucifer!

Wake up, time is running out!

Jesus Christ holds out his hand again!

Whoever you are, whatever your religion, your culture, your past, Jesus Christ loves you, forgives you and accepts you as a church if you ask him to accept you and if you ask him to forgive you your sins.

Get baptized and many come to Jesus Christ!

To all my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I ask you to spread the word and need to be baptized by water in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit, all those who ask baptism .

How could we be happy for eternity seeing beings condemned to hell because we would have refused their baptisms or because we would not broadcast the word « Jesus Christ is coming soon »

Although we did not know all the day and time of return to earth of our Lord Jesus Christ, the countdown to his return seems to be started since May 14, 1948 to the end of time and certainly since September 29, 2008 for seven years of Apocalypse brings us to 2015 for the return of Jesus Christ on Earth.

This return of our Lord may be perhaps sooner or later because the Lord works in mysterious ways.

But we have my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, consider that this return of the Lord’s today or tomorrow and so we must be ready by staying humble, but dignified and proud to be Christians at the end of time.

Let’s be soldiers of the risen Christ, defend the Faith, Interacting with love and charity.

Let us pledge on the right and righteous path we traced Jesus Christ and that leads to God.

No one comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ!

Our reward is not of this world!

We know, as we also know that Jesus Christ will reward on his return all who have been fervent in their faith, their commitments and to proclaim the word « Jesus Christ is coming soon »

Peace, love and joy in the hearts and homes awaiting the blessed day of the rapture of the church for some and the return of Jesus Christ for others.

Jesus Christ loves us all and it will come back to save us!

Also show our love for him keeping well lit the flame of our faith, and having a total and absolute confidence in his word.

Jesus Christ promised to return at the end of time to save us and he will keep his word.

We are at the end of time and his return is imminent!




June 20, 2012



On 29 September 2008, a very important sign was held.

It was the fellowship with the wall Strett – 777

Watch these two videos Jovanovic stone to understand why and how of -777

Link N° 1


 Link N° 2


It was the beginning of the global economic crisis.

She became the Apocalypse financial and worsens every day since.

We entered at that date of 29 September 2008 in a period of tribulation announcing the end of time.

The tribulations worsen a little more each day in all areas.

Every child born in France has a debt to his birth state of 107,560 euros, Incredible but True

Disasters, diseases, moral values Conversely, Ruin World Wars and Threats of War, Hard Rain, Floods, Fires and other disasters increasingly rampant on earth.

As all changes are continuous and exponential and that breaks are becoming shorter, we are accustomed. They eventually become part of our daily lives and therefore our lives.

Do not expect a one day at X time, be proclaimed early tribulations loop on TV and in print!

The events that we live on earth since September 29, 2008 can be considered as the pre-biblical tribulations

Reality is always different entries. Things start slowly and then accelerates to reach cruising speed.

What do we know or at least we think we know the end times and the return of Jesus Christ on Earth?

Matt. 24-33-34

33 Similarly, when you see all these things, know that the Son of man is near, at the door.

34 I tell you the truth, this generation will not pass away until all this happened.

This brings us to the first sign from which to start the countdown, the return of Jesus Christ on Earth.

The maximum time separating us from the Lord’s return is a generation from the first sign.

Looking back today we realize that all the signs coming in cascades have started with the return of the Jewish people in Israel May 14, 1948.

After two thousand years the Jewish people returned to his home in the land of Israel, which has since given it back, with abundant fruit after two miles of aridity. (These are facts)

The population of the earth has doubled in 63 years to reach 7 billion in 2012 is incredible but it is a fact.


. Earthquakes have never been so numerous, the curve is exponential since 1950!

It’s the same for all signs.

Of course there have always been heavy rains and flooding or major fires, as there were already cracks in the past these fellows and financial crises such as that harsh 1929.

But all these signs in such a short time (63 years) and exponentially also correspond to the signs announcing the bible in the return of Jesus Christ on Earth.

So if we analyze the signs of the times, we understand that no doubt is possible. A maximum time of a generation since 1948 separates Jesus Christ for his church.

Similarly if we look at the prophecy of Daniel Chapter 9 , especially verses 26 and 24.25

24 are assigned to 70 weeks for your people and your holy city to put an end to the transgression, to seal up the sins, make reconciliation for iniquity, to bring everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the Holy of Holies .

Take 25 in knowledge and intelligence Since the moment that word came back Whether and to build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince, seven weeks and 62 weeks, restored, rebuilt walls and seats, but in anguish of time.

26 And after 62 weeks, a messiah deleted, and there is not for him … the city and the sanctuary destroyed by a prince who will come. His end will be in the disaster and until the end, war and disasters decreed.

We understand that this prophecy is applied to the letter, two thousand years ago, it announced the arrival of the Messiah that the Jewish people did not recognize in Jesus Christ and was crucified.

Just as the 70 th week of Daniel will apply it at the end of this time will be seven years of tribulation that will precede the return of Jesus Christ.

A generation in the Bible is 70 years.

So it is reasonable to consider that 70 years from May 14, 1948 bringing us in 2018 what could be the year of the return of Jesus Christ on Earth.


36 But of that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels in heaven nor the Son but the Father alone.

But for years, it is very probable! And in this case, the tribulations begin when seven years earlier, so in 2012.

But this requires that the Antichrist is revealed and he is unveiled as the church must have disappeared. « Removed »


And now you know what restrains him, he might be revealed in his time.


For the mystery of iniquity doth already requires only that one who restrains now disappeared.

It is interesting to see that by repeating the prophecy of Daniel chapter 9 and applying from 1948

After 62 weeks (Year), therefore the 63 th , from the first sign (1948) we arrive in 2012.

The second half of 2012 promises to be very interesting biblically .

But for humans, this would be the beginning of the tribulations that are already at their cruising speeds, which can now only get worse.

When we see this already happening in many parts of the world(Misery, War, disasters and calamities of all kinds) we understand better than what awaits the world is a generalization of what is happening in Syria and other Arab and Muslim countries.

So it is very possible that the rapture of the church is for this year 2012!

In which case the return of Jesus Christ on Earth could be for 2018.

Without knowing the day nor the hour we can find signs through the years. 2018

If as I believe the rapture of the church is for the year 2012, Are you ready?

Or will you be among those who say they have the time to the holy glin glin …!

Will you be of those who weep and gnash teeth because they were not ready!

Jesus Christ loves us!

And he holds out his hand again!

Take this chance to be forgiven for our sins and be part of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Not by our merit because we are all sinners, but by the love of Jesus Christ offers us forgiveness and eternal life from the abduction.

Dare the Faith! It will save you!

Peace Love and Joy in the hearts and homes awaiting the return of Jesus Christ for each of the rapture of the church for others.

We love God!

And it is through love that we sent Jesus Christ to save us because no unclean thing between the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus Christ is the only way and only his love for us, we will access it despite our sins because Jesus Christ died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins.

Signs biblical join the political and economic news in this year 2012.

October 2012 should we book the biggest surprises.

Summer 2012 is shaping up very hot politically and economically.

Let us prepare my well Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Strive awaiting our Lord, this year 2012 could well be the year of the rapture of the church.

Large signs should announce this summer.

See this long video of 20 June 2012 Pierre Jovanovic

This is a review of international business press.

Keep the Faith in all circumstances my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is faith that will save us and guide us in the deep darkness that settled over the world.

Jesus Christ loves us, and he returned to pick us up!

Peace, Love and Joy in the hearts and homes awaiting the return of Jesus Christ for each of the rapture of the church for others.

Soon if you are not removed, especially no doubt of God’s love or the love of Jesus Christ.

Keep the Faith no matter what! 

Faith alone will guide you through these seven years of tribulation and darkness.

God and Jesus Christ love us all without exception!




June 16, 2012

In my article,  An Open Letter to all Muslims of Syria, Libya, Egypt and the rest of the world!  From February 06, 2012, in support of Muslim peoples, who are victims of civil and religious fanatics, zealots who put the way to East Fire and Blood, the name of a certain ideology, culture and religion.

I had about it, a comment on this article, a Muslim kindly inviting me to deny my faith in Jesus Christ, you can read his comment at the end of the article support the Muslims. (Link above)

However, I understand this man, who persuaded and even some in his heart to have the true and pure truth, seeking the name of God to bring Islam to all people on Earth.

But ISLAM is in error and it is our duty of Christians to draw worldwide attention to this error ISLAM.

Alas, alas, a thousand times, that man as hundreds of millions of Muslims are wrong.

If they do not come to Jesus Christ, they will continue, until the Lord returns, their paths in darkness and tribulation, they already live in these Eastern countries.

Nevertheless it has to recognize that Islam is composed of beings Warm, kind, generous and fervent in prayer.

But a thousand times alas, these people are abused and victims of civil and religious fanatics who draw them to the abyss, into the Fire, war, tears and blood.

I am sad all this.

But I know they will come to Jesus Christ at his return and they will live in peace in the love of Christ the Savior during the millennium ..

We, my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, we must now help all these people, some fanatical members, persecute us to better enforce their dictas the world.

The response I made in my article that Muslim support, I decided to publish it here because it is valid for this brother before God, is for all Muslims of the Earth, all cultures and all religions.

No one is obliged to come to God! But the only way for it « is Jesus Christ.  « 

We must tell the world so that everyone can choose his own path and destiny knowingly.

Jesus Christ is the savior of everyone who is baptized and who will come to him, asking forgiveness for his sins.

We are still under God’s grace, but grace will end inexorably with the rapture of the church.

So inevitably, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth of late.

Alas, it is too late at that time to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ!

Today, the signs of the return of the Lord are very strong and very close together.

The global economic crisis, will soon cause the collapse of currencies.

To the tune of billions of « Monopoli » the agony is prolonged, but there is no possibility of correcting the situation.

However the banks took the opportunity to buy « in funny money » all that has value!

They buy tickets with Monopoli goods that man has created with his sweat and sacrifice!

It’s a real rip!

This flight is all the more clear that it is the people who pays the bill for the crisis,

Many people can not pay the bills and eat properly.

Men, women and children are rendered homeless and without resources.

Others live the atrocities of civil war and violence and abuse that result.

The abyss and darkness, open to engulf mankind!

I am no prophet, but one thing is certain, is that very soon the morning by plugging the TV or radio, the bad news of the collapse of currencies, will be announced in a loop

This will be the beginning of a dark period of tribulation and terrible, for all humanity, which will lead, without a shadow of a hint of doubt, a world war.

When Jesus Christ returns to Earth to stop this war, which only knows one thing is that it will be short.

Jesus Christ will judge his return to men and nations!

Begin at the time of the millennium reign of Christ on Earth.

We see that the chronology of events is on its final phase, and time is running out to come to Jesus Christ.

Two hypotheses are possible today to all men.

1) Come to Jesus Christ by being baptized (water and spirit) and thus be part of the church that will soon be removed.

The church will have eternal life from the abduction and will be forever with Jesus Christ!

2) Refusing to come to Jesus Christ , and face alone, tribulations, war and disasters.

When the church will be removed, the Antichrist will take power worldwide.

Given the news, the second half of 2012 already feels the suffering on earth!

The anti-christ is not far.

The rapture of the church should be done just before the unveiling of the Antichrist .

Our Lord Jesus Christ is at the door and removal of the church is imminent.

We look forward my beloved brothers and sisters, our expectation is coming to an end!

Jesus Christ is coming soon.


Below is my response to our brother before God.


my brother before God,

Thank you for reading the blog,

Know that I have great respect and high regard for the people of Ishmael and for the people of Israel and for all « man » in particular.

The people of Ishmael has a lot of fervor in honoring God with Love and Respect.

This nation is composed of generous and charitable beings and I am sure that God loves them.

And I’m sad to see that the descendants of Ishmael suffer in Lybia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon and in other countries.

I am also sad to see Christians murdered simply because they are Christians.

I am sad to see churches burned and ransacked other. « These are places where we pray to God! » These acts are an insult to God!

I am sad to see men and women, driven from their homes because they are Christians.

I am sad that all these atrocities committed against Christians in the name of Islam by fanatics.

My brother, how can we want to honor God and commit such barbarities on his behalf.

How can we accept these atrocities expose and fight!

How can we say of Jesus Christ he is a great prophet, but Jesus Christ said to be the only son of GOD!

Not to recognize in Jesus Christ the son of God, he’s an insult! And this is not honoring God!

I could understand if it is rejected Jesus Christ as did the Jewish people who believed he was not the son of God, but an impostor.

But we can not recognize him what he did not say they are. It was then deny his ministry and insult God!

On the other hand, I can not understand that we refuse someone to change his mind and religion.

God made man free and gave him free will so that he decides his life.

God did not want that man is a slave!

Otherwise he would not have given free will.

My brother, God is love, generosity and greatness.

But we men have killed his son Jesus Christ. History decided whether the Jewish people who commit this act.

But today we « men of all countries » what would we do instead of the Jews!

I do not imagine for a moment, that people today, could have done to Christ!

We, who are quarreling for trivia,

We who are waging war on God’s behalf, claiming in their respective camps, be one who is right and hold the absolute truth!

Us who refuse to see the signs of the end times and understand that the son of God, Jesus Christ will return quickly to Earth, to judge men and nations.

Today, we still forgiveness offered by Jesus Christ.

But for how long!

This forgiveness will enable members of his church to be removed and assist in heaven at the marriage of the Lamb.

This will be an everlasting covenant between Christ and his church!

My brother by the Greatness of God and Love of Jesus Christ, you choose your destiny, on behalf of free will.

You can come to Jesus Christ and become a member of his church.

For this application the water baptism to a brother, and asked for prayer to Jesus Christ, baptism by the spirit and fire. 
Jesus Christ will then guide your life, if you ask him, until on his return.

Eternity stretches out his arms!

It is coming soon for the church!

Well before the end of the world.

Approximately a thousand years after the reign of Jesus Christ.

I believe my brother, you want to be close to God and that you strive to live in his commandments.

And you’re right, it is good to live under God’s Law!

For god, There is no Law without love as there is no point of Love Act

This is not an obligation, to come to God!

Because every man is a free man and that is how God created him and he wants it.

« Free to choose its destiny »

It is by choice that one comes to God. 
And it is by faith that we come to God through Jesus Christ.

But you my brother, you love, you respect and you honor God just like me.

But the path you have chosen to reach God is different from mine.

I respect your choice.

But do not forget that Jesus Christ said « I am the way, the light, the truth. No one comes to the father except through me. « 

I invite you to my brother liked the reflection on the particular time that we live on earth.

Soon, Jesus Christ, true to his word, will return and judge men and nations.

But members of his church, will be forgiven for their sins (because every man is a sinner)

Jesus Christ suffered and gave His life for the forgiveness of our sins!

His church will soon be removed.

There is a place for you!

It’s yours to choose my Beloved brother before God which way you’re going to follow!

Whatever your choice, can the greatness of God guide your steps in life.

And make that your burden is light.

Allah Akbar

Know, that Jesus Christ loves you, my brother and he reaches out to you!


We live the last days of humanity.

Soon Jesus Christ will return and he will guide us on the path of true life, « Eternal Life »

Love and peace to the souls of good will.

I recommend reading the book of Revelation of the Apocalypse by the link below.

Including Chapter 11: The Two Witnesses

to please a reader of the blog that will recognize.

Let us be humble, but proud to be Christians of the end times.

Love, peace and joy in the hearts and homes awaiting return to Earth of our Lord Jesus Christ, and for each of the rapture of the church for others ..



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