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We are at the end of time, if we could imagine, the news in recent years is there to remind us!

It is interesting to note that all the monotheistic religions say the same thing by their prophetic writings.

We are the end times and each awaits its messiah.

For us Christians, the Bible and the Gospels tell us all the signs of the end times and the return of our Savior and King Jesus Christ.

It is clear that all the signs of the biblical scriptures fulfilled before our eyes every day.

It is very important to understand that this time is not an end of the world, but an end to the type of life we ​​lead all on earth.

This change of life will no matter what! And nothing and no one can prevent it.

Specifically it’s our way of life will change dramatically.

Indeed, the world as we see, is launched in a process that aims to create a global forum to lead any on Earth.

Several powers want to control it.

The United States is economically out of breath, but remain still, ultra powerful?

Russia and China dream of taking over the world,

Islam wants to impose its culture and religion in the world

Europe would like to play an important role, but its role is and will remain limited for lack of a real governing body.

Africa and South America are too divided to play a leading role in the management of the world. Although much of the planet’s resources come from these two parts of the world.

However Africa and South America can be important allies of one of the powers and can thus claim to have an important role in the new configuration of the bodies of mankind.

But all this is that the view to Mr everybody, the tip of the iceberg.

The reality of things is very different, indeed all countries of the world are ruined, and those who still have dollars in the bank as the Chinese are rich, but funny money!

I would translate into plain language by the fact that the political world died with the onset of the economic crisis in 2008!

So it is clear that someone is pulling the strings in the background!

If I tell you ILLUMINATI, you will understand that this is the old serpent of the sea, many speak and few know!

The Illuminati are an association of influential people who have in the shadows, the control of many multinationals.

They have coats of arms (a sign of recognition) essential business alliances to take control of the global economy.

In Logos influenced companies ‘illuminati’, we find this style of coat of arms with some modifications depending on the type of activity.

For example the arms of Marlboro.

The Illuminati have organized the bankruptcy world since 1973 when they imposed an obligation on states to borrow from banks rather than to print money.

It has become impossible for states to create inflation to give a little air to national finances.

Thus the banks were able to lend virtually states are abysmal, through book entries and receive annual cash agios « hard cash »

Ex: France pays 49 Billion « hard cash » every year to pay his debt virtual.

It’s almost the budget of the National Education!

That is why today the states are ruined and the illuminati have taken control of trusts and multinational corporations and global finance.

There are two main goals for this


It is about creating a new world order to remove any possibility of deviance and war, which will bring the world economic and political stability which should ensure a better life for the people.

In absolute terms it would be a good thing that man has more to worry about his future, provided that this future is « Rose »

But who can guarantee when all the cards will be in the hands of a minority can impose its dictates to the world! And by way of happiness is a future of slavery that humanity might expect.


Here we address the real issue for the future of humanity.

Satan wants to reduce man to slavery, but he wants to come from the man himself to this state of slavery and recognize Satan as « the supreme master and benefactor on earth. »

On behalf of free will, God will not intervene if the man accepts this state of slavery!

We see today the gradual disappearance of divine values ​​such as love, righteousness, compassion, devotion, generosity and humility. They leave more room for selfishness, selfishness, treachery, hatred and malice.

It is clear that today the values ​​are reversed more.

Note that in the name of a certain freedom, lust and homosexuality have become commonplace, accepted and even claimed!

The next generation of Earth may not know the divine values!

The natural will be every man for himself!

It is also interesting to see that many politicians have a sign of recognition of the hand « and index finger in the air » which is the sign of SATAN!

Therefore, we can better understand the purpose « Illuminati » is to give the anti-Christ means to take control of the world to reduce man to slavery.

Satan wants to counter the designs of God who wants to make man a creature superior to angels and eternal.

All this brings us to the Anti-Christ.

To this day I do not know who he is. But I know that all the financial strength of the earth is at its service, its followers are numerous, powerful and devoted.

Today they exhibit shamelessly wave of recognition

The world is embarked on a process which it is impossible for man to come out!

This process will lead us straight to follow and flatter one who found the solution to the global economic crisis.

This man or woman, will be the Anti-Christ!

But before revealing he is the worst happens, « the collapse of currencies » that will lead to global conflict.

The months of March and April 2012 promise to be interesting, I invite you to watch this video of Rav DYONOVISZ.


We must understand that we Christians the Jewish people are God’s people and the history of man they have known for longer than us.

We Christians we are the church, the people of Jesus Christ, the son of God. It is through the love of Jesus Christ we can enter the kingdom of heaven.

Yes, it is true that the Jewish people, there are two thousand years had crucified our Lord Jesus Christ, they have not known for being the son of God « the Messiah ».

This greatly displeased God and for two thousand years the Jews wandered the earth, familiar tragedies.

God has forgiven and they were able to return home to Israel May 14, 1948 that fulfilled Bible scriptures and the return of Jesus Christ on Earth.

Jesus Christ comes to reign for a thousand years to come.

With the return of the Jewish people in Israel, the desert has blossomed and bore fruit after two miles of dryness!

This return has not been without problems. The country is surrounded by Arab countries who want to wipe Israel off the map.

Several attempts have been made, but each time with the help of God Israel has resisted and has emerged victorious in these conflicts. Just like David against Goliath!

We can not deny himself a Christian and the Jewish people. These are our older brothers before God!

Despite the error two thousand years ago not to recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah and despite the exodus of two thousand years, the flame of faith of this people has not died.

A handful of religious succeeded during these two thousand years to continue the teaching of God.

It is good to follow, however, the teaching of certain Rav like Rav DYONOVISZ and Rabbi Ron CHAYA and a few others.

Although they still do not recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah « Messiah »!

They will be compelled by force of circumstances to recognize their mistake. And recognize Jesus Christ at his return as the Messiah and as at last!

It is very interesting that the Jewish people expected the Messiah « Messiah » for the year 2012!

Some are already showing that the anti-Christ will be the Messiah!

What I know is that God’s ways are inscrutable.

I also know that Satan is the king of crooks and liars.

He will deceive the world!

entries are there to remind us.

Matthew chapter 24, verse 24

For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets will show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

We see in the above verse it will be very difficult to release the true from the false.

That is why we should not judge so as not to be judged.

To date we have a choice, follow the Anti-Christ and be eternally condemned or purify themselves by asking Jesus Christ to cleanse us from all our sins and please guide our lives.

Recognize that we are sinners and therefore we can cleanse us!

Remain in prayer and move with caution in this world or all the marks are already biased!

Faith alone will allow us to move forward in the darkness.

Especially since the economic situation will deteriorate further.

Without the imminent return of Jesus Christ we have no chance to escape the fate of slaves of modern times ahead for humanity.

Pray that God and Jesus Christ help us, and that the removal of the church accomplished quickly.

As time passes and things get clearer.

No one can say that 2012 is the year of the removal of the Church, or the return to Earth of Jesus Christ.

Nevertheless we can expect that 2012 is the year of the unveiling of the Anti-Christ.

We my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ we will suffer the events without the help of God and of Jesus Christ we are lost!

So more than ever in 2012 keep the flame of our faith well lit, are proud and worthy of Christians.

Remain humble and proclaim the good word:

« Jesus Christ is coming back soon » 

In the video below, you can have an overview of the millennium according to Rabbi Ron CHAYA

Soon we will see Jesus Christ and we have all the answers to our questions!


Love and peace in the hearts and homes.



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